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Chasin’ Cheeky Review

Chasin’ Cheeky Chasin’ Cheeky is one of the hottest Christmas toys in 2013 for toddlers. This fun game, made by one of the most popular toy companies in the world, will provide the whole family with hours of game playing fun. Hasbro has truly outdone itself as far as both toddlers and parents are concerned. That is why parents are flocking to stores all over the world to get the Elefun and Friends Chasin’ Cheeky game for their kids for Christmas 2013.

Kid Friendly Chasin’ Cheeky

Chasin’ Cheeky Chasin’ Cheeky is a simple game for children over the age of three years old (based on my grandchildren I think you could introduce it at a slightly younger age. I also think by age four they will no longer be very interested in it). It doesn’t involve a lot of small parts and the object of the game is easy for young children to comprehend. Chasin’ Cheeky is similar to the classic ring toss game that kids have loved for so many years, but the fun design and the action packed play make it even more exciting for kids, and I’m sure you remember how much fun games were for you as a child.

How To Play Chasin’ Cheeky

Each player in this two player game gets three rings to toss, either yellow or green, and has to chase the monkey around that comes with the game until they get their three rings on his tail. The first player to get their rings on Cheeky’s tail and to grab his banana wins the game. Simple, action-packed, and exciting…the best kind of game for kids.

Parent Friendly Chasin’ Cheeky

Chasin’ CheekyNow, you may be wondering where the fun comes in for the parents, since Chasin’ Cheeky is only a two player game. For parents not playing the game, though, the game is just as much fun because they can watch their children enjoy hours of active fun. What better kind of toddler game could there be? And if you do decide to get in on the action you will have just as much fun as your child.
With this game there are very few pieces to worry about losing, which tends to be a problem with so many children’s games. This makes it easier for parents to teach their children how to pick up after themselves. And parents seem to love that their child can even enjoy the game playing on their own, as it is still a challenge for young children to get the rings on the monkey’s tail. Many games that we buy as parents for our children require us sitting down to play for hours. To be sure, we want to spend time playing with our children, but most of us hardly have hours to spend playing one game, not to mention young children usually tend to get antsy when they sit for too long. The fact that you can have a lot of fun watching your child play this game, or playing the game with your child, and that you can do it within a timeframe that works for everyone, only adds to the list of reasons Chasin’ Cheeky is ending up on the hottest Christmas toys of 2013 list. Add it to your list and you and your child will be glad that you did.

What Others Have to Say About Chasin’ Cheeky

Currently at Chasin’ Cheeky has a 4.5 of 5 star rating but there are only two reviews. On the UK Amazon site where there are 17 reviews it has a 3.8 of 5 star rating.

“This game is all my four year old son talks about. Seeing it in stores he jumps up and down, reminding me to put it on ” his list”. The colors are bright and fun. Looking forward to playing it with my little guy come Christmas morning!!”

“Saw this on the T.V. and thought it would make a great Christmas gift for my two kids, and something they can do indoors in the winter time.”

“This is actually a great toy for all ages. The monkey runs around the room and you have to throw hoops onto the tail and then grab the banana from its mouth! Sounds daft but in reality its extremely entertaining! This is one of those games which the whole family can enjoy and spend time together.”

More reviews of Chasin’ Cheeky

There are very few reviews of this on the site but over at there are more. We would direct you to click this link for Chasin’ Cheeky to read the reviews left there.

Where to Purchase Chasin’ Cheeky

Chasin’ Cheeky is selling out very quickly. We suggest your best bet is to order it through or if you are in the UK –
Both these sources are usually able to provide items when all the retail stores are sold out.

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