My First Lab Stargazer Telescope

Parent Review of My First Lab Stargazer Telescope

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope
Are you considering purchasing a My First Lab Stargazer Telescope for your child for Christmas? In my family, my kids love learning about space.  This year, my daughter has been even more interested in space than usual, leading to my husband deciding to get one of these telescopes for both of our daughters. While I wanted to wait and give the telescope as a Christmas gift, my husband thought it was too good of an educational moment to pass up. Knowing this would be quality time with the girls and Daddy, I agreed to him purchasing one for the girls.

The hardest part about deciding to purchase a telescope was finding the right one for the girls. Since we weren’t sure if the girls would even like it, we were reluctant to pay hundreds of dollars for a toy telescope.  While this seemed like a good idea, the problem was finding one that was useable and not too expensive.  After doing some searching online and talking to some friends, we finally found the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope on to Amazon.  So far, here is what we think of this telescope.

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Assembly

Right out of the box, the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope was very easy to set up. Even though my husband wanted to set it up with the girls, I did it beforehand to make sure they could play with it that night. As you would expect, the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope came unassembled, but was  labeled fairly well for easy assembly. Out of the box, I was able to get the entire telescope together in less than a half hour. It likely wouldn’t have been that long if I wasn’t also keeping an eye on my toddler.

I am also happy to add that the telescope is very easy to take apart and assemble again. Since we have very little room in our house, we just don’t have the room to keep it fully assembled, especially if the girls aren’t going to be going out with Daddy that night. My husband has got assembly down to about ten to fifteen minutes, making it very convenient for both Daddy and the girls! We are hoping to buy a case for the telescope so that we can bring it with us to the park at night.

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Durability

Being a starter telescope, I am really amazed at just how well made this telescope is compared to similar telescopes we had seen at big box retailers. The tripod itself is made of mostly steel, making it not only durable, but sturdy. This is important since the girls are constantly leaning up against it and likely rough housing with Daddy when I’m not watching. All the components themselves also look to be very well made. I could easily see the girls using this telescope for years! With so many different lenses and attachments, this set is perfect for any child hoping to learn more about space!

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Kid Friendly

I just can’t express how much my girls love this My First Lab Stargazer Telescope. This inexpensive telescope is wonderful at allowing children to learn firsthand about space. My daughters have not been able to see any planets just yet, but they have seen the surface of the moon. The first time my daughter saw it she couldn’t wait to call all of her friends and tell them exactly what the moon looked like. My husband is currently trying to figure out how to see a planet, having read that other people have seen some of the rings of Saturn with this telescope using the 150x magnification lens. As well, changing the lenses on this telescope is easy enough that the girls can do it on their own. While they don’t understand which lens to use when, I have a feeling they will learn how to do this easily with time! If nothing else, I love how much this has encouraged both of the girls to learn more about space!

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: In the Box

  • 1 Telescope
  • 9 mm Eyepiece
  • 20 mm Eyepiece
  • 2x Barlow Lens
  • 1 Heavy Duty Steel Base
  • Dovetail Bar Tube Attachment with Quick Release Attachment
  • AZ 45 Mount with Large Handle
  • Accessory Plate

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: What Others Think

So far, my daughters absolutely love the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope! Nearly every clear night since we bought it the girls have been outside with Daddy looking at the moon and different constellations. With how much the girls love it, I think it was worth every penny! I am not the only parent who has fallen in love with the telescope! Currently on it has a five star rating! Here is what another parent had to say about this telescope!

” If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced telescope for amateur sky-watching with children, this is a good choice. We used this right after sunset, in an urban back yard, and were able to easily see Saturn’s rings. I’m sure the viewing would be even better in areas with less light pollution. We have yet to test this with the moon, but are excited for a full moon, so we can see it in more detail. Stars aren’t as exciting, as they just look like a bigger and brighter version of themselves, but planets are exciting to see. I would recommend this telescope to friends.”

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Where to Purchase

Currently, the only place where you can purchase the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope is on since it was made exclusively for them. While there are similar telescopes on the market, we think it an excellent deal with all the different lenses and quality of the telescope. Along with getting a great deal on the telescope, you are able to enjoy free shipping and one of the best return policies online if your children decide they don’t like the telescope. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong purchasing anything on Amazon!

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: More Reviews

Want to see what others have to say about the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope? Click the link to read more reviews written by owners of this toy telescope!

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