Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

Review of the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

Tiffany Bow Lil Doll CradleMy twin granddaughters received the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradles from Santa Claus last Christmas. They love them. They are both into dolls and “babies” and love strollers, highchairs, and now cradles.

In trying to find the appropriate cradle for them Santa shopped at the local retail stores but was very disappointed in the quality that was available. He then went online to his favorite site There were several choices and it was a toss up as to whether he should deliver the Lil’ Doll Cradle or the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle. The deciding factor was that the latter was advertised for ages 3 and up. The twins were 21/2 last Christmas.

Quality of the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

Tiffany Bow Lil Doll CradleHaving looked first hand at some very poorly made cradles one of the criteria that Santa had was sturdiness. There is no doubt that small children are going to give many of their toys some rough treatment. With a doll toy it is more than likely that they will try it on. So it is expected that they will climb in the cradle.

Another thing that was extremely important in selecting this cradle was Kidcraft’s record of using eco-friendly wood toys. It is comforting to know that the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle is made from bpa-free composite wood. There is no worry about the harmful plastics that many toys have.

Assembly of the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle Santa is pretty busy Christmas Eve but the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle went together extremely quickly. Santa and his helper had the two cradles assembled and under the tree in less than 30 minutes. They were also very pleased to see how well made these cradles were.

Kid Friendly Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

This lovely cradle rocks back and forth so little “mommies” can settle their babies for a nap. The included mattress, pillow and blanket are easy to remove and replace. My Granddaughters remove them, replace them, drag them around, and then decide it is time for their dolls to go to bed. There is plenty of room for dolls up to 20 inches.

The Tiffany Bow Lil Doll CradleTiffany is beautiful with craved bow designs on the sturdy wood. In my Granddaughters’ room they look lovely at the foot of their beds. I would say that in the first year of owning these cradles that the girls have spent enough hours in imaginative play to make these cradles a bargain.

Features of the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

  • Made of bpa-free composite wood
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adorable bow designs
  • Rocks back and forth
  • Reversible comforter
  • Mattress and pillow included
  • Accommodates dolls up to 20″ tall
  • 21-1/4″ x 12″ x 11-1/2″
  • Some assembly required.

What do Others Think of the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle?

We are not the only ones who love this cradle. The Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle has a 4.5 of 5 star rating on Other parents and grandparents had this to say:

“We gave this to our granddaughter for her second birthday. Perfect for little baby dolls and bigger baby dolls later. She loves it so much my son said it was a wonder she hadn’t worn a hole in the carpet from rocking it so much. When I shopped online for it the reviews said it was very solid and well made (no plastic or paper bottom). Sure enough she had to get into the cradle and try it out. No problems at all.
Well worth the cost!”

“This product was exactly what I thought it would be. Very cute. My two year old plays with it daily. Fits a variety of doll sizes.”

“I bought this for my Grand daughter. She loves this cradle, she can now rock her babies in the cradle and I have even caught hr sitting in it a few times. It is very well made.”

“This is the second KidKraft cradle I have purchased and I will be purchasing another one for a third granddaughter for Christmas. The cradle is the perfect size..not too big and not too small…for a baby doll. It is easy to assemble and is strong in construction. Best part was watching the faces of my granddaughters when they saw them…priceless.”

“I researched online for doll cradles for my my daughters first birthday. I chose this one as it had the best reviews, best price for quality, and cutest design. I’m thrilled, and so is she! It’s a little smaller than I imagined but just perfect. Absolutely recommend!”

Where to Purchase the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

Although is Santa’s first choice to find quality products at the best price, he did check other online sites for the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradles before returning to Amazon. There he found the best price and knowing that they could be shipped FREE with Super Saver Shipping it was an easy decision to order them from Amazon. Having the Bow Lil Doll Cradles shipped right to the door in time for Christmas was a relief. This combined with the’s excellent customer service made it a no brainer.

Other Reviews of the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle

If you are interested to find other reviews about the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle by parents and grandparents like you and me, click the link.

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