Recipe for Rum Cakes

Recipe for Rum Cakes

These small golden rum cakes, with a rich, moist sponge – cake texture, are deliciously glazed with buttery rum syrup. Somehow rum always seems to be part of the Christmas scene. Maybe that is because in North America we mostly have snow and cold weather creating the need for warmth. Rum is associated with that warm cozy feeling.

  • ¾ cup Pecan Halves (optional) 175mL
  • 1 cup soft Butter 250mL
  • 1 cup Granulated Sugar 250ml
  • 5 Eggs, separated 5
  • 1 cup All Purpose Flour 250mL
  • 1 tablespoon Baking Powder 15mL
  • ¼ cup light or dark Rum 50mL


  • 1 cup Granulated Sugar 250mL
  • ½ cup Butter 125mL
  • ¼ cup Water 50mL
  • ½ cup light or dark Rum 125mL


Grease 20 to 24 medium – sized plain or fluted muffin tins (each about 1/3 cup/ 75mL capacity). If desired, arrange 6 to 8 pecan halves in bottom of each. Cream butter with sugar thoroughly. Add egg yolks and beat well until light and fluffy. Sift or mix together flour and baking powder; add alternately with rum to creamed mixture, beating lightly after each addition. With clean beaters, beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. Stir about ¼ of the beaten whites into batter to lighten it, and then thoroughly fold in remaining whites. Spoon into prepared pans, filling about 2/3 full. Bake in 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius) oven for about 20 minutes or until tops spring back when lightly touched. Cool in pans for 5 minutes, then loosen cakes by running knife around inside edges of pans; remove from pans by inverting onto cake racks. (Bottoms of cakes are now the tops.) Place waxed paper under racks to catch drips from rum syrup.

Method for RUM SYRUPS:

In small saucepan, combine sugar, butter and water. Bring to boil; boil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and stir in rum. Spoon about half the warm rum syrup over “tops” and sides of cakes; allow it to soak in, then gradually spoon remaining syrup over. Cool cakes completely, then store, covered, in airtight container at room temperature. Makes 20 to 24 cakes.

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