Mindflex Game


Mindflex Game

Without a doubt Matell’s Mindflex game is this year’s Christmas number one selling game. In many stores it is already sold out. The Minflex game has caught the imaignation of gamers who are looking for games other than games of chance. This Star wars like game depends upon the player’s ability to concentrate and send messages through sensors to move a ball through a series of obstacles. A number of reviewers have praised the game’s ability to improve their child’s concentration.

Sensors are place on each of the player’s earlobes and one over their left eyebrow which is attached to a headband. The obstacle course can be set up in a number of ways with varying degrees of difficulty. By concentrating very hard the player can control the fan in the console and move the ball up. By relaxing they can move the ball down. There is a manual joystick that is used to move the console into position to allow the ball to go through the obstacle. The trick is to not be distracted by the need to manually manipulate the obstacle course.

It is going to be very difficult to find this game in stock this year. Warning: Out-of-stock conditions are already occurring with “MIndflex” this Holiday Season. So, if you plan to purchase Matell’s Mind Flex Game as a present for your little one this Christmas, shop now and don’t delay! You do not want to disappoint your youngster on Christmas Day.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment

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When Matell introduced the game of Mindflex at CES 2009 many attndees were amazed that they could control the height of the balls with concentration. Seeing is believing in this mind over matter game.

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