Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER

Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER For Christmas 2016

For Christmas 2016. the Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER is a perfect gift for the child who is ready to move from a tricycle to a two-wheeler. All of our children had balance bikes and it made it extremely easy for them to transition to a pedal two-wheeler.
Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER gives toddlers a bike with the classic look of the most famous motorcycle brand in the world.

Features of the Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER

Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER
1.Handlebar has been adjusted to fit smaller hands. They are made of a soft urethane with protective ends. The height can be easily adjusted.
2.Wheels are ultra light, one-piece, with a five-spoke design, 10 bearing support gussets provide maximum strength. The sealed cartridge bearings allow for smooth rolling and are maintenance- free for extended periods.
3.Tires are made of a special EVA polymer that will never go flat. These durable tires are extremely light.
4.Seat is designed to perfectly fit small bodies. It is light-weight, all-weather, and promotes proper posture. It can be easily adjusted to the child’s height.
5.Footrests located just below the saddle they help establish the balance. Not all balance bikes have this feature.
6.Brake mount can be purchased separately. It is operated by the foot and can be used as children get to be more comfortable on their bikes.

Who Should Ride the Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER

Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDERThe Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER is designed to teach children 18 months to 5 years to balance on a two-wheeler. It helps to teach them balance and makes it much easier to transition to a pedal two-wheeler.

Official Specifications of the Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER

  • Officially Licensed;
    Custom Graphics;
    Assembled Weight: 3.0 kg (6.7 lbs);
    No-Tool Assembly; Fully Adjustable with Easy-Adjust Clamps:
    Handlebar Height: 46 – 56 cm (18 – 22 in);
    Seat Height: 28 – 48 cm (11 – 19 in);
    2 Seatposts; Performance Padded Seat;
    Ultralight Molded Wheels with Maintenance-Free Sealed Cartridge Bearings;
    Flat-Free EVA-Polymer 12″ Tires;
    U.S. Patented Steel Frame;
    Frame-Integrated Footrests;
    Mini-Grip Handlebar with Safety Pad;
    Available in Pink;
    Max. Rider Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs);
    Ages 18 Months to 5 Years*
    The durable all-weather mini-saddle * padded XL saddle allows seat height adjustments up to 48cm (19″)*
    Launchpad Footrest with grip tape

What Others Think of the Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER

We love the balance bike! It’s awesome that the concept driving the first bikes, over 200 years ago, have come back for the wee tots. We have two boys, nearly five and nearly three, and both learned their two-wheeled balance on a strider

As a rider myself I understand the concept of forward progression and balance. We started our 18 month old boy on a Strider and within a few tries he grasped the idea. Now on our 2nd child she has reached the same age this time for our little girl we again chose the Strider with its low stand over height, easy adjustments and of course it’s pink color we are excited to watch Team Walter stride together!

Our son started riding his strider around age 2, and after a bit of scooting around slowly, he started to figure out the ‘stride’. That’s when we were really sold. He is able to cruise on this little thing so fast I need a bike myself to keep up. His balance skills are incredible. Its light weight enough for a toddler to maneuver easily, the tires are solid so we never have to worry about flats. Its one of his favorite activities, especially since we are avid bikers, so he feels like he can join in the family fun. I can also stick it in the basket of my chariot bike trailer for when he gets tired.

I got the Strider Sport (12″) for my 2 year old Nephew “D”, and he loved it the moment it was put together! Instantly deciding it was time to get on any play, as well as consider it his Motorcycle! He improves his skills in balance every time he uses it, and will probably be riding a bike by summer time with how well he’s doing! I am considering getting the bigger Strider Sport for myself now! Considering it’s been 18 years since I could last ride a back, and the last time I attempted to I had terrible balance and got scared!
Great quality, awesome bike, quick to put together and just get up and move. I wish I could have had something like this when my oldest four kiddos were smaller!

Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDERAfter watching the Strider race in Pittsburgh PA on 6/6/16, we immediately came home and purchased a Sport model. Our 3 year old daughter loves the look of it (it is pink) and she eagerly hopped on. It is very light and she had no problem moving it. Yesterday we took her to a vacant parking lot for her first real attempt, and she quickly learned how to get around on it. We hope to skip the painful training wheels phase using this Strider Balance Bike.

The Strider ST-SC4HD-PK, Harley-Davidson STRIDER is one of those evergreen gifts. It is a great gift for Christmas 2016., however it would make a wonderful gift at any time.

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