Herbs and Planter

Herb Growing For the Gardner On Your Christmas List

Herbs and Planter
A unique gift for Christmas 2016 is an indoor planter where the recipient can grow their favorite herbs. For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere winter chases us indoors and out of our gardens. Many of us are used to having a constant supply of fresh herbs. When the snow descends these plants get buried. A wonderful solution for this is to have an indoor herb planter.< I have found in the past a high level of frustration and cost when buying fresh herbs at the supermarket. So I decided last Christmas to ask for something that would help me grow my own herbs inside. I was delighted to receive a stackable culinary planter< I was so pleased with this gift that I recommended to all my friends and have put it on my list as a favorite gift to give for Christmas 2016. This amazing stackable hanging planter comes in 5 colors: Terracotta, Stone, Tuscany, Forest Green & Sea Foam

What’s In the Box

  • Multiple Seeds for Parsley, Thyme, Basil, Dill, Oregano, Cilantro/Coriander, Chives, Savory, Garlic Chives, Sweet Marjoram, Mustard & Sage
    Jiffy Greenhouse Dome
    Fifty Jiffy Peat Pellets
    Step-by-Step Instructions
    Herb eBook on CD
    Stackable Planter
    12 Planting Pockets
    Hanging Chain

What Others Think About Growing Herbs Indoor

Herbs and Planter
There are many gardeners and cooks who are enjoying having a way to grow herbs inside. Here are some of their comments:

I bought this as a Christmas gift. My dad loved it and it’s growing in his kitchen now.
I bought this for my parents. They are in their 60’s and I never know what to buy them. I think this was a good gift and they seemed to like it
Great gift for my girlfriend!
I wanted to teach my toddler where plants come from, but between work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of him, etc — I just don’t have the time to build and maintain a proper garden / herb garden. Eventually I will, probably next summer. But for now, this awesome product lets me teach my toddler about plants, without doing any of the work!
This was a gift for my son and he loves it.

Where to Purchase a Herb Kit

For Christmas 2016 you can order a complete kit of herbs and a stackable planter from Herbkits.com. Many of their products are available with Free Shipping.

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