Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer
Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer is a great trike to have under the Christmas 2018 tree. It is perfect for children aged 3-5. I suspect that may be even younger children might like this Radio Flyer Big Flyer however they need to be able to reach the pedals and have the coordination to push them.

Our Grandsons had a Radio Flyer Big Flyer and they loved it. The fact that it is so low to the ground it is very safe. The seat adjusts so as children grow it accommodates their longer legs. We did not need them but you can add pedal blocks to adjust the reach to the pedals. The extra grip on the big wheel gives it added traction. Although the manufacturer states it is suitable for children up to 7 years in our experience the children had moved on to two wheeler by then. We think of this Radio Flyer Big Flyer as red but it is also available in pink.

Benefits of the Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer

  1. Performance grip tread on big wheel
  2. Adjustable seat
  3. Chrome handlebars
  4. Low center of gravity for stability and safety
  5. Racing design
  6. Good for weight up to 65lbs



What Others Think About the Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big FlyerOur Grandsons loved their Radio Flyer Big Flyer and had many hours of enjoyment with it. We were not the only ones to like this trike, here are some of the comments of others:

This is the best version of this child oriented big wheel tricycle. The steel reinforced steering construction really makes a difference. The two we have purchased lasted through four kids. They jump curbs, do 180s, smash into other bikes. Fun!
good price, quality elements (e.g. chrome!), easy enough to assemble (15 minutes?). My son just turned 3 and is 39 inches tall, the pedals are just out of reach for him. Just account for that since most 3-year-olds won’t be able to reach the pedals.
I bought this for my grandson who had already wore out two other Big Wheels. I liked this one for its added rubber strip around the big wheel and its more sturdy construction. My grandson, who is only 5, has put this Radio Flyer through its paces; jumping off curbs and doing power slides. So far no visible wear like the standard plastic Big Wheels he wore out. Over all he loves it which is all that really matters to me.
Great ride on toy!! Our son and daughter love this big wheel!! Even though our 2yo daughter is so small and short and can’t reach the pedals she still loves riding on this and uses her feet to scoot everywhere. My parents suggest getting those pedal blocks to put on pedal to help her reach 🙂 The big wheel is same great radio flyer quality!
The kids love this. I have twin 5 year old girls that really like this Big Wheel.

It is easy for them to spin out but not so tipsy that they feel like they are falling off.

Great low center of gravity makes for more enjoyable rides for the little ones.
This is our replacement to the first Radio Flyer big wheel that my boys rode until it, literally, fell apart! They ride it nearly everyday and they are NOT gentle! They typically get going as fast as they can and then drift it across our pavement or jump it off a ramp! The first one had 3+ years of absolutely rough and tumble play! This is WORTH every dime! Its been a wonderful toy for our boys and very well loved!

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer
Where to Purchase the Radio Flyer Big Flyer
The Radio Flyer Big Flyer can be purchased at,,, Walmart, Target, and

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