Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids – a Parent’s Review

Do you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids? As a little girl I loved playing with these dolls and had quite a few little boys and girls that my parents helped me ‘adopt.’ When my girls go to visit my parents, they sometimes even play with some of my old dolls; something they think is very special since they can play with some of Mommy’s old toys. When my mother told me recently that these dolls were back on the market, I was very excited, knowing my girls would love them! The bad news was that I couldn’t find them anywhere in my local area.
Cabbage Patch Kids
When I took the search online, I found many places were overcharging for these dolls, knowing that they were hard to find in some markets. After a bit of searching, I found that had a handful of these dolls, allowing me to get my hands on some of these dolls for my kids. While some of them are put away for Christmas, I gave my youngest daughter one of these dolls early – one of the Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids. Here is what we think so far of this adorable doll.

Cabbage Patch Kids: Classic vs New

Cabbage Patch Kids Blonde Preppy GirlWhen I first opened the box for my daughter’s Cabbage Patch Kid, I wasn’t for sure what to expect. The dolls I remembered from my childhood were made from all cloth and were different than most of the others toys even back during the 1980s. I was really worried that with them modernizing the Cabbage Patch Kids that this meant that they had also turned them into plastic dolls. What I found was that while some of the doll was plastic, the majority of it was like the classic cloth dolls. Really, the only plastic part of the doll is the head, which seems a bit more realistic and cute. As someone who owned some of the original Cabbage Patch Kids, I thought this was a great idea, since it meant that the doll would last a bit longer with boys and girls who were known for roughhousing.

Cabbage Patch Kids: Fashion

Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids One of the things that really surprised me about the new Cabbage Patch Kids is all the cute clothes that are now available. When I was little there really weren’t too many options, meaning you had to have really loved your dolls outfits or find someone who made clothes. Looking on Amazon, I was amazed just how many options are available for the new Cabbage Patch Kids when it come to clothes. Even better, all of the styles look very modern. My daughter’s Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids came with a cute school girl outfit, reminding me of some of the outfits you see children wearing in boarding schools. My daughter loved it since it reminded her of the outfits in Harry Potter. For little girls who love to play dress up, the new Cabbage Patch Kids are absolutely perfect!

Cabbage patch Kids: Kid Friendly

Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids Like the old Cabbage Patch Kids, the new dolls come with variety of little treats for little girls and boys. When you open the box, you can find a birth certificate, adoption papers, and even a download code for a little cartoon about your doll from the TV show. As well, each doll comes with a unique name on their birth certificate, giving you a one of a kind doll like no one else. My daughter loves this and keeps her dolls birth certificate on her dresser, telling everyone it is ‘very important’. I have always thought this was a cute thing that the manufacturer did and little girls love having their own little baby. What really amused me is that the dolls themselves have a fresh baby scent, reminding parents and children of a newborn baby.

Along with these little treats, I love that all the Cabbage Patch Kids are designed to be for both boys and girls. A lot of the time parents seem to think that dolls are only for girls, forgetting that boys are likely to be Daddys someday. I love that the brand makes Cabbage Patch Kids of both genders, allowing little boys and girls alike to have fun with their own baby doll and ‘adopted child’.

Cabbage Patch Kids: In the Box

  • Cabbage Patch Kids Doll
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption Papers
  • Bio Card
  • Outfit
  • Download Code for 22 Minute Cabbage Patch Kids Cartoon Episode

Cabbage Patch Kids: What Others Think

So far, my girls absolutely love this Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.  I am just disappointed I didn’t get two Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids so that each of my daughters had one. Right now, they are just going to have to wait until Christmas to get more of these cute dolls. On, this doll has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular toys on their site. It really isn’t too surprising, knowing that these dolls were popular when I was a child as well.  Here is what others are saying about the Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids.

“My son’s each had one of the boy dolls 25 years ago. I was so excited to be able to buy this Preppy Blonde for my 3 year old granddaughter for her Xmas gift.
She wear her hair the same way, so she knew in a minute it was HER! The only doll (baby) she received which surprised me.
These dolls are just a sturdy, and well made as years ago. The come with the little birth certificate.
She loves it, I love that she is so happy. Adorable!”

“I loved the look of the doll and I am sure she will love it as well. It is a Christmas present so I have not given it to her at this time. It came as promised and was just as it was described. Looking forward to giving it to her.”

“Bought this doll for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it! I love the cabbage patch smell, and the cute features she’s been given to be unique. I will say that the socks and shoes (piggies too) are a bit excessive for a 1.5 year old, but otherwise it’s a very cute doll. It’s something my little one will learn to love and leave the accessories on!”

Cabbage Patch Kids: Where to Purchase

When I went to my local big box retailer, I couldn’t find anyone who was selling the new Cabbage Patch Kids. Knowing I want to get one of these for my girls, I brought my search to, where I found they were fairly inexpensive and they had a pretty good selection of these dolls. With free shipping, amazing customer service, and a great return policy, I couldn’t imagine purchasing my Christmas toys anywhere else but!

Cabbage Patch Kids: More Reviews

Are you considering purchasing one of these dolls for your child? Before you go out and buy one of these dolls, I recommend reading more reviews written by real parents and grandparents just like us! To read what others are saying, click here to go to Amazon’s product page for this cute doll!

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