Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon For Christmas 2018 we have been talking about toys and equipment that can be used over and over again. The Radio Flyer Wagon is definitely one of these enduring items. Not only is it made of sturdy high quality materials; it spans the ages eighteen months to at least five years. Also some school age children are happy to have a ride to school in this durable wagon.

Radio Flyer WagonIn our family we have owned at least three of these wagons. Including the one we left in Florida it may be that we owned four. We highly recommend the Radio Flyer Wagon. Our oldest Grandson is now fifteen and we still have our original wagon. I put the seats down and use it to help me move some gardening materials around the yard.
Our wagons have been used to transport children from place to place, to move materials to the beach, to be a float in a parade, and now to move planting materials.

The Radio Flyer Wagon we had in Florida had a canopy to shade the children from the hot sun. Although we have not had any trouble with the tires you can upgrade to all-terrain air tires. The front wheels have an axle for easy steering and to prevent the wagon from tipping. This wagon has seat belts but they are not a three-point harness. It is my opinion that if you have a small child in it you need to carefully supervise them.

Radio Flyer Wagon

Benefits of the Radio Flyer Wagon

  1. Sturdy materials
  2. Easy steering
  3. Seat belts
  4. Folding handle
  5. Seats fold up or down
  6. Radio Flyer Wagon

  7. Axel on front wheels
  8. Dura-Tred tires
  9. Cup holders
  10. Storage area
  11. Award winning


What Others Say About the Radio Flyer Wagon

We have been more than happy with the Radio Flyer Wagon and highly recommend it. Here are some comments from other owners:

Radio Flyer Wagon

This thing has been my greatest purchase for my twins! (They are 9mo old) We’ve been going everywhere in it and they are so much more tolerant of walks since they aren’t as tied down as they are in the stroller and it makes them way less sweaty. I bought it originally just for the beach and was a little skeptical after hearing a few people say it doesn’t do sand well but it worked great for me! It got the twins and their toys to the shore no problem. It obviously doesn’t go as smooth as on street or dirt but it’s so much easier than the stroller (which was a nightmare). It’s totally doable. I love this wagon so much!

My kids absolutely love this!
We took it to the beach and to some campgrounds.
For everyday use it works great and cleans off easily.
The tires give it great traction on most terrains.
If you have any significant amount of weight you will end up dragging it through the beach.
This is the case with any wagon we’ve ever used.
We let some air out of the tires and that helped us get better traction in the sand.
Fold up/down seats have seatbelts which is great.
Cup holders are a nice touch.
Overall, we are very pleased with the wagon and would recommend it to anyone with kids especially if you have a family vacation coming up.

Glad I spent the extra money on this model vs the one with plastic wheels. My 2 year old loves riding it in and it is easy enough for her to get in and out of it. The tires are inflatable and wide which makes it much easier when you have to cross over grassy areas and makes big bumps in the sidewalk a little softer. The cup holders are a nice feature and make it easy to drag along some bottles of water when going to the playground.

Radio Flyer Wagon A Christmas gift for the two young grandchildren, this has been a much used “Wagon”. It even has cupholders. The two fit in nicely and sometimes the 10 year old wants to ride, too. It is sturdy, turns easily, does not tip over. The plastic is soft and appears to be durable. I am not sure of the weight limit, but it can be used to haul, bring groceries from a car to the house if you have some distance. The parents love this, too! Worth every penny 

Purchased this wagon for my grandchildren. My grand daughter is an extremely active 2 1/2 year old and her little brother is 5 months. I went to help my daughter out with the kids for a few weeks and was reminded just how much work it is to try to care for the needs of 2 small children at the same time. Kudos to all you parents that do it! Anyway, I didn’t want to leave her without trying out a wagon to see if it could make life more manageable. Her 5 month old likes to be held a lot and fusses around when put down for a few minutes. And the 2 year old, well –she’s 2 !!! She wants someone to play with her and the 5 month old seemed too young to be her playmate until we strapped them both in to this.

The 5 month old was able to sit up with just the lap strap and he looked into his sister’s eyes and grinned a HUGE grin! Neither one of them wanted to get out. They would have been happy going around the lake on the sidewalk with one of us pulling for several laps. I left after the wagon had been there for 4 days and they still wanted to go on multiple walks a day. Back home, they would sit and play in it for long amounts of time too.

The biggest benefit is for 2 little children to be able to look at each other and also clearly see their environment while going on a comfortable ride. The 2 year old does not always just sit still, but really enjoys being able to put the seat up and down and crawl around on it while riding. You may want to make sure kids are always buckled in from the 1st ride on so that they don’t get in the habit of moving around a lot while you are in motion –if you are concerned about safety. I would definitely buy it again and am looking forward to buying the accessories to go with it. Thanks Radio Flyer!

Radio Flyer WagonThis is an awesome wagon! We bought it so we could take it with us for our daughter when we go camping, to the beach, etc. She LOVES it! This wagon literally has been in our living room when it’s not in use since the day we bought it because if we try to take it out to the garage without her, she freaks out! It’s easy to pull, the wheels turn very smoothly and effortlessly, it’s very spacious, and seems very durable. At one point I got in it myself (200lbs) with my daughter and my significant other pulled us around. It was still extremely easy to pull and it didn’t seem to strain it much. The sides push out slightly if you put too much pressure on them, but it doesn’t seem like a problem. The seat belts are okay, but I’m not sure just a lap harness would do much if my daughter wanted to get out LOL. We now take walks around the block with the wagon instead of the stroller because my daughter likes it so much better! We’ve even closed the seats and laid her down in it to nap while we were at a family gathering in the forest. I highly recommend this product!

Radio Flyer Wagon

Where to Purchase the Radio Flyer Wagon

The Radio Flyer Wagon can be purchased at, Walmart,,, Costco, and Chapters-Indigo.

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