Blume Dolls

Blume Dolls

ForChristmas 2019 Blume Dolls are being touted to be the number one most sought after gift. There are 22 of these cute little dolls. They enhance and delight young girls when a small amount of water is added to the top and surprise a cute little doll pops up. The dolls have stylish hairdos and clothes that can all be exchanged from one doll to another. Each doll comes with 10 surprises in the way of purses, sunglasses, and mini figures.
The Blume Dolls can be purchased as single dolls or in sets of two or twelve. The single dolls are perfect for a stocking stuffer or birthday gift. The bigger sets, of course, hurry the road to collecting all 22 dolls. I suspect that girls will collect and trade the dolls with their friends.
Blume Dolls

What Others Have To Say About Blume Dolls

Although the Blume Dolls are very new they are already getting glowing reviews. Here are a few of these:

We just received our Blume! She is so cute that it was requested I buy another for an allowance reward. A nice change from the tons of LOL dolls lying around!
Blume Dolls
I bought these for my niece and they are so cool. She put a little water on the top and then the doll grew out of the top. It was awesome. She loved them, they are really cute and once she opened they mixed and matched the clothing over and over again and get this, they can even swap the hair from one doll to the next. She already wants more for Christmas.
My 3 year old loved these! Purchased them during presale and forgot. Growing the Blume is so exciting to see who you received and all of the little surprises add so much more fun! Highly recommend!

This was for my 7 year old granddaughter. But I couldn’t wait. Wanted to see if it was cheap or not. She’ll love it. I ordered 2 more to save for her. Too cute. Hope we get different ones.
Blume Dolls
My 6 year old was so excited to get 2 of these. She loved making them bloom out of the pot, and seeing what surprises they came with. They are super adorable. I’m only giving 4 stars because their clothes don’t stay on well and when they have their clothes on the dolls can’t lift or move their arms. The clothes also don’t fully cover their backsides, which is probably why they don’t stay on well. Hopefully they will change that if another series comes out.

My 6 year old loves these though and wants to collect them.
Bought two for my niece during presale for her 6th birthday. She opened them tonight. She was so excited. She is already wanting to collect them all. Not going to lie, it was super cool even as an adult to watch them bloom. My sister is already dreading going near the toy isle in any store
Blume Dolls
Loved the Blume doll I bought! Really fun to watch it grow out of the pot. Lots of surprises to keep my little one busy. The hair and clothes come off and trade with another doll in the series. Going to collect these!
Bought 3 of these for my 3 daughters. All 3 loved them!! Each one “bloomed” perfectly. Out of ordering 3, we got one “rare” which didnt matter to me but the 8 year old seemed pretty stoked about it lol.

Where to Purchase the Blume Dolls

The Blume Dolls are currently available at Amazon, Walmart, Mastermind Toys, and Target. As we get closer to Christmas it will become difficult to find the Blume Dolls.

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