Kinect for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 with Kinect
With generation X being so technology knowledgeable and independent, entertainment developers have had to have very innovative products to catch their attention. First we had the “must have” Wii now this year’s must have is the Kinect for Xbox 360.

Early owners have this to say:

We played Kinect Adventures first, the game that comes in the box. Wii-like? Yes. Fun? Soooooo much more fun than any Wii game I’ve played. That Kinect can track your every move — your hands, head, arms, feet, hips, EVERYTHING — is just amazing. No controller can detect whether you’re moving side-to-side, or backwards and forwards, or squatting or jumping while at the same time moving your arms and feet. It’s just brilliant how well Kinect works.
The unit worked flawlessly. Space was a little tight, but that’s a function of the small house and tall friends. Everyone had a blast either watching or playing the games. Most popular were the games where you could challenge someone else there. The sports game and Dance Central (Yeah! Dance Battle!) were the most popular for that.

Designed with a similar Wii philosophy whose aim is to get participants up off their couches and moving, Kinect has taken it a step further and eliminated the need for a controller. It is a camera that you hook up to your Xbox and it is able to see what you are doing. You control the various games by the movement of your body. Just by flapping your hand you can select the activity you want and if the game you are playing needs you to kick a ball you just kick. The challenge is to move in a way to control the play.

Kinect is available as an add on if you already own Xbox 360 or you can buy it bundled with either the Xbox 360 Console 4GB or the larger Xbox 360 Console 250GB. This is the first product from the Microsoft Game Studio – Good Science Studio. It is out of the box ready. It comes with Kinect Adventures. There are many more games and activities available. Two of the most popular ones are Kinect Sports and Dance Central.

Although it was just release at the beginning of November it is already on every hot selling Christmas list and is experiencing sold out status almost everywhere.

Kinect for Xbox 360 is a great family Christmas gift. Don’t delay they are going like hotcakes!

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