Top Ten Board Games For Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 Top Ten Board Games

Top 10 Board Games Are you preparing for some quality family time this Christmas season? In a world of video games and high end electronics, its sometimes easy for us to forget that the simplest, most classic toys are the ones that can easily make Christmas memorable. To encourage family interaction and a sense of everyone working together, it is usually best to give children at least one board game each Christmas. Most children’s board games encourage siblings to work together or learn teamwork as they compete to win the game. Best of all, it allows special bonding time as a family after presents have been opened, reminding children that Christmas is more than just a day of gifts. Knowing that sometimes picking the right board games can be challenging, we created this top 10 board games list to make this task easier!

Top 10 Board Games: Qwirkle

Qwirkle Looking for a fun strategy game that is perfect for kids of all ages? If so, we think you will love the first game on our top 10 board games list – Qwirkle! This fun game consist of matching colors and shapes, with the goal of building lines of the same color and shape. The catch, however, is that duplicate tiles don’t count, making the game more challenging for adult players. If you play by the normal rules, a typical game of Qwirkle lasts around 30 to 45 minutes, but can take even less time with simplified rules for younger children. One thing is certain, with this game everyone is going to be having fun.

Top 10 Board Games: UNO

Uno Out of all of the games on our top 10 board games list, you have likely played and enjoyed a game of UNO with family and friends. In this game, the first person to reach 500 points wins, making this game a race to see who can get there first by matching both colors and numbers to the top card on the pile. Best of all, this is a very compact game, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for children who are constantly traveling or spending time in the car. With up to 10 players, it’s easy to see why Uno has been a family favorite for generations!

Top 10 Board Games: Monopoly

Monopoly If there is one board game that has become a tradition to most family’s on Christmas morning, it’s Monopoly. While most family’s have a copy this game, there are dozens of different versions of Monopoly, all of which are different themes. For this reason, it is one of our preferred board games to gift from our top 10 board games list. While this ruthless game can teach children about capitalism, it can also teach children about working together and learning about money, especially if you play with some of the newer electronic editions. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to play since this can be a very long game!

Top 10 Board Games: Spot It

Spot It For many children, traveling during the holidays is a boring necessity. No child wants to be stuck in the car for hours, making it important that parents have amazing travel games ready for the trip. One of our favorite games for traveling on our top 10 board games list is Spot It. This cute game works on children’s matching and perception skills. With this game, each card has a variety of symbols that matches one symbol on each of the cards in the set. The first person to ‘spot’ the matching symbol between the two cards wins that card. While this game can be very entertaining as is, it also has a variety of other built in learning makes, making it perfect for traveling parents or just as a cute stocking stuffer!

Top 10 Board Games: Blokus

Blokus As any parent will tell you, it’s hard finding strategy games for children, especially ones that work on their spatial skills. For this reason, Blokus is one our favorite board games, being one that we are determined not to leave off our top 10 board games list. Blokus encourages brain activity in children by having children manipulate bright colored blocks without having any of the pieces lying adjacent to one another. This challenging tile game is perfect for all ages depending on everyone’s skill level, making it possible for children to play together, or adults. If you are looking for a game that encourages critical thinking, you will love Blokus!

Top 10 Board Games: Diggty Dog

While Diggity Dog is one of the few games on our top 10 board games list designed for small children, it is one that is worth every penny with the smiles it will cause on Christmas morning. With this adorable matching game, children help puppies find bones of matching colors. To move spaces on the board, children use an electronic dog that barks the number of spaces they are allowed to move. If the bone matches the color of the dog on that space, kids are allowed to pick up the bone with the dogs magnetic nose and move it to the dog’s dog house. The first person to collect 3 matching bones wins. This game is perfect for children who love animals!

Top 10 Board Games: Scrabble

Scrabble Love playing with words and testing your vocabulary? If so, you have probably loved playing Scrabble for years! Usually during the Christmas season you can find different versions of Scrabble, especially nice collector’s editions that are perfect for new families. For those who haven’t played this classic game on our top 10 board games list, this word game is a race to see who can get the most points while building word from the word grid, using all the letters they can before all the letters are used up and someone uses up all their letters. Since you only need the game and a dictionary, it is the perfect game for keeping older kids buy on Christmas morning!

Top 10 Board Games: Bananagrams

Bananagrams Do you love playing word games as a family? If so, you will love the next game on our top 10 board games list – Bananagrams. While this game is very similar to Scrabble, children are instead working to build their own word grid as fast as they can, working to use up all of their tiles before their opponent. Since this game does require spelling and critical thinking skills, it is more designed for older children and adults, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for impossible to shop for family members!

Top 10 Board Games: Quiddler

Quiddler Out of all the games on out top 10 board games list, Quiddler may very well be the most challenging. In this fast paced game, children make three letter words using only the card in their hand. The first person who can make a word in their hand winds that round. While this game may sound simple, it can get challenging fast, making it the perfect game for large groups. We highly recommend purchasing this game as a unique stocking stuffer!

Top 10 Board Games: Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Do you have someone in your family who loves trains? How about a child who loves Thomas the Tank Engine? If so, your family will love this train themed game on our top 10 board games list. Ticket to Ride is a fun game where children are encouraged to make the longest railroad that can visit the most places in North American. While this game can be very challenging for younger children, it can also be fun to have younger children work in teams with older children, especially if older children teach them the game as they go! This game is a fun, unique board game that will intrigue most children and adults in your household!

Top 10 Board Games: Where to Purchase

Want to purchase one of these awesome board games for your kids? You can purchase any of the top 10 board games mentioned on this list at . Why purchase them from Amazon? Throughout the holiday season, Amazon is known to have deep discounts on most of these games, allowing parents to get them even cheaper than the big box retailers and shipped to their house for free. With great deals like this, why not do all of your Christmas shopping at Amazon?

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