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Kindle Fire HD
Have you been considering purchasing an 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD? For the past few months, I have been excited to get my hands on one of these new Kindles. While I have an iPad, I have been reading on my Kindle Fire for awhile now, finding it is much better when it comes to reading ebooks. Since I love this tablet as much as my iPad, my husband thought it would be a great early Christmas present for me, especially with a larger Kindle now on the market.

I have to admit, waiting for my new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has not been easy. We put it on pre-order back in September when it was first announced, and I have been waiting every since. I have to admit, I have never been so excited about a piece of electronic in my household. Now that it has arrived, I have spent a few days playing with this brand new tablet. Here is what I think so far of the new Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire HD: Usability

Kindle Fire HD When I first looked at the specs of the new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, I was blown away at just how much better this tablet is compared to the original Kindle Fire. It has a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor and imagination Power VR 3-D graphics core, making it run not only fast, but beautifully when playing games or videos. Unlike most other tablet on the market, it is has an official Dolby sound system, allowing you to get the best sound possible when watching movies on your tablet.  I personally love this feature since it allows me to listen to all of my favorite music on the go.

Having used an iPad for years, I am also happy that the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has both a rear and front facing camera. Having kids, I have found that I never know when the kids are going to be cute, allowing me to take a picture anytime, anywhere on my tablet.  While the front camera may sound like a gimmick, it really is perfect for people like me who work from home, especially since I use Skype to talk to my co-workers and potential clients. Really, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go with kids!

Kindle Fire HD: Apps

Kindle Fire HD If you have kids, you will absolutely love all the apps that are available through the Kindle store.  So far, there are over 22 million different apps available for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, including games, ebooks, and other functional apps that are perfect for just about any busy lifestyle. This doesn’t count all the apps that are integrated into this tablet, including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, and Angry Birds. In my household, Angry Birds gets most of the attention since my kids absolutely love playing this game. So far, we have over twenty different games that my kids have been playing on the Kindle Fire, some of them allowing my kids to play with multiple people online. From what I have seen, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD seems to work better through our Wi-fi network than my iPad 3, being much faster and more reliable, making it perfect for gaming online!

Kindle Fire HD: Reading

Kindle Fire HD Since I own both a Kindle and a Kindle Fire, I had very high expectations for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. My goal was to have a media tablet that could replace my other two Kindles, allowing me to travel with one tablet when I was out with the kids. As someone who is constantly going to soccer games and other activities, it’s nice being able to have a tablet that works for everything and isn’t as costly at the iPad. I have to say that the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD new polarized filter and anti-glare technology is amazing for reading, allowing you to read or watch a movie on the Kindle Fire at any angle. I absolutely love this since this was the major issue I had with the original Kindle Fire – you had to hold it at just the right angle to be able to read outside. Now, it is easy to read just about anywhere on my tablet!

If I had to pick one thing I loved the most about the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, it the lending library feature that comes with my Amazon Prime Memberships.  I am constantly checking out books with my Kindle Fire, allowing me to read not only the latest best sellers, but new authors who publish exclusively to the Kindle Fire. While I haven’t used it often, my daughter has used the X-Ray searching tool that is designed for textbooks. I had purchased some ebooks that were meant to help with her math skills, and from what I have seen, this feature is great at finding different definitions and examples in these texts. With all the different magazines and books available on the Kindle Fire, I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with this awesome tablet!

Kindle Fire HD: What Others Think

So far, everyone in my family loves the new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. We have been using it non-stop since Thanksgiving and can’t wait to use it more. Not only is it great at reading books, but watching movies and playing games. Right now, we are considering purchasing another Kindle Fire HD for my husband to help him keep track of all of his different ebooks. Currently, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has a 3.8 rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular tablets on the market. Here is what other people are saying about this very popular tablet!

“if you are a PRIME subscriber, this device is a NO BRAINER. Get one ! If not, it is still a great take-along carry-around-the-house gadget, very well built, slim and light. Screen is very responsive, haven’t seen any lag in the Amazon ecosystem Android wrap and the browser is faster than I remember my iPad being. Maybe I am just overjoyed with the fact I spent so little with no great expectations and got this pleasant surprise. I do have one complaint (so far): the power and volume buttons are hard to find and to a certain point frustrating…I saw that in the 7″ and was hoping it would be better in the larger form factor but it is still something that needs improvement (Amazon, are you listening ?). About the ads…really ? I just skip them, so no problem for me. They are not intrusive as you my think, not at all. I am loving this purchase so far.”

“I have had my kindle fire hd for over a week now and i love it. I`ve also had a kindle keyboard and original kindle fire. Was not sure about purchasing the fire hd 8.9 at first but decided i wanted to try the larger screen so i pre-ordered it. I never did use the kindle fire one handed so the larger size of the fire hd doesn`t bother me. I love the hd screen and larger size. Fire hd feels very well constructed. I found it very easy to use but that may be because i had the kindle fire and so was not a first time user. It should still prove easy to use for someone who is new to kindle fire. Fire hd is very fast for surfing the web and watching prime instant videos. Display is incredible with hd content and sound is good for a tablet. I really like having the hdmi out port so i can connect it to my home theater. Some have complained about no charging light like the original fire so you can`t tell when it`s fully charged but while that is an annoyance it`s not enough for me to ding the fire hd in my review. Be careful how much trust you place in the overly negative reviews. A lot of them seem to have been written by, a – apple fan boys who feel threatened and so surf the internet writing negative reviews of competing products, b – people with unreasonable expectations i.e. did not fully read product description before purchasing, and lastly, c – people who are not reviewing the fire hd at all but are leaving negative reviews because they have a bone to pick with amazon. Lastly, just a thought about the lack of apps complaints. Amazon is a merchant not a developer, it is up to the developers to make sure their apps work with the fire hd.”

“This screen is AMAZING!!! Every time I look at it, I’m more impressed.”

“Overall this is a great device. Just get it and feel it in your hands and turn on the screen.Also remember anything made by man can malfunction and when you deliver stuff in high volume,some one can easily get a bad one.It happens with every company, even apple. This tablet is great!”

“Wow I must say that they didn’t lie about the better wi-fi! I’m picking up signals in areas I never did with the first fire or the other more expensive tabs. I’m liking this!”

Kindle Fire HD: Where to Purchase

I personally ordered my 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD from Even though this was necessary for pre-ordering, I would have made the same decision even if it was on the market when I purchased it. One of the main reasons I purchase all of my electronics from Amazon is that they are a great price and have an amazing return policy if something goes wrong. Like all electronics, it’s possible to have something go wrong right out of the box; making it important you work with a company that is known for its great customer service and return policy. If something goes wrong with the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, all you have to do is print out a return label and ship it back to Amazon. It really is as easy as that! With great prices and customer service, why would you do your Christmas shopping anywhere else?

Kindle Fire HD: More Reviews

Want to see what other people think of the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD? Click here to read more reviews written by real people who have purchased this Amazon tablet!


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