A Buyer’s Guide to Artificial Christmas Trees

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The Christmas tree is synonym with Christmas itself. One cannot imagine a Christmas celebrations without a tree decorated to the best of the ability and it is a time for the children to show their prowess in beautifying the tree and home with bells, socks, miniature walking sticks, drums and the inevitable trademark cap of Santa Claus. However due to urbanization there is a dearth of Christmas trees which has lead to the usage of artificial Christmas trees. It is convenient to shift to them because they come in parts, which can be assembled at home.

However, there are some points, some sort of a buyer’s guide to Artificial ChristmasTrees, which will ensure that the tree you have bought will serve the purpose.

BE THERE: In this age of online shopping frenzy it has caught up with the Christmas shopping also. But for ensuring that you are getting a working piece, purchase them directly from a shop. Of course you can get a replacement for a faulty piece, but by the time you get that the Christmas will be in the doorstep.

BASE: Most of the models available in the market come in two parts the base and the tree. In the show room the artificial tree will stand straight, fine with all its lights and decoration; because they have taken the necessary steps for that. But the one which you are going to buy should be checked for a firm base that will hold the tree. The three stays (support) should fit into the groove provided for that so that the base will not sway with the weight of the tree.

TREE: for ease of transporting the tree will be made into three pieces the bottom, centre and the top pieces. Fitted one top of the other they will stand tall to the height of six to eight feet. Open the pack you are about to buy and check for the smooth fit of each piece into the other. In the age of when the consumer is the king, they do take care in those aspects, but a check at the shop itself will avoid a confrontation later with the exchange department, particularly during holiday season.

BRANCHES: The branches and the sub branches of the Christmas Trees will be in a collapsed state, made out of rods that can be bent to according to our creativity, see that there aren’t any broken branches or sub branches . The plastic leaves (usually they have the coniferous tree leaves) intertwined into the branches also should be checked for any loose ends, to avoid any extra work at home for you.

THE LIGHTS: In case you are going for the model that come with a serial lights to decorate the tree, check that the lights are in working condition and there aren’t any exposed wires due to a jab received during transport. One cannot be careless when handling things that work with electricity.

REPACKING: kindly check that all the parts of the same tree are packed into the box you are about to buy. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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