Crayola Marker Maker

Crayola Marker Maker

Crayola Marker Maker -Parent’s Review

Chances are, there isn’t a child alive in the Western Hemisphere who has not used a Crayola product. For over 100 years, the company has been manufacturing crayons for adults and kids alike and today is a part of every child’s life.
It should come as no surprise that one of the hottest toys this year for the Christmas 2013 season is the Crayola Marker Maker.

The Crayola Marker Maker, which is a Christmas 2013 hot selling toy for a reason, gives children the ability to do something they never thought they could before. They can create their own crayon markers. The kit, which comes with everything needed to make 16 markers, allows children to make the markers they want to fuel their imaginations and creative instincts. Children who use the Crayola Marker Maker can make any color they wish, or go with the simple colors we all know and love like blue, green, yellow and red. Whatever your child wants to create, they can create in terms of colors. There is no wrong color to make and half the fun is discovering what color they can make next.

What Is In The Box

Crayola Marker Maker The Crayola Marker Maker is designed for children aged eight and up, and it comes with:

  • Two marker boxes
  • Two measuring tubes
  • A mixing chart
  • Tweezers
  • 16 Markers
  • Three ink bottles.

Parent Friendly Crayola Marker Maker

Not only does the Crayola Marker Maker also help children make their own markers, but also it helps fuel the scientific instincts and sense of wonder in children. They can essentially have their very own laboratory to make the markers that they see in their heads. The mixing guide provides an easy to follow process to create any color, or you can allow the children to experiment on his or her own and make their own color.

Kid Friendly Crayola Marker Maker

Crayola Marker Maker Naturally, since this is meant for children, it is very easy to use. When a color has been chosen, the inks are mixed and the marker reservoir is dipped into the measuring tube. The marker will then fill with the ink in the color your child has made. The child then uses tweezers to remove the core of the tube and put the marker together with a cap, tip and plug. In addition, each marker can have its own personalized label so your child knows which colors they have created, and so they can name their very own color creations.

One reason that the Crayola Marker Maker is so popular is that kids love being hands on with creation and the Crayola Marker Maker allows them to do that.

What Other Say About the Crayola Marker Maker

In all, the product has 4.5 stars out of 5 on right now, with no review lower than a three star rating.

“My 5-year old niece LOVED creating her own markers! Kids 8 and up may not need an adult to help, but under that and an adult may need to help squeeze the ink for the child. Otherwise, children can do most everything else themselves. It’s easy to use, and surprisingly not too messy at all.”
“My daughter got this for her birthday and hasn’t stopped playing with it. She has made almost every marker color available and is going to use them in her marker airbrush machine!”
“The reality was, this was a fun project, the markers works just as well as store bought markers (same construction) and the mess was minimal as I was the one who poured the ink.”

Other Reviews For The Crayola Marker Maker

One review on from a parent stated that her daughter had a blast for over an hour playing with markers and making colors and still had plenty more to make.
You can read all the other forty-six reviews for the Crayola Marker Maker by clicking on the link.

Where to Purchase the Crayola Marker Maker

This Crayola Marker Maker is the perfect creative gift for the Christmas 2013 season, but you will want to order it soon because it is a Christmas 2013 hot selling toy for a reason this season.
Visit to order your child’s newest favorite toy.

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