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Parent Review of Schleich Knight Castle

Schleich Knight CastleHave you seen the Schleich Knight Castle? My little nephew loves anything that involves knights and dragons. He is always playing video games and pretending he is a knight when he is playing outside with all of his little friends. For years, he had been begging his mother for his own castle, hoping he could have play battles with Daddy, who loves to play quite a few miniature games. Since I love working and trying out different toys, my sister-in-law asked me to help her find the perfect castle for her son for his birthday.

What I didn’t expect when we started looking for this castle was how many different toy castles are on the market. While they were all amazing, we just couldn’t find what we thought would be perfect for my nephew. It wasn’t until we were about to give up that we found the perfect castle – the Schleich Knight Castle! Not only was it in our budget, but it had wonderful reviews! Even better, mom and dad had the reaction they were looking for when he opened this gift! Now that two weeks have passed, he has had plenty of time to play with the gift along with my eldest daughter. Here is what we all think so far of the Schleich Knight Castle!

Schleich Knight Castle: Assembly

Schleich Knight CastleCompared to similar toys, the Schleich Knight Castle is very easy to assemble. The hardest part of putting together this castle is the drawbridge since it does have metal chains. Putting together the castle and putting together some of the detailed pieces takes about twenty minutes. With many of the toys today, putting together the Schleich Knight Castle really is as easy as can be for any parent. Since the pieces are fairly, heavy, however, I wouldn’t let children below the age of 5 play with this toy. It isn’t that the caste is unsafe, but pieces are very heavy, making it frustrating for younger children who are still working on fine motor skill development.

Schleich Knight Castle: Usability

Schleich Knight CastleFrom what I have seen, the Schleich Knight Castle is one of the most user friendly toys for kid I have seen in quite awhile. The pieces easily go together and allow kids to create their own unique castle with all the provided pieces. As a fair warning, however, the pieces do not physically connect together, but stand against one another for support. While this may seem like a negative, it is actually designed to make it easier for kids so that they can very quickly rearrange the castle pieces. If you had ever seen small boys play with toys, pieces that connect very quickly get broken due to their rough housing, leading to unhappy kids and parents who felt like they wasted their money. To me, this was the company thinking ahead and understanding how kids play!

The only drawback to this design is that the Schleich Knight Castle pieces can sometimes have difficulty standing on carpet. For this reason, I recommend playing with it on a level surface, such as hard floors or a table. When the castle is level, it has very little difficulty standing up and is perfect for playtime with multiple kids.  As for durability, I am amazed at just how heavy the different pieces are for this set. One of the main reason this castle isn’t recommended for younger kids is that the pieces are just so heavy! The castle itself is estimated to weight about 20 pounds and is fairly large, making arranging the pieces a two hand process for most children. As a parent, I am happy to see this since it means this castle is build to last!

Schleich Knight Castle: Kid Friendly

From what I have seen so far, kids absolutely love the Schleich Castle! While the castle may seem small at first glance, it is actually very large! Each tower features three different play levels, allowing kids to move pieces and knights around the castle as they patrol. What impresses me the most about this castle is all the detail! Each piece of plastic is designed to look like weathered stone, making the castle look very authentic and perfect for little kids who love pretending to be knights! Of course, the biggest draw for kids is the fact that they can custom design their castle. With extra pieces, kids can make a huge castle, or make a very large front side of a castle (this is what the kids did when I saw it), giving them extra play room. I also highly recommend purchasing a set of Schleich Knight figures ahead of time, since they the castle is scaled for fitting these little figures, allowing kids to have their own private guard and army in the castle itself.

Schleich Knight Castle: In the Box

  • Assembly Directions
  • Metal Chains
  • Drawbridge
  • 2 Connecting Elements
  • 2 Towers
  • 4 Walls

Schleich Knight Castle: What Others Think

From what I have seen, everyone seems to love the Schleich Knight Castle in my family! My nephew is constantly playing with this toy and from what I heard, Santa may be bringing more pieces for Christmas to go with his castle. The only person who isn’t happy is my husband, since my daughter is now begging for this toy for Christmas as well! Currently, the Schleich Knight Castle has a 4.5 of 5 star rating and is listed on Amazon’s list of top toys for Christmas due to its popularity! Here is what others are saying about this adorable toy!

“This is a good quality toy. It looks like a real castle, not a fantasy castle, and can be configured in different ways. Cleverly, Schleich made a couple of the narrow pieces with the inner ledge higher than the inner ledge on the wider wall pieces. This makes placing them as an angled corner piece possible. No gaps. The other walls slide together underneath. You can see it in one of the pictures, but you wouldn’t know what a great trick it is. It means that the castle doesn’t just have to be a rectangle or square. This castle can’t be beat for a boy’s imagination toy. My son loves it and plays with it almost every day. He has 6 soldiers and plenty of animals which can be placed in, on, and around the castle on the ledges, walkways, towers, etc. The drawbridge is awesome. I highly recommend this castle.”

” This is the single best toy purchase I have ever made. I got it, along with many of the figures and accessories, for my four year-old grandson to balance the family heirloom wooden doll house we were giving his seven year-old sister this Xmas. Both kids loved it and played together with it for hours and hours. It also turns adults into kids again. It is so realistic and finely detailed that you just want to get down on the floor and play with the kids. This castle promotes creative and cooperative play for boys and girls and will hold the attention of a wide range of ages. I fully expect this toy to also become a family heirloom, enjoyed by generations to come.”

” We bought this for Santa to bring to our almost 5yr old son for Christmas. He saw this in a catalog and it was all he wanted. My dad bought him several knights and horses to go with some he already had and got his 6yr old brother the tent and catapult. Not only have the two boys enjoyed playing with this non-stop but it has become the home for Star Wars figures as well (They said it looked like the sand planet).
The detail is wonderful and it is designed well for different configurations – great for that imagination to work with!
This is a super durable toy and I think well worth the money. Considering there are many other similar items out there that may be a little cheaper, but will never hold up as well. I can see this toy being something my sons save for their children. If you can, buy the knights and other pieces from Schleich that compliment this piece. They are equally durable and beautifully detailed.”

Schleich Knight Castle: Where to Purchase

While quite a few places are selling the Schleich Knight Castle this Christmas season, I would highly recommend purchasing it on Most of the specialty toy stores in my area are selling it much higher than Amazon. Since the toy has been out for awhile, I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few retailers on Amazon lower the price of this toy for Christmas to get even more sales, allowing them and parents to be much happier this Christmas season! Along with free shipping and a great return policy, how can you go wrong with Amazon?

Schleich Knight Castle: More Reviews

Want to see what others have to say about the Schleich Knight Castle? Click the link to read more reviews about this medieval castle!

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