Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike

Parent Review of the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike

Have you seen the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike? Up until a week ago, I knew very little amount mountain bikes. I had never owned one, but my husband enjoys riding his on occasion. Knowing that my husband loves to go biking, his mother and father decided to treat all of us to a camping trip. They rented a cabin through one of their time-share programs and we are all going to be spending some quality time biking outdoors. The only problem with this is that the girls and myself don’t own a mountain bike, something we were told by my husband was necessary for the trails. Knowing that we didn’t have the money to spend on extra bikes, the girls’ grandparents decided to give them an early Christmas present – two mountain bikes!

When we first took our search to, I was very overwhelmed. There was so much I didn’t know about mountain bikes and I was mostly depending on my husband to tell me what was good and what wasn’t. Eventually, we found two mountain bikes for the girls, the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike and the Diamondback Octane 20 Mountain Bike.  While my oldest daughter wasn’t for sure what to think at first, she quickly fell in love with this bike. Here is what my family thinks so far about the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike!

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike: Assembly

When my husband finished putting together the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike, he was amazed at just how quickly he was able to assemble this bike.  Most children’s bikes on the market take about two hours to put together, leaving parents frustrated and feeling like they spent most of the day putting together a bike. While my husband is experienced at assembling bikes, he usually can’t put a bike together as quickly as he did this one. He was able to completely assemble this bike in about 45 minutes, allowing my children to both be out playing with their new bikes in less than an hour. His only complaint with assembling this bike is that it did not come with any tools. Parents who don’t have Allen Wrenches need to make sure to pick up a full set before putting together this bike.

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike: Quality

After playing on this bike for a few days, we are very impressed with the quality of this bike. This bike is made using an aluminum frame, making it not only comfortable but able to perform very well. From my experience, aluminum frames are lighter and easier to handle, making them the perfect choice for children.  The Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike also includes alloy linear pull breaks for quick stopping, making it very safe since this is a 21 speed bike. With the bikes Shimano derailleur with SRAM twist shifters, kids can have a smooth, comfortable ride while biking on all types of terrain. Who knew you could get such a high quality bike without spending a small fortune!

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike: Kid Friendly

If you have a little girl, I am certain she will love the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike as much of my eldest daughter. The bike itself is a beautiful purple and while it’s not the lightest bike on the market for girls, it is very manageable for older girls. This bike is recommended for children over the age of eight since it is a very a fast bike. My daughter has been able to easily switch gears on this bike, allowing her to ride with Daddy both in the street and at the park. With how easy it is for her to ride this bike, I would highly recommend it for parents who are looking to purchase a starter mountain bike for their children!

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike: What Others Think

So far, my daughter absolutely loves this mountain bike. She was intimidated at dealing with the different gears at first, but now she is absolutely in love with the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike.  I just wish we thought about getting her a mountain bike sooner with how much she loves riding with Daddy. On, where we purchased this mountain bike, it has a 5 star rating. This makes it one of the most popular mountain bikes for girls on the market! Here is what others have had to say about this cute mountain bike!

” Bike is well suited for girls 8+ years old. The bike uses alot of steel, so it is not very light, but I have a similar Diamondback bike of similar weight so I think it is typical for this price category. I found the bike easy to assemble, but requires some minor tuning of brakes, etc to ensure proper function.The bike is a very good value at this price.”

” This is a good quality tough bike. My 10 yr.old granddaughter love it. It was a very good deal, price and quality, shipping was in 2 days.I couldn’t find a berry buy.”

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike: Where to Purchase

Since we couldn’t find anywhere in our area that sold mountain bikes, we decided to start looking for mountain bikes online. After a bit of searching, we took our search to where we saw the Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike and the Diamondback Octane 20 Mountain Bike. We decided to purchase both of these bikes from Amazon since they had the best prices on these bikes and shipped them right to our house for free. Even better, if we had any issues, Amazon would take back the bikes or send us a replacement, allowing us to try out both of these bikes worry free! If you are looking for somewhere to buy bikes from this Christmas, I highly recommend purchasing them from!

Mongoose Girls Maxim Full Suspension Bike: More Reviews

Before purchasing this bike, I highly recommend seeing what other people have to say about this mountain bike. I found many of the reviews on the Amazon product page to be very helpful for me when I purchased this bike. To read more about what other parents and grandparents think about this bike, click here to read their reviews!


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