Playmobil For Christmas 2018

Playmobil This Christmas 2018 Playmobil would be a great choice for children at least 4 years old up to about 12. At least 25 years ago Hans Beck started inventing these wonderful toys. He wanted something simple with flexible parts. Over the years these figures have developed, so that now the people have heads that swivel, legs that bend, arms that move and hands that grasp. The animals have heads that move up and down.

My five grandchildren had many of these different Playmobil sets. They loved them. The boys had sets that were based on adventures and history. The girls were more into fairies, fantasy, and houses. The wonderful thing about Playmobil is that there are many add-on sets. In choosing which ones would be a great success with the individual child there are so many themes it is hard to miss.

Benefits of Playmobil


  1. One of the best benefits of Playmobil is that the children are engaged in creating something. It allows them to expand their imagination.
  2. The parts (and there are many in each set) are of high quality, brightly colored and flexible.
  3. Once the Playmobil sets are assembled they are great for solitary place and for play with others.
  4. Available in large and small sets. The large sets allow for a theme to be developed and the small sets are great to augment the larger ones. The small sets can also be a beginning point for children and make great gifts for children.
  5. Playmobil has taken many awards; the Oppenheim Best Toy award, the Family Fun Toy of the Year award, the Dr. Toy 10 Best Toys winner, the Parent’s choice Gold award, the Toy Wishes all-Star award, Nick Jr. Magazine’s Best Toys award, Scholastic Parent and Child award and IParenting Media award. At the 2009 Toy of the Year American International toy Fair awards, Playmobil achieved number one for Girl Toy.


What Others Say About Playmobil

All of our grandchildren loved their various sets and we highly recommend Playmobil sets. Many others share our feelings:

I will admit that I am a little biased; we’re huge fans of Playmobil in our household. They’re generally good quality and the attention to detail is superb. For example many other sets have a “front” and a “back” for play and the back side is usually neglected a bit, or just painted or stickered. Here, you have 365 degrees of play as the entire structure has multi-directional rooms/ platforms and play areas. I’m just so impressed by the small touches (like the fish, crab, shell and even book!)

Playmobil The PLAYMOBIL Berk is a smash hit! My kid loves, loves, loves the How to Train Your Dragon Series and receiving this was a gift from the various Berk gods. The Berk island is fairly easy to set up for parents, just take your time and follow the directions. Once set up the structure stays together well with the exception of the little deck, which can be a bit wobbly. (Maybe it’s supposed to be that way.) The details and little LED lights insides are really neat. This was a well thought-out platform.

This set is well worth the price, although I got it at a discount at a secret store, ha ha. You have to build it yourself, which is half the fun, and there are a lot of small pieces. It just got cooler and cooler as it came together. There are opening gates that have sliding padlocks to lock them. There are two “dungeon” areas where you can keep your wild beasts or prisoners of war. The makers of this product really pay attention to detail. The emperor has a removable toga and crown, and is carrying a decree actually written in Latin. I don’t speak enough Latin to interpret it all, but I read “By this sign you conquer” and “seize the day” on it. The gladiators not only have their weapons, but also belts, helmets, and wristbands that are removable. There are torches on the side of the arena that are removable and can be carried by the characters. The horses can be removed from the Playmobil chariot and ridden by the characters. And, the best thing is the trap door that leads right to the dungeon. My son kept putting everything and everybody into that trap door, nothing was safe.

My apologies for a sweeping stereotype statement but once you purchase Playmobil products, you will quickly come to the conclusion that Germans love detail and (along with the Japanese) lead the world in it. This was the Christmas choice by my 6 year old granddaughter and she loves it….along with her other Playmobil toys/kits/products.
This is such a great set and will provide hours of imaginary play. All the little trinkets made my kids really excited to play with the set… little rocks, teeny tiny flowers, potion bottle and cauldron. The down side of the tiny items is of course the risk of them getting lost – however I still have playmobile sets from when I was little and they hold up well and a most of the pieces are still there. I think it is well worth the price. My daughter received this for her 6th birthday and it was a huge hit.
Our family has loved Playmobil for years. This set has truly been magical (hehe), as the children are engrossed for hours on end in quiet, imaginative play. The customer service was superb, as I had a few questions regarding shipping. Highly recommend this seller and I will definitely revisit for gift shopping.

Where to Purchase Playmobil

Playmobil Playmobil is available almost everywhere. It can be purchased at Amazon, Walmart, Master Mind Toys, Chapters.Indigo, and

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