Regis and Kelly Top Selling Toys for 2010

The Toy Guy Chris Byrne appeared on Regis and Kelly this morning and revealed his pick for the fifteen top selling toys for Christmas 2010. He stated and it appears to be accurate that these toys will sell out very quickly. With the current state of the economy retailers are not prepared to be caught with excess inventory. They have cut their buying to the bones and do not want to be left with shelves full of items that they have to offer deep discounts to clear those items. Many of these same items were on the UK top selling Dream Toys that was released November 4, 2010.

Paper Jamz this is on almost every top selling toy list for this year. With circuit-embedding technology you can play like a rock star. By selecting different modes you can play different songs and styles.

V.Reader Interactive e-Reading System this learning device is being advertised on the television as the must have ebook for children ages 3-7. It promotes reading skills, while entertaining.

Teacup Piggies based on the smaller potbellied pigs found on farms or as pets (at birth they are about the size of a teacup) these adorable little creatures are made of plastic pig toys with jointed legs and a velvety texture. They come in interactive forms with phrases and giggles. They will even fall asleep when you put them on their side.

Monster High Dollsrather ghoulish these dolls are all the rage. Limbs detach then snap back on to make putting the clothes on them easier.

Squinkies another “all the craze toy” they are small – fit in your hand, pliable and soft they are enclosed in Gumballs made of plastic. They are girls answers to Bakugan.

Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Racing Car these are amazing at just 3 inches long they fit in your pocket and can be pulled out to surprise anyone at a moment’s notice. They are lightening fast.

Dance Star Mickey who can resist Mickey especially when he will dance with you. He will show you all his moves.

LOOPZ Game last your it was Mindflex this year it is Loopz a high-energy music memory game that tests kids’ skills and gets them moving. This is on every list and is beginning to be sold out in many quarters.

Tonka Chuck & Friends Chuck’s Stunt Park no obstacle will stop Tonka Chuck as he flips, climbs and turns through this stunt park.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle this is a stunning set of Lego that is on many, many Christmas lists this year. Harry Potter fans will love this castle and Lego fans will love the creativity and satisfaction of putting it together.

Hogwarts LEGO Game a themed game board for Harry Potter fans this is one in a series of Lego sets that when completed allow you to play a game with the pieces.

Spy Video TRAKR a remote control device that transmits video and sound it moves over carpet and around corners. Great for spying on siblings and parents.

Barbie Video Girl Doll with a real live video camera on her back your little girl can take her own videos as she plays.

Justin Bieber Music Video Collection Singing Dolls just being released December 1st and available now for pre-order this is for all the Justin Bieber fans who love One Less Lonely Girl” or Baby.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS blaster this is also on many, many top toy lists. It will release a barrage of soft darts. It appeals to all those boys who want to fight the “bad guys”

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