Ugglys Electronic Pets

Ugglys Electronic Pets Review

Ugglys Electronic PetsThis Christmas 2013 season, gifts are going to get a bit ugly. Everyone loves a cute gift and everyone loves dogs. Why not combine the two and get the ugliest dogs around, The Ugglys Electronic Pets. These interactive, electronic hand puppets are the perfect way to get the kids laughing and loving their new toys. The crazy canines will bark their way straight into your heart and will have everyone in the family falling in love with these ugly mutts.

These toys burp, growl, bark and even fart, making these electronic and interactive pets a load of trouble for children of all ages. They have an attitude that will delight all kids, and even adults, not to mention their 30 rude and hilarious noises that will have everyone laughing in the room.

Kid Friendly Ugglys Electronic Pets

Ugglys Electronic PetsWith The Ugglys Electronic Pets, children can press one button and make their Uggly friend emit a disgusting noise that will delight their friends and family. The button will warp any sound, making it for hilarious scenarios with these disgusting but lovable pets.

One of the greatest things about The Ugglys is that they interactive completely with the world around them. Even when left alone, they will eventually fall asleep and begin to snore until they are woken up for playtime.

The Ugglys will help to ignite the imaginations of the children nationwide.

Parent Friendly Ugglys Electronic Pets

Ugglys Electronic PetsThere are toys out there that are cute, neat and anything but gross. The Ugglys Electronic Pets are not such toys. They are gross, foul but hilarious. They will make the entire family laugh as they watch the children play with these gross creatures that find their way into the hearts of everyone.

When you first hear your children roar with laughter after making the Uggly fart, you will know you have made the right choice in buying The Ugglys for your children this Christmas 2013.

Yes, the toys can be a bit disgusting, they can make noises that will gross you out, but they are toys that will fuel your child’s imagination and help teach them about caring for an animal, in a basic way. The Ugglys are ugly and gross but cute and lovable at the same time, making them something that your children will love. You never know, you too might start playing with this unique toy when no one is looking, finding yourself laughing at the noises coming from such a little creature attached to your hand.

What Others Are Saying About Ugglys Electronic Pets

All Ugglys Electronic Pets come with an adoption certificate and instructions of use.
Created by Moose Toys, a company out of Australia known for its other set of toys The Trash Pack, which have proven to be very popular, The Ugglys Electronic Pets can be found in many stores nationwide and have become so popular they were even added to a major retailor’s Fabulous 15 list. This list is released before Christmas 2013 to show the hottest toys on the market for the year. It is expected that since The Ugglys are on the list, they will become one of the best-selling toys of the entire year.

The Ugglys Electronic Pets have only one review at but at there is a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.

“This is so funny – I couldnt stop playing with it when I got it. Its for my son for christmas and I cant wait for him to see it. Its so funny, the noises are really loud and its actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. Great christmas gift.”
“Brilliant product, this was a present for our 7 year old Grandson, he loves it very funny, Grandad and all the family loved it.”
“To me the sound effects would bore me rigid! All it does is burp! Different sounding burps but basically it burps! I thought it might say something but no.Not too impressed for the money but as I say i’m sure my 7 year old will be happy enough.”
“This is some kind of strange toy but like I said above the kids are just going crazy over this thing including my Nephew. From my understanding this is going to be a HOT toy for this 2013 Christmas and a must have for under the tree, So I didn’t fool around and got mine already instead of waiting until the last minute”

Where to Purchase the Ugglys Electronic Pets

The Ugglys Electronic Pets are sure to sell out quickly so we advise you to order early and go to They are most likely to have a supply of these popular pets and will deliver them right to your door. If you are ordering from the UK – go to

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