Xbox 360 with Kinect

Review of the Xbox 360 with Kinect

Xbox 360 with Kinect
Do your kids want a Xbox 360 with Kinect for Christmas? If there is one thing I can say about my family, it is that we have a lot of video game systems! My husband loves playing video games, especially with my daughters. While I may not play games with them often, I do enjoy how happy they make my family. For this reason, I am always trying to stay on top of the latest systems to make sure I get my kids exactly what they want as presents. Last year one of the hottest things in my family was the Xbox 360 with Kinect.

To be honest, my girls weren’t the first ones to find out about the Xbox 360 with Kinect. My husband has always had an Xbox 360, but it was mostly used for playing games sports games and games that weren’t for little kids. Lately, Microsoft has been putting out more kids games for the Xbox 360, so we thought this was an excellent time to get an Xbox for the kids to keep in the living room.  After a bit of searching, we finally found a bundle pack for the Xbox 360 with Kinect – allowing us to save a ton of money and let the kids play with one of the latest video game toys. After nearly a year of play, here is what we think of this cool video game system!

Xbox 360 with Kinect: Xbox

When we started looking for the Xbox 360, we were amazed just how many bundle packs were available. What shocked us more, however, was that most of the bundle packs had very tiny hard drives. Since most modern games have large saves, this means that if you have a small hard drive your kids are going to have to constantly delete saves – which is no fun at all! I was very happy that the Xbox 360 with Kinect came with a 250 gig hard drive – which is capable of holding lots of videos, saves, and even downloadable games!

Xbox 360 with Kinect Like most modern video games system, the Xbox 360 is a very fast and has games that look semi-realistic, allowing you to really get absorbed into the games themselves. I am amazed that many of the games my husband plays looks realistic, making it very fun to watch him when he’s gaming! This technology is also excellent when it comes to watching movies, since it can play HD quality movies not only with DVDs, but Netflix and Amazon Video as well!

As for setting up the Xbox 360 with Kinect, there really is nothing easier than this system. It has very few cords and can be set up in as little as five minutes. Unlike the older systems, it even has built in Wi-fi, allowing you to get internet without having to worry about running Ethernet cables!

Xbox 360 with Kinect: Games

Xbox 360 with Kinect One of the things I love about theXbox 360 with Kinect is that it comes with two games – Monkey See Monkey Do and Kinect Adventures. Most bundle packs only come with one game, making the bundle pack a really huge savings! My kids love these games since it allows them to jump, play, and pretend they are going on little adventures. Along with these games, you can download games using your free ninety days of free Xbox Live Gold Membership. Many of these are older games, but they are great for children. Really, with everything that comes with this bundle pack, there is no reason to buy any games for your Xbox 360 for Christmas.

Xbox 360 with Kinect: The Kinect

When I first saw the Xbox 360 with Kinect, I thought the Kinect was an oversized toy. I didn’t see how this was really going to get my kids moving and having fun. Once it was hooked up, however, I was truly amazed! The Kinnect turns games into a full body experience, allowing kids to jump, dance, kick, and so much more. It follows the movement of your kids using its full body tracking system, which allows the system to mirror the movement of your children. To be honest, it really is a remarkable toy! My youngest daughter especially love the Kinect since it allows her to be so active! I know the first day my children were playing Kinect Adventures they wore themselves out!

Xbox 360 with KinectFor parents, the Xbox 360 with Kinect also has some other nice benefits when you are watching movies. Unlike other systems that toys like the Kinect, it accepts voice commands when you are in movies, such as pause, play, rewind, and fast forward. When you are dealing with a crying baby, this is amazing since you don’t have to reactivate the controller or worse, find it! Being controller free with games and movies really is pretty cool!

Xbox 360 with Kinect: What Others Are Saying

In our household, the kids absolutely love playing with the Kinect. It makes gaming not only fun, but gets the kids moving. Being someone who likes to get my kids up and moving, I absolutely love the Xbox 360 with Kinect! On Amazon, this video game pack bundle currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular Christmas items on the site! Here is what others are saying about this popular Xbox 360 bundle pack…

” You are getting: a $28 (Kinect Adventure), $20 (Kinect Carnival), $25 (3 Months of Live) and $399.99 (Xbox 360 250gig w/ Kinect) when the xbox is priced by it’s self at $299.99 and the kinect is $130.99 this is a great deal for someone with a family or kids.”

” VERY VERY Easy set up. picked up the WI Fi..I thought I would have to do it like my computer. Had it all hooked up and downloading up date in 10 mins. Will definitely buy from Warehouse Deals again. I don’t think the items in this box were ever opened just the main box. I will come back after my Grandson gets his Christmas Present early….
11/26 – My Grandson Loves it!!!! He wore himself out boxing today…he is 8 yrs old. I put the kinnect on the top of the desk and it works great. Have about less room than is recommended. I got the Holiday Bundle – He loves the circus games…I loved watching him…He figured it out quicker than I thought…He loves the soccer game – he beat me…It was the best thing I could have bought him…”

” My husband and I wanted to be able to play video games with our grandchildren who live in a different state. We all had a WII system and hooked that up for Wi-Fi so we could all play together. That was a huge disappointment when we found that not all WII games are playable through the Wi-Fi and we found very few games that we all would be interested in playing. The kids already had an XBox system so after doing some research we found that the Xbox system would be the way to go and be able to play together through XBox Live. We found this Xbox system with the Kinect included at Amazon and jumped at buying it for ourselves. We also received a fantastic deal included with this bundle…..a promo code for $100 towards future Amazon purchases!! No one could beat that deal!! We love this system and the Kinect is so much fun! Every Xbox and Kinect game is playable through Xbox Live so we are thrilled with this system. This purchase also made Christmas shopping for the grandkids even easier for us, we are getting them a Kinect and the family plan Xbox Live account along with some games. We all will be playing Xbox and Kinect games together!! Thank you Amazon for such a wonderful deal, you have made Christmas fun for all of us this year, even though we can’t all be together!”

Xbox 360 with Kinect: Where to Purchase

With Christmas being right around the corner, we recommend purchasing the Xbox 360 with Kinect early. As it gets closer to Christmas most major retailers, including Amazon, we will sell out of this system. While you may be on backorder, it is likely you won’t get this system until after Christmas, making it a disappointment for many kids who were hoping to get an Xbox from Santa. We personally bought our Xbox 360 with Kinect from Amazonsince it was much cheaper than any of the big box retailers and came with two games. Along with free shipping and a great return policy, why wouldn’t everyone get their Xbox 360 at Amazon?

Xbox 360 with Kinect: More Reviews

Want to read more about the Xbox 360 with Kinect? Click here to read what other parents and grandparents are saying about this awesome Xbox 360 bundle set!

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