Baby Wanna Walk Baby Alive

Review of Baby Wanna Walk Baby Alive

Baby Wanna Walk Baby Alive
Baby Wanna Walk is part of the Hasbro Baby Alive series. She can walk and talk with the help of her little Mommy. This realistic doll is on the 2012 Christmas list of many little girls.

Baby Alive For Christmas 2008 our eldest Granddaughter received Baby Alive Learns to Potty. Her Daddy’s response was worth the investment in the doll. He was astonished that a doll could talk, pee, and poop. Four years later her twin sisters sat spellbound when she had the doll speak to them. If the doll had not had any play at all these two reactions were worth every penny.

However Baby Alive was played with many hours and is still going strong with the younger girls. She was designed to be fed and to be changed but we have found that there is not a huge demand for this. The girls like to dress and undress her. They like to put her in their cradles and strollers where they rock and walk her.

Baby Wanna Walk - Baby Alive All the Baby Alive dolls have large heads and enormous blue eyes. They have hard bodies to accommodate their battery case. The bodies are of a latex material.

Baby Wanna Walk is an interactive doll that will walk when her hands are held. She will let you know when to let go, when to help her, and when to pick her up. She has 40 phrases.

Baby Wanna Walk Kid Friendly

Our girls love the interactive feature of the Baby Alive dolls. They never seem to tire of pushing the bracelet and having the doll talk to them. Baby Wanna Walk has over 40 phrases and giggles when you tickle her tummy. Helping her take her first steps is something that small girls can relate to, as they are just beyond this stage in their own development.

Baby Wanna Walk - Baby AliveIn our family we tend to think of Baby Alive, as being blond with great big blue eyes but the Baby Wanna Walk is also available in other versions – Baby Wanna Walk, Brunette and Baby Wanna Walk, African American. She can look like a small girl’s sister.

I think that these dolls are most suitable for girls who are three plus. They have hard bodies so they are not the soft cuddly baby dolls that toddlers love. They do not go in the bathtub, as this will ruin their voice box.

Other Baby Alive Dolls to Consider

Hasbro has making Baby Alive dolls since 2006. There are Baby Alive Newborn versions that are directed to toddlers. These dolls tend to be smaller than the other Baby Alive dolls. They can be fed, cuddled, and put to sleep.

There are Baby Alive dolls that center on hair styling, feeding, potty training, getting teeth, and walking. Baby alive comes as a blond, brunette, African American, and Hispanic.

I like the Baby Wanna Walk as she comes without a lot of necessary other accessories.

What Others Think of Baby Wanna Walk

Baby Wanna Walk currently is a bestseller for Christmas 2012. She has a 4.4 of 5 stars rating on Other parents and grandparents have this to say about Baby Wanna Walk.

“Over the years, we’ve amassed a huge collection of toys that claim to walk, crawl, dance, etc. yet all they seem to do is fall over and writhe on the floor. Imagine my surprise when Baby Wanna Walk actually walked across the room. We have tile, wood flooring and carpets in the house and the doll can manage to walk on all of these surfaces. That alone made this doll a complete win for me.

My 5 year old loves that the doll talks to her, in addition to the walking. It says a variety of things and I’m pretty sure my daughter is convinced it’s having an intelligent conversation with her. If anything, it impresses her that the doll does more than just call her mama.

Of course, my 3 year old has stole the doll on occasion and has given it her version of rigorous durability testing by beating the heck out of it and dropping it down the stairs multiple times. The doll has continually escaped unscathed.”

“Many little girls love to play with dolls and this one really sets up a situation where the child can interact with the toy in a truly more “pretend” baby scenario.

The doll speaks and actually can walk on her own. It almost seems as if it is communicating with the child — very appealing for toddlers who are walking themselves and even older to maybe preteens. Little girls seem to love to play “mommy” and when the doll can “talk” it makes it seem more real to them. The doll is made of plastic, has a cute and colorful outfit, and actually does walk unsupported on linoleum and short carpet. I didn’t try it on other surfaces, but I was impressed that it didn’t need to be held onto and could stand on its own and move. No stair climbing though :)!

The doll has about 40 phrases and says them randomly though sometimes it seems almost like it knew which one to say! The “talking” can be initiated by the press of a button on the doll’s chest but also when she is walking she talks spontaneously.

The doll comes with batteries (4 – AA) so you won’t have any tears if this is a birthday or holiday gift! I believe it would be more appreciated by little girls older than 3 and by any who love playing pretend with dolls.”

“My 3 year-old granddaughter just adores this doll! The dolls voice sounds like a real toddler not like a computer generated voice. It really does walk on its own, or sometimes it asks for help from its little “mommy”. This doll stays at my house, of course, and whenever my granddaughter comes over it’s the first thing she races for…her walking baby! It keeps her occupied for quite some time, which is an awesome thing right there as usually small kids have such short attention spans. It is expensive but it is well made and falls down a lot but stays intact. Sometimes my husband and I play with it (when no one is around of course!)just because we get such a kick out of it and it’s so cute. If you can afford it, it’s well worth buying!”

“I am amazed at how well this doll walks. Sure, it’s not perfect. Great interaction too. She will tell you to hold her hand and you must for her to start walking. Then she says she wants to walk on her own. It’s a cute doll and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Also this came with batteries already in it which is a major PLUS!”

“First, let me say how cute this doll is. I love the pig tails and big eyes. I was a huge doll fan when I was a kid and would have loved one of these. This doll is too hard to be a snuggly bedtime favorite, but I think little girls like variety and they like dolls that do things. When I was little I liked the dolls that ate and wet.

I think I like the phrases the doll says even better than the walking. It’s so cool how she reacts when she falls down, saying “Whoa!” or “Oops!”. I agree, it might be nice if the doll didn’t only say “Mommy” because little boys are sure to love her, too, but I can see how Hasbro would play the odds and know more little girls will have these than boys.

I recommend this doll for any little kid aged 2 and up.”

Where to Purchase the Baby Wanna Walk

In shopping for a Baby Alive doll we found had many more choices than our local retail store. We were able to purchase Baby Wanna Walk at a 23% savings complete with FREE with Super Saver Shipping. It is convenient to have the doll delivered right to our front door and we know if there is a problem it can easily be solved by Amazon’s customer service.

More Reviews for Baby Wanna Walk

If you would like to see more reviews for Baby Wanna Walk click on the link. Parents and grandparents like you and me leave these reviews.

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