Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Flutterbye Flying Fairy – a Grandmother’s Review

Flutterbye Flying Fairy For Christmas 2013 Flutterbye Flying Fairy is one of the fastest selling toys. The toy is manufactured by Spin Master, and unlike other toys with the same concept as the ones created before, this one actually flies. In the beginning, all you do is spin the fairy doll at the bottom. By doing so, it will glide through the air as it spins. As it descends put your palm at the bottom of the falling fairy and push it upwards. Such gesture will make it fly again.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Kid Friendly

Flutterbye Flying Fairy In our household our four-year-old granddaughters cannot seem to get enough of princesses, ballerinas, and fairies. This Flutterbye Flying Fairy is a perfect gift for them. This doll is available in three colors Pink Flower, Purple Stardust and Gold Sunbeam; so they can each have their own doll.
I know they will love the fact that they can fly these fairies by their hand actions. The fairies will fall if they hit something. Parental supervision is necessary to avoid accidental crashes. Children will quickly learn that with a small movement of their hand they can direct the flight. As the Flutterbye Flying Fairy slowly descends the little girls can wave their hands and up it will go.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Adult Friendly

Flutterbye Flying FairyMost parents will be overjoyed that there is a charger for these dolls – no replacing batteries. Once it is charged, what makes it unique is its lack of a remote control that is commonly used in flying toys. Instead of a remote control, the toy has an infrared sensor which helps detect hard surfaces. Once it senses the presence of a surface, it immediately flies by activating the lightweight fan that is built around the body.
The wonder on the faces of little girls when they discover that they can fly these delightful Flutterbye Flying Fairies will be very gratifying to all parents.

Qualities of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy

  • Doll “magically” flies right above your child’s hand!
  • Beautiful glittery wings and molded dress included
  • Perfect for young girls aged 5 to 9
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)

It has a fan which is the same concept used for the Air Hogs Atmosphere flying ball, though this time around, the manufacturers figured out the best way to do it. They wrapped the fan around the body of the toy in order to make it look like it is flying.

What Others Have To Say About the Flutterbye Flying Fairy

The Flutterbye Flying Fairy is currently showing 2.6 out of 5 stars rating. Some of the comments are:

“I have to say that my daughters loved controlling heir fairy and they thought this was a very fun toy to use. As mentioned above I decided to use lithium as I surmised that I could need them, and so far they have been working great. My five and nine year old girls were able to control the fairy with no problems and the biggest problem that we had was having the girls share the fairy!”
“t is better for younger kids than a remote controlled helicopter because it hovers and they can make it fly higher by simply putting a hand beneath it.”
“This is the coolest toy ever! I got one for my daughter for her 6th birthday and she won’t stop playing with it. I get a kick out of myself. Now, it doesn’t stay charged very long and you really should be in an open area because she will take off and run into a wall or something and then she crashes. But, once you get it going its pretty cool. We actually had her flying around the room for a little bit. My daughter thinks its awesome.”

More Reviews of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy<h/2>

You can read more reviews of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy by parents and grandparents just click on the link.

Where to Purchase the Flutterbye Flying Fairy

For all your Christmas gifts we recommend Amazon.com. The Flutterbye Flying Fairy is no exception. It is currently shipping at a 20% savings there and if you combine it with something else it will ship free. Amazon has excellent customer service and Spin Master is very active with the customer satisfaction on this site.
This being one of the Christmas 2013 Hot Selling Toys makes sure that it is not like any other toy available in the market.

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