La Perla Naturale Silk Robe for Women

This Christmas treat your special gal to a La Perla Naturale Silk Robe. This is a truly beautiful luxurious robe that she will love. The supple fabric will encase her in soft, comfortable robe that is also very sophisticated and sexy to wear.

For anyone who is not familiar with the wonderful quality of the Texere silk products I urge you to try them this Christmas. There is an amazing quality to both the fabric and the stitching. The robe has classic styling and fits everyone’s body shape.

User Friendly La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

I received my La Perla Naturale Silk Robeas a Valentine’s gift and I was thrilled with it. The robe arrived in a beautiful box that spoke of the elegance within it. I had wanted to find a robe that was warm yet lightweight and easy to pack. For me, this silk robe was just what I had wished for. It fit perfectly and I like the idea of having the belt attached. Over the years I have misplaced more than one belt for a robe that I loved.

Silk has that wonderful quality of being lightweight but at the same time warm. Many ski underwear companies use silk for its ability to retain heat. The Texere Company uses a high quality of silk at extremely affordable prices.

The La Perla Naturale Silk Robe I received was an ivory white color but this gorgeous rove also comes in black, pewter, and pink. The white robe is a perfect gift for a bride and would make a wonderful shower gift.

Easy Care La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

I was a bit nervous about washing the robe, as I did not want it to shrink or mark. Since I have not had very much experience in washing silk garments I was very careful in hand washing it in cold water. My fears were unfound as it washed like a dream and was even softer after its first wash.

I love this La Perla Naturale Silk Robe so much that I have put a black and a pink one on my wish list. I was very pleased on a recent holiday to take it out of my suitcase and find it wrinkle free and ready to wear.

What Others Are Saying About the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

The La Perla Naturale Silk Robe is given an amazing 5 star rating at Recent owners of this luxurious robe have this to say:

Its a beautiful and flattering robe. Its well made and I like that the belt is attached. I wouldnt put anything in the pockets and so even if they are wouldnt matter. The material isnt quite as soft as I thought it would be but then again I havnt washed it yet. I love this robe.

This robe is just the right length and weight. I bought it for a robe easy to pack and take on a trip, and one that would be long enough for me. It was perfect!

This is the most beautiful robe–at any price, and in this case, so reasonable! The silk is perfection, soft and subtle. Also, it came in a lovely gift box carefully wrapped in tissue. A great gift.

I purchased this robe for my daughter to wear on her wedding day before getting into her wedding gown. The robe arrived quickly and is beautifully packaged. I’m going to give it to her as one of her shower gifts and I don’t even have to wrap it! I can’t give any other reviews right now as she hasn’t worn it yet, but I’m sure she’s going to love it and feel very special on her special day!

For More Reviews of the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

You will find the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe reviewed and loved by 35 customers. To read what they have to say go here.

Where to Buy the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

You will be pleased with the reaction you get when you give your lovely lady a La Perla Naturale Silk Robe this Christmas. For delivery right to your door and a 21% savings is by far the best place to buy this gift.

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