Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas stocking fillers by the million – well almost!

Stocking fillers

There’s millions of Christmas stocking fillers out there. Yes, and a million stockings waiting to be filled, too. Right, the hands are up. Okay, maybe a teeny weeny bit of an exaggeration. I admit it. Hey, but it got you reading!

You know, it’s not that difficult to make your own Christmas stocking. Not really. Even if you’re not exactly an expert with the needle and thread. If you are then making your own should be simple. Easier still if you know how to operate a sewing machine. But if all you’re good for is cutting out a couple of sock-like shapes, and then using a dab or two of glue, that’s fine. You can still call yourself a bona fide qualified Christmas stocking crafts person!

Of course, you can start the ball rolling using real socks, but maybe that’s cheating a bit. Luckily, they come two to the pair. Cuts the cost in half. Ahem…yes. Please, no more stocking filler or Christmas stocking jokes.

What material are you going to use? Any old sheets going spare? Curtains? Buy some velvety material for a rather more extravagant look. If you’ve got lots of time and are good at knitting, there are plenty of patterns available for Christmas socks. Knitted Christmas stockings look simply great. If not, what colour of material are you going to use? Red, if you can get it, is nice. Looks more festive. Let’s assume you’ve now got your hands on a couple of square metres of material.

Grab a large sheet of cardboard from an old box or something and draw the shape of a sock on it. This is going to be our template. Doesn’t have to be fancy or anything. Now cut out carefully and keep. Make sure it’s large enough to allow for glued or sewn edges. Next, place the template on the material and draw around it with some chalk or pencil. Repeat as many times as required for the number of socks you intend to make.

You should have an even number of sock shapes, which goes without saying. Grab two of them and place one on top of the other. Carefully, dab the glue along the edges to seal them together. Make sure you leave the top of the sock open. Otherwise, how are you going to put the christmas stocking fillers in? If you intend to sew them together by hand, the whole process will take you a lot longer, especially if you’ve more than one stocking to make.

The last part involves decorating the stocking, perhaps even personalizing each one with at least the name of the recipient. This can be done using a simple label, which can be glued or sewn on. It’s entirely up to you. Put little dabs of glue all over the surface and then sprinkle with tiny flakes of glitter. Shake the excess off when the glue is dry for a lovely, sparkly effect.

A good way to finish off is to add a stylish border around the top of the sock using a different coloured material. If you’ve got it, some kind of white lace material would be ideal.

That’s it, another few Christmas stockings to add to the million waiting to be filled up with amazing stocking fillers. Oops, sorry, I forgot. It’s that teeny weeny bit of an exaggeration, again!

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