Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggans

Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggans For winter fun there is no great joy than tobogganing. The very first snowfall brings out all the equipment for flying down the hill. There are as many devices to sit on as there are people to ride upon them. None of these objects is as reliable and beautiful as a well built toboggan.

Under many Christmas trees this year were these beautiful Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggans. For a true classic tobogganing experience there are no finer sleds available.

Bruce Hoskin has combined his wonderful talent with wood and his love of tobogganing into making these fabulous toboggans. They are hand made from steam bent, knot free boards of basswood. In the traditional shape they are wide – 17 inches with a spacious curve that accommodates adult feet. Bruce uses a lead-free, non-toxic marine grade finish on them. For extra speed users can wax the bottoms with ski wax. Furniture oil on the upper surface will protect it for years to come.
Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggans The large 6 foot toboggan can accommodate four adults and is perfect for a family of five. The 4 foot toboggan is great for one or two people. It is a perfect size for children. Both sizes have willow cross pieces, stainless steel screws, leather grommets. An extra long rope makes pulling the toboggan easier.
Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggans These beautiful Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggans individually crafted toboggans are built for durability, speed, and quality. If cared for they can be passed from one generation to another.

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  • Sebastian:

    Every decent toboggan needs a good hill. And there is no better place to find it than at

    Have fun! 🙂

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