Barbie Toy Story 3

Barbie Toy Story 3

Disney’s TOY STORY 3 sets out to prove that the best toys are powered not by batteries but by imagination. Pixar had always wanted Barbie to be part of the Toy Story adventures but Mattel had resisted. This year the addition of the Barbie dolls – Barbie and Ken have provided a “stellar contribution”; not only at the box office but also at the toy stores. The toys from the movie are in much demand and flying off the shelves.

For the Barbie lovers there are a number of irresistible choices – the Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set, the Great Shape Barbie Doll, the Barbie Loves Buzz Doll and the Barbie Loves Woody Doll. They are touted to be the most sought after dolls for Christmas 2010.

These new Barbie dolls are on so many little girls’ Christmas lists that it is already being predicted that supplies will be scarce.

The Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set that consists of both Barbie and Ken captures the romantic fantasy of all girls. It has a special feature when the Barbie doll’s back is pressed she is ready to pucker up and give Ken a kiss. The set also includes lipstick to leave a lasting impression. This produces much laughter and many giggles as little girls get Barbie and Ken to kiss. As this set allows children to play act the movie it is the most sought after of the Barbie Toy Story 3 collection.

Barbie Toy Story 3 Collection

The Great Shape Barbie Doll is designed to copy Barbie from the movie who is always working out to keep in shape. When the waist of the doll is squeezed, she does jumping jack motion. Then after multiple jumping jack motions, she does ponytail spin. Her leotard is made of metallic blue, included is gym bag, workout manual, and water bottle.

Barbie Loves Buzz Doll is a fashion doll that plays tribute to the movie Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story fame. She is dressed in a fetching tunic with matching boots. The set includes brush and backpack clip with mini figurine of character. Little girls can relive the scenes of the movie while Barbie doll collectors will be eager to add this fashion doll to their collection.
Barbie Loves Woody Doll also a fashion doll is a great addition to a Toy Story fan’s collection, especially if their favorite character is Woody. Again from collectors to little girls that love Barbie this is a must have addition to their Barbie dolls.

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