Monster High Dolls

Monster High Dolls Hot Hot Sellers!

The unbelievably popular Monster High Dolls are already being sold out for Christmas 2012. Mattel created these cool daughters of famous ghosts to appeal to young girls and pre-teens. It is hard to believe how very desirable toys based on the monster theme are at the moment. Like the Moshi Monsters, these Monster High Dolls have become collector items.

“Hottest toys 2012 a must have monster high the hottest series of toys, move over Barbie, monster high is Mattel hottest brand.”

If you or your daughter has them on their Christmas wish list don’t hesitate to purchase them. They will be sold out long before Christmas.

What are Monster High Dolls

These ghoulish dolls have their roots in figures like Dracula, Frankenstein, or the Venus Flytrap. They are beautifully detailed in their makeup, skin tones, and costumes. Unlike their precedent, Barbie, they have amazing articulations. The Dolls have ball jointed necks, shoulders, elbows, knees and hips. The elbows and knees have outward swivel motion as well. They come with stands that allow a collector to easily display them.

Each Monster High Doll comes with a distinctive color scheme, a dazzling outfit to match, and makeup and hair to compliment. Many enthusiasts stated that one of the things they like best is the ability to brush the hair. Each doll comes with a brush.

From the dolls many other products have appeared. This includes walkie-talkies, make up and even clothes for the girls to match their dolls! As the theme is Halloween there are matching Halloween costumes and accessories.

Favorite Monster High Dolls

Monster High Draculaura Doll


– she is the daughter of Dracula. Her thick curly black hair in pigtails is blood red streaked in the front. Her makeup is pink and a heart on her cheek is a nice touch. The ghoulish part is dark pink lips with fangs. The cool safety pin earrings are one of the fun accessories. Her costume is a black pink miniskirt, black high heels, red, bat winged collar, black bat wings on back. She is wearing a pink blouse with two white buttons, also is black fishnet long sleeves just like her leggings. The white skirt is cute too. The shoes go up to her knees with black painted on laces. Accessories are pet bat, Count Fabulus, parasol with skull top ornament, diary, skull brush, and doll stand.

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Clawdeen Wolf

– is the daughter of the infamous Werewolf. Dressed in 70s style hair and clothes, purple body suit with gold accents, matching tights, and unbelievable purple and gold boots with a high spiky heel. Her clawed hands complete with brass knuckles and the pierced ears sprouting from her head with adorning green earrings remind us that she is a Monster doll. Accessories purse that opens and shuts, diary, brush, stand The Clawdeen Wolf is tied with Frankie Stein for the highest ratings of the entire Ghouls Rule Line.

Monster High Frankie Stein Doll

Frankie Stein

– is the bride of Frankenstein. Her hair is slivery white and black, clipped with a Monster High hairclip. She is wearing a blue collared dress with a sweater vest on top, tied with a belt with a lightning bolt. Her leggings are long and grey one side and the other short and black. She has several stitch areas on her body including her cheek. Her jewelry is nuts and bolts with lightening bolt earrings.
On her blue skin tone there is dark red lipstick that sets off the black, purple, and pink eye makeup. Accessories diary, stand, brush, and purse. Frankie tied Clawdeen in the highest ranks for the 2012 Monster high dolls.

Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Spectra Vondergeist

– is the daughter of the ghosts. Her puple and teal eyes draw you in. She has two shades – dark and light – purple hair. She is dressed in a pretty black and sparkly fuchsia frock with a plastic chain belt. Ball and chains accent the outfit. The earrings are ball chains as well as the pink boot accents. Waist has chain belt, as is the necklace. The translucent skin is very creepy. Accessories pet Ferret Rhuen, doll stand, brush, diary and ball and chain purse. Spectra Vondergeist is eye catching and very hard to find.

2012 Monster High Dolls

These wild ghouls have a trendy killer style that surpasses their predecessors haunting habits. These newer dolls seem to be sturdier than the original ones. They have ball bearing joints instead of the earlier elastic. This makes them better suited for children who wish to play with them.

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Doll

Venus McFlytrap

– is the daughter of the Plant Monster. She is one of the most popular of the new dolls. With an eco friendly theme she is decorated with vines on her legs, necklace, bracelets, earrings, and shoelaces. Her makeup portrays the Venus flytrap with accents on her lips that look like teeth. She has unbelievably long pink and green hair with part of her head shaved. Her costume is a denim shrug with an ‘Eco Punk’ patch, black and neon colored shirt with a similar theme, black skirt and neon tights. Her shoes are magenta with green teeth on the toes. Accessories brush, journal and stand, and eco purse plus Chewlian, Venus’ pet plant.

Monster High Robecca Steam Doll

Robecca Steam

– is the daughter of a Mad Scientist. Beautiful and detailed she is centered on a clock theme. She has tiny gears on her goggles, in the irises of her eyes and at the back of her legs. Robecca Steam has light copper skin tones with tiny seams all over it. These dolls always have outstanding hair and she is no exception with wavy blue black locks. Her outfit consists of a one-piece dress with a separate black cropped jacket and a removable Victorian blue plastic outer hoop skirt. The special feature of her attire is the metallic copper rocket boots. Accessories pet mechanical penguin named Captain Penny, diary, doll stand, brush, and clock purse.

Monster High Rochelle Goyle Doll

Rochelle Goyle

– is the daughter of The Gargoyles and is from Paris, France. She wears a shimmering black-and-white outfit with silvery fleur de lis accents and bold accessories in spite of the fact that she is very shy. She has granite-like textured stone colored skin tones and her makeup is beautiful. Pink hair with turquoise overtones almost hides the horns sticking out of the top. She has adorable little wings on her back. Accessories stand, a black brush, her pet griffin, and pink fleur-de-lis purse.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll

Abbey Bominable

– based on Yeti the Abominable Snowman. At her side to keep her save is her best friend and pet, Shiver a sweet and loyal Wooly Mammoth.
She has a cool light blue skin tone and sparkly blonde hair streaked pink, purple, blue. The ghoulish touches are the fangs on her lips that point in opposite directions and her claw hands. Her icy nymph costume is accessorized with a fury hat, plus leg and arm warmers. Hard to see under the leg warmers are snow boots complete with treads. Accessories are pet Wooly Mammoth Shiver, doll stand, brush, diary and key.

Who Buys Monster High Dolls

There is no doubt that there thousands of young girls and tweens who crave and collect the Monster High Dolls. Looking through the reviews we see comments such as:

“my daughter is a monster high freak, she has over a 100 doll now”
“I have a 10, who is a huge fan of the monster high dolls”
“I have two girls ages 10 and 5, and they are true Monster High Fans!”
“I bought this doll for my nine year old daughter.”

By the same token there are many, many doll collectors. The wide appeal of these dolls makes them very scarce. The enthusiasm for these dolls are expressed by these reviewers:

“I am a doll collector and began collecting Monster High dolls about a year ago.”
“I’m an “older” collector of the Monster High doll line”
“I am becoming adict to collecting Monster High’s dolls, I love them even though I am not a girl anymore…”

If you or your girl are hoping to receive a Monster High Doll for Christmas 2012 you must purchase as soon as you see them. They will all be sold out very early!

Where to Buy Monster High Dolls

Although many retail stores do stock these Monster High Dolls, all of the reviewers declare how difficult it is to find them. Common statement is “She is impossible to find in stores. Thank you, Amazon!” Because Amazon will deliver them right to your door and always stands behind their products it makes sense to shop there first. It had been our experience at Christmas, Amazon is usually the only place that has stock of hot selling Christmas items.

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