Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

The Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set appears on all the hottest toys lists for Christmas 2011. It is a prefect gift for children ages 8 to 10 years old. If you are looking for a fun gift for the boys on your Christmas list don’t delay. Supplies are already getting short order today! To help you with your decision we have had a parent whose child owns the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set give us their opinion of it.

Parent Review of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
One of the things I love the most able the Fall season is it is one of the few times I can get my children to help with chores. With the yard filled with leaves, my son was very eager to go outside and earn some money by raking and bagging leaves. Not only did he clean up leaves in our yards, but both of our elderly neighbors. Like most children, this newly earned money was burning through his pocket and he couldn’t wait to spend it on new toys. While we thought he was going to want to go to a toy store or search online for something new, we were surprised to find that he had already picked out a toy – the new Beyblade Battle Tops.

Having seen the commercials, I was a bit reluctant at first to let him spend his money on this toy. I was worried that it was another marketing gimmick for kids being heavily marketed for the holiday season. Even though I was reluctant to help him buy it, we eventually went onto to see if there was a Beyblade starter set to help him see if he would like this toy. After a bit of searching, we found the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set. Within two days, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set arrived at our house. Having no expectations at all for this toy, I was blown away at just how much fun it was to play with our son. After a month of play, here is what we think of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set.
Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Kid Friendly Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

When I first sat down and played with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set with my son, I was amazed at just how much fun it was to play this simple game. I know that children love games that are simplistic in nature, but I could easily see children having fun with this game for hours. In many ways, the box is right; this is the 21st century version of the classic Battling Tops game. I remember playing a game like this with my friends when I was a kid, but I have to admit, Beyblade is much more fun!

With this game, children are battling different tops to see which one is the most effective top in combat. The difference is that each of these tops is customizable, allowing children to build their own spinning top based on five different top pieces. To win, you have to have the most effective top. Some pieces are mean to be faster, while others are meant to slow down faster tops.

This classic spin on popular spinning top games relies on rip cord powered launches, allowing the metal rimmed tops to race across the contoured arena. While the game seems complex, children are able to easily catch on. After reading the rules to the Beyblade Metal Fusion set, we were able to start building and playing with this set within a half hour, something that I consider not bad since we were also being distracted by the TV. In many ways, the game seems like a hands on version of Pokémon. So far, my boys have been playing with this game for the past month and they are still enjoying hours of play!

Educational Features of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
What I like the most about the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set is that children are being forced to use their brains. It is very difficult finding learning games for boys that not only force them to think, but keep their attention. If your boys are anything like mine, it seems that the only things that keep their attention are video games. I was surprised to see that the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set seemed to do just that. My son is very eager to get this game out, especially when he has friends over!

Unlike many other learning games, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set requires kids to think strategically and design their top using different combinations of pieces. They have to think through different aspects of the top, including spinning direction, height, wheel shapes, and top types to design the best top for the job. As well, it requires children to have some understanding of motion. With my husband being an engineer, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set has created some great bonding opportunity between the two of them as he teaches them how the tops work.

To make the game even more interesting, there are even different levels of rules to allow players of different experience levels to play. Younger children can play a more simple game, while older children can use more advanced rules and play styles. I can easily see my son playing with this game for many years, especially with all the different options that are available.

Playtime with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
The biggest concern that my husband and I had the first time we saw the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set was that it would be a toy that would only keep our son’s attention for a day. We are happy to report that he has been playing with it for over a month and only seems to want to play this battle top game even more. He has been spending his allowance to get more Beyblade tops and pieces. I am expecting that we are likely going to be adding more pieces to the set for Christmas. I have to admit that I am happy that we got the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set, since each of the individual pieces in this set can be a bit expensive.

My only complaint with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set is that the concave designed arena is a light weight plastic. Even looking at their website, they warn you that it will not be able to withstand heavy use. It has lasted so far but I am unsure how long it will last if you have a child that plays this game as much as ours. Since the arena is fairly cheap, it isn’t a huge deal, but it seems like it should have been made out of a sturdier plastic. For the price, however, I am not surprised. It doesn’t distract from the game and it does a great job keeping the tops under control.

Included in the Box

  • 2 Beyblade Tops (Lightning L-Drago & Storm Pegasus)
  • 2 Assembly Tools
  • 2 Launchers
  • 2 Rip Cords
  • Rule Book
  • Tournament Tablet
  • 2 Online Code Collector Cards
  • Instructions

What Others Think of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Right now, Beyblade battle tops are the hottest toys at my son’s elementary school. Everyone is collecting these cool tops. In many ways, it is like Pokémon from a few years ago, but a bit more advanced and educational. We are already collecting different Beyblade items to put in our son’s stocking this Christmas and I expect that all Beyblade items are going to be an absolute hit this Christmas season. So far, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Having everything your children need to get started, I highly recommend purchasing this set for your children. It will save you money and keep your kids from being disappointed since it has everything you need to play in this set. We aren’t the only ones who love this Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set. Here is what other parents and grandparents are saying about this Beyblade starter set.

“This is one of the few indoor toys that gets my 11 year old son off his wii and DS. He loves it as does his friends. They really enjoy custom designing to create their ultimate bey by taking the components apart and putting them together again in different combinations. Different beys are built to attack, defend, balance or for stamina. Kids can play alone or with friends – or in the case of my son, he’s also played with his 1 year old brother, 7 year old sister as well as his 84 year old Great Grandad! Often 10 to 12 year old boys are hard to buy for so was happy this toy was a hit.”
“My boys and their friends LOVE these. The plastic arena with this set is great a thing to have because I do worry about these metal tops on my hardwood floors. My boys brought them to a family gathering and even the adults participated in the fun. They’ve recently been banned from my son’s school, not because they’re dangerous but they’ve been a distraction. Easy to see why…they’re a lot of fun!”
“My son loves this game! The stadium is extremely durable and the beyblades are easy to assemble and switch around.”
“I never thought this toy would be so entertaining to my kids, and really thought it wouldn’t hold their attention very long. Was I wrong! This simple toy is hands-down the best of this Christmas! I have 2 boys, 6 and 9, who never tire of battling and shouting, “Let it rip!” My 6 year old is likely excited that he is now able to make a “top” spin, as he had little luck with the old-fashioned variety!”

Other Reviews of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

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Where to Purchase the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

We helped my son purchase the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set from Not only was the set in stock, but it was $10 cheaper than anywhere else in our community. Along with free shipping, it seemed like a great deal in my book. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I like to avoid shopping in toy stores since it means I will lose half of my day waiting in line at a toy store. With, I can order whatever I want without dealing with the hassle of holiday shopping. Since Beyblade items are one of the hottest toys this season, I recommend purchasing the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set early!

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