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Monopoly Empire Review

Monopoly EmpireThe holidays would not be complete without a new game. One of the hottest selling games for Christmas 2013 is Monopoly Empire. Monopoly is still a much loved game today, loved by both children and adults alike.
Did you like monopoly when you were a kid? It’s fairly likely that you did, and that you spent many joyful hours competing with your best friends, cousins, and siblings to own all of the properties on the board. The game looks a lot different today than it once did. For starters, there are numerous different versions of the classic favourite. Then there is the fact that technology plays a much bigger role in new age monopoly as well. The classic version is still available, although maybe not as easily found as some of the other versions, but kids these days tend to be drawn to the flashier games on the hottest 2013 Christmas toys lists. Monopoly Empire is one of those games, and the great thing about it is that you can have fun playing the new version with your kids too.

How Monopoly Empire Is Played

Monopoly EmpireThe basic concept of Monopoly Empire is the same as previous monopoly games; it wouldn’t be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2013 if it were not. In this monopoly, like in all of the other versions, the idea of the game is to own as many squares on the board as you can so that you can collect the most money by “monopolizing” the board. The difference is in what players will be trading in this particular version of the game. In the original monopoly the battle was on to collect up as many properties as you could, with Park Place and Boardwalk being the most sought after properties due to their extravagant rent prices. And the game was based on actual streets in New Jersey. Well, Monopoly Empire is based on real life too; only this time players can try their chances at owning some of the world’s most profitable brand names. Instead of collecting houses and hotels each player has the opportunity to build up his or her tower and fill it with billboards representing well-known brands that are popular today. The first to reach the top of their tower will be the ultimate mogul and win the game.

Kid Friendly Monopoly Empire

Monopoly EmpireThe terrific thing about playing this particular version of Monopoly with your kids is that they will recognize many of the name brands, many of which they are even more familiar with than adults are. Xbox, EA Sports, McDonalds… These are all brands that kids these days know and love, which makes the game that much more exciting. And there are plenty of brands for you to love too. Also, since the game is designed for children 8 and up, it provides for a perfect opportunity to teach valuable game play lessons at a young age.

Monopoly Empire can be played in less than 30 minutes. This quick version of the game will help hold the attention of younger players.

Adult Friendly Monopoly Empire

Monopoly EmpireMake no mistake Monopoly Empire is not just for children. Adults will love some of the strategic decision making that is necessary to be the victor. Adults will understand things like tower tax that might contribute to taking down their tower.

Most of all you will love the time spent with your kids when you play Monopoly Empire together. It is a fresh new take on an original classic and there is everything to love about this unique version of one of America’s favorite games.

What Others Have to Say About Monopoly Empire

Monopoly EmpireMonopoly Empire currently has a 4.1 out 5 star rating. Others who have play it have this to say:

“Monopoly Empire is faster and easier to play than the original but loses most of the strategic game play of the original. A fun addition to our Monopoly collection, Monopoly Empire earns a regular rotation in our family game night lineup that includes Clue, Payday, Uno, Battleship, Risk and Stratego.”
“This is such a cool game! It’s a scaled down version of Monopoly, and each game only takes 5-15 minutes to play, instead of the hours of a regular Monopoly game. So you’ll hear something with this Monopoly game that you won’t hear with any other Monopoly game, which is “Want to play again?””
“This is addictive, its a perfect game with a perfect time and its limited edition soo i love this game”
“We enjoyed this Monopoly version. After being burned out of so many different flavors of the game, our kids actually enjoyed playing this.”

Other Reviews of Monopoly Empire

There are 44 reviews of Monopoly Empire at and you can read them by clicking on the link.

Where to Purchase Monopoly Empire

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