Antique World Map Pillow

This is a unique lovely gift for any women.

Antique World Map Pillow

Currently in the decorating world anything that has maps particularly Antique World Maps is the hot trend. For centuries maps have been considered an art form. We use today’s maps to navigate however even that is giving way to things like MapQuest. Ancient maps were very valuable and they were treated in the same way as art. These maps often included details such mythical gods or exotic animals.

The use of the Antique World Map motif is being used in pillows, murals, posters, and wallpaper. It is great for offices, dens, libraries, media rooms, family rooms, and kids rooms. Adding some charm and history to your home décor the Antique World Map pillows are a wonderful choice.

They are made from 80% cotton material and 20% wool. They are 100 percent poly fill. The coloring is gold bronze mixed with blue grey and a touch of green. They will fit into any existing décor.

You would be surprised at what a big difference a small change like new throw pillows can add to your home’s interiors. With very little expense they can change the ambience and mood of any room. Decorating with antique prints allows you to bring the past and the present together and can add interest to any room. Using either original antique prints or good reproductions, you can entice a visitor to look deeper into the room.

These Antique Map Pillows do an impressive job of not only reproducing the original detail, but add a considerable charm. The quality in these pillows is in the subtlety and vitality of the pattern adding an almost antique quality to them.

For a unique, interesting, and decorative Christmas gift order these beautiful Antique World Map Pillows.

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