Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

Leapfrog's LeapPad Explorer
We have always been huge fans of the Leapfrog Learning toys. So it is no surprise that the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer is on every Hottest Toy list for Christmas 2011.

This hand held tablet is designed for small hands, and with its 5 inch color touch screen and 2GB memory it is chock full of games, books, videos, flash cards, and music. It makes a perfect companion for travelling this Christmas.

Leapfrog's LeapPad ExplorerThis extremely durable kids iPad type learning tablet can withstand all the rough treatment that active children might throw its way. It is thin and easy to hold but at the same time very sturdy.

The Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer provides hours of learning with its interactive apps that cover science, math, reading, and geography.
Leapfrog's LeapPad Explorer
The eBooks are designed with different levels of learning in mind. As a child conquers one level it adjusts to present a new challenge. The activities associated with the books are designed to build on the previously learned skills. These interactive eBooks have 3 different levels of text, 3 different formats where the child can listen to the story, read along with it, or read it themselves. Plus there are activities to go along with the stories.

Over and above the eBooks the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer
comes with games and videos that help develop skills in spelling, phones, mathematics, science, music, and geography.

Leapfrog's LeapPad ExplorerThe camera and video features are some of the fun aspects of the LeapPad. The child can take their own photos then edit them with special affects. With its 2GB memory it can store your child’s creations so they can be shared with all the family members and friends. The video feature of the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer allows children to produce and direct their own videos. All of these creations can be uploaded to your computer and shared with everyone.

What is in the Box

  • Stylus
  • Four apps (Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio, and one app of your choice)
  • extra stylus with tether
  • USB cable
  • Installation CD
  • Quick-start guide
  • Instructions

Recommended Age for Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

Although the manufacturer recommends it for age 4-9 many 2 years olds are very familiar with electronic devices. Certainly this tablet would be suitable for a 3 year old.

What Others are saying about the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

This is such a great learning toy for my 2 and a half year old. Its very durable when clumsy hands drop it, and it keeps her entertained for AGES!! I am so pleased to have it delivered to my door within a week also! Thanks amazon.com 🙂

I bought this for our 3 year old granddaughter for her birthday. I was worried since it said ages 5 and up but after reading the reviews I am glad I got it. She loves her “iPot”, as she calls it. She had used my iPad so much on a recent visit, I thought this would allow her to do many of the things on it she did on my iPad.

It was such a pleasure to watch my 6year old granddaughter begin her play with her new leap pad explorer. In a few minutes her 9 year old sister joined and they spent hours in creating. I am eager to find new applications to send them.

It is just the right size for her little hands. It has easy to use features. Graphics and display are excellent. Sound quality is great with easy to understand insturctions for her. The system is customizeable as well, it will grow with her. Lots of additional features and apps available through the online store by hooking the USB into your computer.

Where to Buy the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

As Christmas rolls ever closer and the demand for gifts increases you can count on Amazon.com to be able to deliver the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer right to your door. It qualifies for FREE Shipping! Don’t Delay!

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