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One of the most sought after Christmas gifts this year is the Stomp Rocket. Stomp rocket is a rocket toy which is motorized by compresses air. Stomp Rocket was created by Red Ramirez who is the president of D&L Company which is located in Porterville California in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley. Stomp Rocket is trademarked name that was first manufactured in the year 1990 and since then they have been bestselling items in the toy rocket market and many clones have been introduced. D&L Company is committed to providing their customers with safe, action toys, and fun games that provide hours of activity and educational value at a good price. That is the reason why the Stomp rocket toys sell out quickly.

There are different versions of the stomp rocket toy. Ultra Stomp rocket is designed for the age group from 8 and above. The Ultra Stomp rocket travels about 200 feet high. The Junior Glow stomp rocket designed for the age group above 3 years to 36 years. The Junior Glow stomp rocket travels about 100 feet high. The Super High Performance Stomp is designed for the age group from 16 and above. It is a high performance rocket that goes up to 400 feet in the air.

Stomp Rocket toys contain an air bag that is attached to the rocket by a tube. Stomped means a movement that involves a heavy step so when the launch pad is stomped on the air rushes into the tube and also inside the body of the rocket that causes it to lift up in the sky. The Jr. Glow kits concept is designed for younger children to put a rocket that is of lightweight foam onto the launching pad and then give the footpad a big stomp. The force given from the foot pad gives a blast of air through the launching pad and flies the rocket upon the height of 100 feet’s.

This is worth the price and gives hours of entertaining for all ages. So, if you planning for any gifts for Christmas 2010 to give it to your child or his/ her friends then this can be the best choice to give as a Christmas gift.

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