The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Ultimate Walking Buzz LightyearThe Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is very hot for Christmas 2019.
. Toy Story has captured the imagination of children for years and shows no sign of slowing down. This walking, talking Buzz is a seven-inch figure from Toy Story 4. He is suitable for children three plus.

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear walks forward, backward and swivels his hips with animated expressions on his face. These moves combined with the sounds delight small children. Press a button and out pop his wings. Press another button and there is light up laser. Blasters and special steps recreate the Toy Story 4 to the joy of the owner.
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

What Others Are Saying About The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Owners of this Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear seem to be delighted with him. Here are some of their remarks:

These both are perfect n my son couldn’t be more happier. This buzz is the best walks talks laser and wings pop up. I’m going to buy a couple more to stock up. For his bday thank you so much. I just keep on ordering toy story toys

While it is smaller than implied, my daughter loves her buzz. It walks and talks. It deploys its wings shortly after you close them. He has a laser he uses. She was upset it was smaller than she thought but now its grown on her.
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear
I looked and looked and looked for a really cool Buzz to get my 3.5 year old daughter. Half of them didn’t even have a laser that would light up, I mean really!?! That’s ridiculous! This one not only has a laser that lights up with the same exact sound effect from the movie, but he walks, talks, raises his arm to “shoot” the laser, his wings “deploy” on their own (they spring into an open position) and he pivots at the waist and “surveys the area”. His voice recordings are really cool and all of the buttons on his Space Ranger jacket function or trigger a sound effect. For $22- this is an absolute steal compared to the ones in store that barely said anything, let alone all of the other cool features! He also looks dead on the character and I appreciate the authentic voice- an absolute win and a MUST for any Buzz Lightyear fan!
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear
This is a great Buzz lightyear toy! The price is amazing considering it talks, lights up and moves! My son has been a little rough with him and over a month later he’s still in great shape. Highly recommended over the more expensive Buzz lightyears that only talk, but it should be noted this one is smaller.

My Grandson has been calling Woody, “Buzz” for a long time. As his Woody character was a perfect height in relation to the movie characters it was a perfect fit. It had most of the functions that Buzz has as well.

I added to it by writing my grandsons name on the bottom of the foot on both characters. It seems to be a solid product. But who can tell for certain in the hands of a 3-year-old?
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear
I was a little skeptical reading some of the reviews, but I’m happy I got it anyway!! This is the coolest Buzz every!!! It’s the perfect size, talks, walks, twists, and ejects wings… my son LOVES it!

Fun toy for a two-year-old!My son was a fan of the original toy story movie many years ago. Now, my grandson is playing with more advanced toys such as buzz light year. The toy is thoroughly enjoyed and is mesmerizing to both children and adults. Definitely a good purchase!

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Where to Purchase The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is widely available at many retailers such as, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Chapters-Indigo, and Argos U.K. However this Buzz is very much in demand for Christmas 2019.
so don’t delay.

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