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Playstation 3
Are you considering getting your kids a Playstation 3 for Christmas 2012? While it may be a bit hard to believe, my oldest daughter is a bit of a tom boy. She loves rough housing with the neighborhood boys and playing a variety of co-ed sports. One of the things that shocks so many people, however, is that she also enjoys playing video games. It isn’t too uncommon for her to be switching games with her friends, and also getting into competitions with all of her male friends to see who can beat a certain game the fastest.  Even though I was uncertain about getting her a game system at first, it has been an absolute delight for her and the entire family!

To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised last year when she said she hoped Santa brought her a Playstation 3 for Christmas. After discussing it with my husband, we took our search to Amazon to try finding what we thought would be one of the best packages for my daughter. While we were originally planning on buying our Playstation 3 locally, we found that none of the stores had any Playstation 3 Bundle Packs left in stock, and I refused to get my daughter a game system without an extra game and controller! When she finally did open her Playstation 3 for Christmas, it was a huge hit! After a year of playing on this system, here is what we think of this popular game system!

Playstation 3: Specs

Playstation 3Even though I am not very tech savvy, I am very impressed with the Playstation 3. This system has a large 320 Gig hard drive that can hold lots of downloadable games and saved games. Unlike games of the past, many of the newer games can install more than a gig’s worth of content on your hard drive, making a fairly large hard drive important. With a hard drive of this size, the system can hold up to 1,800 games, 140 movies, 99,000 songs, or 40,000 pictures!

As many gamers know, the hardware in game systems are also important – making it impressive that the PS3 has two processors: an IBM Cell processor and an nVidia graphics processor. I know my daughter and her friends are impressed with how their games look! The only thing I don’t like about the PS3 is that you need an HDMI cable to be able to see games that are capable of being shown in high definition on a 1080p capable television. While you can easily purchase an HDMI cable, this disappointed my husband since he had a hard time finding one right after Christmas. Once we did get an HDMI cable, however, the PS3 looked even more impressive!

Playstation 3: Games

If you have a choice of getting a PS3 Bundle Pack or a normal Playstation 3, I highly recommend getting the bundle pack! While the PS3 claims to come with games, this is only a sample disk. With the bundle pack, however, you will get a full game and a 30 day membership to the Playstation Plus Network, which allows you to download free games and extra content for games you own. With our bundle pack ,we got Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. In this game, the main character, Nathan Drake, is looking for hidden treasure, allowing you to explore and interact with a variety of characters in a shooter setting.  My daughter and husband had a lot of fun playing this game together. Personally, I was awed watching them since this game looked like you were watching a movie, not a video game!

Disney UniverseCurrently, there are hundreds, if not a thousand games available for the Playstation 3. While my daughter loves playing shooter games with Daddy, she also enjoys playing Disney games, such as the Disney Universe series. We have really enjoyed being able to download games on the Playstation Network, allowing us to find a variety of games that are perfect not only for the kids, but my husband.

Playstation 3: Movies

If I had to pick the one thing I love about the Playstation 3, it is that it is able to play Blu-Ray movies! We were considering buying a Blu-ray player, but were able to forgo this extra cost by purchasing the PS3 for my daughter. In my opinion, the PS3 is a video game system and top-notch Blu-ray player in one, saving you money in the long run. From what I have seen, Blu-ray movies are much better quality than a normal DVD and give you the impression you are watching a movie in theatres!

One of the other things my family enjoys about the Playstation 3 is that it is able to stream movies. We are able to use Netflix and Amazon Video. Using the streaming feature is very easy. I personally like it better than most streaming systems since it was designed to be used with a controller – not an annoying remote that doesn’t work half the time. If your family loves to play video games and watch movies – the Playstation 3 really is perfect for you!

Playstation 3: What Others Think

I can say without a doubt that the Playstation 3 was one of the best gifts I had ever purchased my older daughter. Not only can she play video games, but can watch all of her favorite Disney movies on Blu-Ray! With how much this system is used in my family, I can easily give it 5 stars. On Amazon, the PS3 currently has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular items on the site! Here is what others are saying about the Playstation 3!

” I got this the other day as I been wanting a PS3 for a couple years. I finally was able to and decided to get the super slim. I don’t like slot loading drives and prefer top loaders. I also have limits on space. So this came out at a perfect time. It may not be as good looking as the last PS3 model but looks don;t matter much. So far I’m really enjoying it.”

” This is a nice redesign, slimmer and sleeker than the previous PS3. I like this design the best out of all previous PS3 models.

Magnificent sleek new design.
It is priced well.
It has tons of great games.
You can buy PS1 and PS2 games digitally on PSN.
There are a huge selection of PSN and PS3 games on PSN as well.
There is no fee to play games online.
No addtional fee to use Netflix, Amazon Video or Youtube apps.
PlayStation Plus is a great service if you are new to PS3 and here you get 1 month free.
Blu Ray + 3D.
Its not loud.
Lower Power consumption.
You can upgrade your HDD with most laptop HDDs.
Uncharted 3 included is pretty awesome.

Could have used an extra USB port on the back, but its not really that big of a deal.”

” One of the best values available for the PS3 System. Both games are amazing and that hardware itself is simply incredible. Great buy and fast shipping with Amazon Prime!”


Playstation 3: Where to Purchase

While there were some stores cared the Playstation 3in my area, very few of them still had Playstation 3 in stock. I was determined to get one of these for my daughter since I wanted her to have something fun to play on Christmas day. When I took my search online, I found that not only had the best prices, but was able to ship the Playstation 3 to me for free in less than five days. Since it was the middle of the Christmas season, I thought that was quite impressive! With great shipping, pricing, and a selection of Playstation 3 bundles, who wouldn’t want to take care of all of their gaming needs at!

Playstation 3: In the Box

  • Slim Size Playstation 3
  • PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controller
  • 30 Day Playstation Plus Membership
  • Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Game of the Year Edition
  • $45  Worth of Downloadable Content for Drakes Deception

Playstation 3: More Reviews

Want to learn more about this awesome game system? Read what other parents and grandparents have to say about the Playstation 3 on Amazon.

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