Baby Alive Potty Dance

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance

Looking for a doll to give for Christmas 2018? Baby Alive dolls have been very popular for many past Christmases. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll with Blonde Hair, or Brown Hair, or Black Curly Hair are all great choices. These dolls have 50 phrases, talk in English and Spanish, have a bottle, potty, pretend soap dispenser, comb, rewards chart, and stickers. They are suitable for girls and boys age 3 and up. After giving her a bottle she will let you know she has to tinkle and put her on the potty and she pees. She will sing a song in English or Spanish.

Baby Alive Potty Dance

For Christmas 2008 Baby Alive Learns to Potty was a much sought after doll. At the time our Granddaughter was three and was delighted to receive a Baby Alive doll. Her Daddy’s response was worth the investment in the doll. He was astonished that a doll could talk, pee, and poop. Four years later her twin sisters sat spell bound when she had the doll speak to them. If the doll had not had any play at all these two reactions were worth every penny.

However Baby Alive was played with many hours and is still going strong with the younger girls. She was designed to be fed and to be changed but we have found that there is not a huge demand for this. The girls like to dress and undress her. They like to put her in their cradles and strollers where they rock and walk her.

Baby Alive Potty Dance


Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll is a hard body interactive doll not a soft cuddly baby doll. Therefore it is not recommended for children under age 3.


Benefits of Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

  1. 50 plus phrases
  2. Flip a switch from Mommy to Daddy
  3. Talks in English or Spanish
  4. Sings
  5. Dances
  6. After bottle goes potty
  7. Helps with potty training

What Others Say About Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

For our family Baby alive was a success. Here is what others think about Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance

This Baby Alive is very cute and a lot of fun. My toddler loves her. She’s interactive and says things that are kind of funny but very context appropriate. After giving her water, she will tell you she has to use the potty and will do a potty dance if you wait too long. Her left hand has a sensor to know if you are holding it and if so, she will dance. She sometimes asks you to hold her hands. I love that she doesn’t do/say the same things every time. Sometimes she has to pee right after drinking water, sometimes she waits a little bit and wants to play first. Sometimes she pees very quickly after sitting on the potty, sometimes it takes a little longer.

OK, I’d never heard of a “potty dance” as an adult found the doll a little creepy. But the little one loves it and takes it to the bathroom with her. As long as she’s happy, we’re happy. Looks cute, lots of different phrases (with sound effects) and limited motion (rocks back and forth on her feet.) Plenty loud to be heard several feet away. The “award chart” makes it even more interactive, especially since that’s part of real-world potty training.

The area on the stomach that needs to be pressed is easy to find and takes almost no effort, so even the youngest child can make her speak.
Baby Alive Potty Dance
This is a great doll for potty training. My daughter pretended to have her dolly going potty while she was going.

This is a very adorable doll. My daughters really enjoy dolls, and they liked her a lot. I like that she comes with different accessories. It makes her more fun to play with. This is a good sized doll. It isn’t too big or too small so she can carry it along and it doesn’t seem overwhelming.

I am pleased with the quality of the doll. My kids had no problems with her. She held up well to their handling.

Everybody has a few Baby Alive dolls. We’ve had three or 4 over the years with our girls. It was time to get our youngest one, and we got this one not really knowing what the Dance part was. More than a dance, it’s this adorable baby-like ‘I’ve got to go potty’ movement. Then it also dances on the toilet.

It’s great for a young one who is starting potty training since it teaches going potty on the toilet. And everybody thinks it’s pretty cute. I also like that it doesn’t use diapers since my kids always wanted more Baby Alive diapers. (We usually just dried out the old ones, but it’s nice that this doll has moved on from diapers).

It’s a nice change/upgrade to the Baby Alive dolls. It’s really cute. My 4 year old loves it! So I certainly suggest it.
Baby Alive Potty Dance
This doll is a one doll teaching and entertainment center! She has a large repertoire of phrases including her warning on impending tinkle time “uh oh! Got to go!” She comes equipped with a training toilet; underwear; a brush; a wash rag and a sippy cup.

This doll can also dance. Like the Beatles before her who closed 1963 and heralded 1964 with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” this doll asks to hold hands and dance. (“I’m Happy Just to Dance With You,” anyone)? She can ask for a specific toilet escort. I like the way she can request one “parent” to the other. Dads are important.

Once the doll fills up on water, just sit her on her potty; push her belly button and she’ll use it. Be sure to wash her hands after she uses it. That’s what the little cloth is for.

This was more interactive than I had expected. She knows when she is laying down, asks you to hold hands (hold one hand and she will dance), he legs move on their own to imitate dancing. I found it awesome that you can switch to mommy mode or DADDY mode! My boys love dolls too, and they enjoyed that feature. Once she drinks water, you expel it by putting her legs in a seated position and holding the button down on her belly. I had initially expected a sensor in the potty, as it claims to only go in the potty, but in fact, if full of water, she can go anywhere as long as her legs are in the seated position and her tummy is pushed. Having this for my potty training 2 year old means the doll might mess just as often as my daughter does 😝… luckily the dolls is just water. The accessories are cute, drink cup is soft and easy to squeeze, though I bet my kids will distort it pretty quickly. It has a hair brush and a “soap” dispenser, as well as underwear, potty… a one use sticker chart, which we are using for our daughter and not the doll. I’m hoping having the doll go will make training easier for her, as she is so used to 3 brothers and can’t use the bathroom quite the same way as them. Nice to have someone on her side. She loves this doll and all it’s cute little sayings and dancing.

Where to Purchase Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll is available at many places – Amazon,, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

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  • Mellisa:

    That is cool. I was very happy to play with this kind of potty dance baby toy. I think these are common toy for every child. You describe this toy so nicely.

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