This rich Irish Coffee Mousse is a great dessert for a Christmas meal. It is elegant, rich in taste but not too heavy. This dessert looks fabulous presented in glass mugs, special Irish coffee glasses or wine glasses.


  • Half a Lemon
  • ½ cup granulated Sugar 125mL

MOUSSE Ingredients:

  • ¼ cup cold Water 50mL
  • 1 envelope unflavored Gelatin 1
  • 4 Egg yolks 4
  • ¾ cup granulated Sugar 175mL
  • ¾ cup extra strong Black Coffee* 175mL
  • ½ cup Irish Whiskey** 125mL
  • 1 tablespoon dry unsweetened Cocoa 15mL
  • 2 cups Whipping Cream 500mL

GARNISH Ingredients:

  • 1 – ½ cups Whipping Cream 375mL
  • 2 tablespoons Icing Sugar 25mL
  • 2 tablespoon Irish Whiskey 25mL
  • 1 tablespoon sifted Cocoa or Cinnamon 15mL


Rub rims of 8 Irish coffee glasses or glass coffee mugs with lemon. Place granulated sugar in bowl and dip rim of each glass into sugar. Allow sugar – lemon mixture to dry on glasses while preparing the mousse.

MOUSSE: Place cold water in saucepan and sprinkle with gelatin; allow softening for 5 minutes. Place mixture over low heat and stir until gelatin dissolves. Set aside. Beat egg yolks with sugar until lemon – colored, then beat in coffee and softened gelatin. Return mixture to low heat and cook, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened. Mix Irish whiskey with cocoa and beat into mixture.
Allow mixture to cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally to prevent it from setting around side of bowl. (To do this quickly, place bowl in larger bowl of ice cubes.) When mixture is cool but not set, beat whipping cream until light and gently fold into thickened mixture. Spoon equal amounts of mousse into 8 prepared glasses. Refrigerated.

For garnish, beat cream until light, and then add sugar and whiskey Continue beating until stiff. Pipe garnish attractively on top of each mousse so that it looks like the whipped cream topping on Irish coffee. Sprinkle cream with sifted cocoa. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Makes 8 servings.
*The coffee should be very strong, about six times normal strength.

**For a stronger liqueur flavor, use 2/3 cup (175mL) Irish whiskey. Although the most authentic way to prepare the mousse is with Irish whiskey, you can substitute other liqueurs and change the name accordingly. For instance, omit the Irish whiskey and use ¼ cup (50mL) Cognac and ¼ cup (50mL) Kahlua and call the dessert Spanish Coffee Mousse.

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