Christmas Gifts for that Special He or She

Whether you are a HE searching for a Christmas gift for that special girlfriend or you are a SHE looking for that special gift for your girlfriend, the options are only limited by your imagination.

HE – Gift suggestions:

  1. engagement ring

    An engagement ring?

      Many jewelers offer terrific discounts on engagement rings as this time of year, what’s more Christmas Eve is the perfect time to “Pop the question”.  Getting down on one knee, bring the treasure from the depth of your pocket, opening up that tiny velvet box and watching her eyes begin to brim over with tears of joy.  “Yes,” she says, “YES!”  You dissolve into each other’s arms.  (Not for you?  Try this next suggestion.)

  2. Fluffy Blanket

  3. A cozy, fluffy blanket – a blanket big enough for two! Oh yes, any girl will love this cuddling opportunity.  Make it in her favorite color and you’ll have a sure winner.
  4. Picnic Basket

  5. Picnic Basket

    – Present her with a picnic basket overflowing with all the ingredients for a winter picnic!  1-small bottle of wine, 2 crystal goblets, and 2 sandwiches made with flaky croissants and her favorite fillings, 2 small bags of designer baked chips, 2 gigantic chocolate dipped fresh strawberries; “At this time of year, oh how clever of you to find them!” You go!

  6. Kitten

    – If your special lady is an animal lover, give her a kitten!  Of course you’d have to know if she can have a pet where she lives and you will have done your homework on this project to be sure a pet would work within her lifestyle.  But – A kitten?  Oh yes, little soft paws, tiny pink nose and that cute little mewing and the Christmas bow for a collar!

SHE – Gift Suggestions:

  1. Spa Day

    –  A certificate stating the recipient will receive a “Pamper-yourself-hairstyle-nail-pedicure-day” on you and at her favorite salon.

  2. Lunch

     at her favorite Bistro, with her 3 closest friends.  (Including you!)

  3. Car Detailing

    Ask to use her car, (make up some reason, wrap it in a fib) then have her car professionally cleaned from top to bottom.  Ask for “detailed wash and wax” at your local attended carwash.

  4. Snowboarding

    Buy two tickets to take snowboarding lessons on the nearest slopes.  Most ski areas offer these lessons, board rental and all the gear for great prices.  Have fun!

Whether your special friend is a pal or a lover, they deserve the best.  Give a gift that you would like to receive, one that creates a memory; gifts that take his/her breath away and show you cared enough to make it work!

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