Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2010

On the following pages you will find some of the items that have been predicted to be the Top Ten Christmas Ideas and Toys for 2010. These are the products that have found favor for the boys and girls both in North America and the UK. As they are globally in demand the supply is depleting quickly. If you are shopping for either a boy or a girl this Christmas have a look at these selections for 2010 and don’t hesitate. We have also included our selections for 2008 and 2009 as they are still in demand and at the top of many Christmas lists.

We have done extensive research at the online shopping sites and we can recommend both and if you wish to save money and be able to find a supply of these items. They e-mail us daily to update us on the availability and we will update the site. Many of these top ten Christmas ideas qualify for free shipping.

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Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2010

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TOP FEATURED GIFT Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Edition

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Edition has a removable floorboard. This allows for safe easy parent (grandparent) pushing of a toddler that has not yet reach the stage of using their feet to push the car. It also comes with a cut out area at the back of the roof for parents to use as a handle to push upon. I must say it my experience these cars are easy to push by just placing your hands on the roof. For the children the new cozy coupes have lovely smiling faces, high back seats, storage area at the back, and a driver’s door that opens and closes.

This makes a perfect Christmas gift for a child eighteen months to age four.

TOP FEATURED GIFT Ben 10 Sumo Slammers

Ben 10 Sumo Slammers

The unique Ben 10 Sumo Slammer Battle Sets are being touted as a must have Christmas gift. Bandai continues to strongly support Ben 10, with more and all-new Ben 10 toys and playsets. Little boys love battles and they love to collect cards. They can play with the cards or trade them with their friends. For children who watch the TV series or have the Ben 10 videos they can recreate the scenes from the cartoons. Because they are small they can fit easily into a pocket, lunch box or backpack

TOP FEATURED GIFT Pirates of the Caribbean Toys

Pirates of the Caribbean Toys

For little boys there are never enough action figures and when they are Pirates this brings a whole new dimension to their imaginary play. Victors on the high sea or raging sword fights with one’s enemies you must have enough Pirates of the Caribbean action figures to stage your fantasy.

To add to the hero Jack Sparrow a must have is Sao Feng, Prisoner Will Turner, the Cursed Pirate, Disguised Elizabeth, Capt. Barbossa, Palifico, Pick Axe Slashing Maccus, and Clanker. Add all these figures to the Empress with her magnificent red sails and the Flying Dutchman Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Deluxe Ships and the battle begins.

TOP FEATURED GIFT Lego Ultimate Building set – 405 pieces

Lego Ultimate Building Set - 405 pieces

The Lego Ultimate Building Set – 405 pieces is on many, many Christmas lists this year. It is a self-contained set that includes 405 very colorful and classic collection of Lego pieces with house and wheel element, mini figurine, durable plastic storage case, and instructions. The storage box is a new design with clear lid and room to store more Lego blocks. This Lego Ultimate set is the first step up from the larger Duplo blocks designed for smaller children.


Toy Story 3 Toys

With this year’s release of the box office successful movie Toy Story 3 there has been a renewed interest in all Toy Story toys. Very popular toys are the action figures of Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, Cowgirl Jessie, and Bullseye. It is exciting to see these action toys in the hands of small boys as they use their imagination to reenact the movie scenes.

As always there are a whole raft of plush toys that in this case feature Lots-o’Huggin’ Bear, Buttercup, Mr. Picklepants, Dolly, Hamm, Trixie, Rex, Peas in a Pod, and Stretch. Children particularly the young ones love the feel of “stuffies”

TOP FEATURED GIFT Barbie Toy Story 3 Dolls

Barbie Toy Story 3

Pixar had always wanted Barbie to be part of the Toy Story adventures but Mattel had resisted. This year the addition of the Barbie dolls – Barbie and Ken have provided a “stellar contribution”; not only at the box office but also at the toy stores. The toys from the movie are in much demand and flying off the shelves.

For the Barbie lovers there are a number of irresistible choices – the Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set, the Great Shape Barbie Doll, the Barbie Loves Buzz Doll and the Barbie Loves Woody

TOP FEATURED GIFT Fisher Price iXL Learning System

Fisher Price iXL Learning System

In February Fisher Price unveiled the Fisher Price iXL Learning System. Taking a page from Apple’s new iPad they created a hand held gadget for children age 3 to 6 years old. It comes fully load with these apps: Digital Book Reader, Game Player, Digital Art Book, MP3 Music Player, Notepad and Photo Viewer. The colored touch screen is similar if somewhat smaller to the iPhone. Children love having their own tablet with which to play and Mum and Dad love having their own devices back to themselves.

TOP FEATURED GIFT Rody Hopping Horse

Rody Hopping Horse

Rody Hopping Horse is the most adorable new bouncy horse from Gymnic. These brightly colored bouncy horses took Great Britain by storm last year and now for Christmas 2010 they are selling like hotcakes in the US.
These wonderful hopping or rocking horses are made of super strong, latex-free vinyl, and inflate according to size and weight of child with a hand or foot pump. Originating from Italy they comply with US and international safety standards.


Stomp Rocket

Children line up to try these Stomp Rocket toys. There are different versions of the stomp rocket toy. Ultra Stomp rocket is designed for the age group from 8 and above. The Ultra Stomp rocket travels about 200 feet high. The Junior Glow stomp rocket designed for the age group above 3 years to 36 years. The Junior Glow stomp rocket travels about 100 feet high. The Super High Performance Stomp is designed for the age group from 16 and above. It is a high performance rocket that goes up to 400 feet in the air.

Top Holiday Toys, Games and Electronics for Christmas

This list shifts on a daily bases so we have included the top on the current list. All of these items are being sought out by Christmas shoppers and several are in short supply. To avoid disappointment on Christmas morning order today.

Girls Top Holiday Toys, Games and Electronics for Christmas

Boys Top Holiday Toys, Games and Electronics for Christmas

Babies Top Holiday Toys, Games and Electronics for Christmas

For Mom Top Holiday Gifts for Christmas

For Dad Top Holiday Gifts for Christmas

The hot selling products for Christmas are changing rapidly. We have posted them here in no particular order for your shopping convenience. Below you will find a review of some of the Christmas ideas and as the weeks go on we will update these reviews. Remember popular items sell out fast. Don’t wait to do your shopping.
Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2010

Our Favorite Christmas Desserts

What Top Ten Christmas Ideas would be complete without something for our sweet tooth lovers. For a change of pace we have included our favorite Christmas Desserts. These are recipes that we have collected over the years. We don’t make all of them every year but they are our family’s go to recipes.

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

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