Thunderbirds Are Go Interactive Tracy Island Playset

The Interactive Tracy Island is on many of the top toys for Christmas 2015 lists. It is based on the popular U.K. TV series Thunderbirds. With this new smart technology the Interactive Tracy Island playlet allows the owner to take command of the Thunderbird fleet.
INTERACTIVE TRACY ISLANDIf your child would delight in commanding the Thunderbird fleet from the Interactive Tracy Island you had better act quickly as it is much in demand and ships from the U.K.
It is easy to see why it is on some many must have Christmas 2015 lists. In reviewing the comments posted about it with out exception every reviewer said their child loved the Interactive Tracy Island playlet.

Pros of the Interactive Tracy Island

40 Action Rescue and Action Sounds
Includes International Rescue communicator
Moving Palm Trees
Thunderbird 1 and 3 launch automatically
Thunderbird 1 and 3 launch with lights and Rocker Noises
Movable Pool

Cons of the Interactive Tracy Island

INTERACTIVE TRACY ISLANDNeed Thunderbirds Are Go 4 Piece Vehicle Super Set to complete the action
Should have adult assemble it before giving to child
3x AAA & 2x LR44 batteries required (not included).

What Others Are Saying About the

INTERACTIVE TRACY ISLANDSince the Interactive Tracy Island ships from the U.K. there are not yet comments at Amazon. However here are some from other sites on the web”

Bought this for my son’s 6th birthday and it has definitely lived up to his expectations. It is a little tricky to build as plastic has to be bent into position but once built, seems quite robust. The lights and sound make the product even more exciting when used with the vehicles and figures and although buying these on top of the playset makes it an expensive toy, so far it seems like it has been a worthwhile purchase.

It’s very good, but do follow the instructions very carefully as it’s a tricky build. Only use the lifts with the tabs, they can be a little temperamental. Younger users might lack the discipline so would need supervision. Worth the effort though, it’s cleverly put together, and the vehicles pack is good value too
Bought for our son’s 4th birthday, along with the compatible ships, as he is Thunderbird mad. Went together well and made of good quality plastic, lots of decals to add so a good idea to build before giving to a young child. Our son has spent hours and hours playing with it, he absolutely loves it. Would highly recommend

This is a cool toy! Bought for a child’s birthday and they love it. However, parents please note: it requires complicated assembly and application of decals. It is more fiddly than it looks and took much longer than the advised 30-45 minutes assembly time mentioned in the instructions. If you are buying this for a birthday or Christmas present, I highly recommend you assemble it in advance and give it ready assembled. You really don’t want to be doing this on Christmas morning! But when put together it is very nice and effective, works well with the vehicles (not included).
This is a well designed toy that has been hampered by small faults, that appear to be the result of trying to meet a price point.

INTERACTIVE TRACY ISLANDThe thought behind the launches on this is brilliant, the designers are obviously fans and really thought about how children would play with it. The concept and execution is spot on. But the mechanism for TB 1 & 2 is essentially a pull back motor you would find in a small toy car and it really gives the impression that it could break at anytime although 2 months on and so far it’s ok. Also the Palm trees at TB2’s runway are so poorly connected you will need to either glue them on or forget them.

The assembly as some people have said can seem tricky BUT i would advise anyone buying this to check out the official instruction video on YouTube. It is much easier to follow and shows you how pieces should be inserted and just how firmly you need to press them in. I have no gaps or misaligned pieces and it is completely down to following the video. It should take and hour to two to build.

Overall a great toy, you just get the impression as you do with the entire Thunderbird toy range (the figures are an atrocious quality) that the designers have came up with something brilliant then someone in accounting has insisted they compromise parts to meet a pre determined price point and this really lets the toy down.

Final Thoughts About the Interactive Tracy Island

INTERACTIVE TRACY ISLANDThe Interactive Tracy Island is suitable for children age 3 and up. However the assembly needs adult skills and patience. For Christmas it should be assembled before putting it under the tree. The Thunderbirds Are Go 4 Piece Vehicle Super Set needs to be purchased to go with it.
It appears that children especially boys love this toy. It is flying off the shelves and will soon be sold out so don’t delay.

Where to purchase the Interactive Tracy Island

INTERACTIVE TRACY ISLANDThe Interactive Tracy Island can be purchased from Need it for Christmas don’t be disappointed order early.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


Christmas 2015

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