Antique World Map Wall Decor

A Unique Christmas Gift for Men

World Map Wall Tapestry

Many are looking again at the artistry of antique maps as an exciting and unusual addition to their home décor options. This trend to use an Antique World Map motif in home and office décor has created many forms from which to choose. It is possible to find these forms of maps in as original ancient maps, old map reproductions, old map prints, posters, murals, and wall tapestries. In the past, maps were very valuable and they were treated in the same way as art.

Original ancient maps are definitely the most expensive option. However it is possible to choose an addition of one of these forms of wall décor to change a room with very small budget. Many famous ancient maps have been reproduced as prints and posters. Maps often work well as framed artwork. Even posters, properly framed, can look dramatic and expressive, adding an unusual touch to any decorating scheme. With their often warm, earthy tones and subtle detail they can enliven almost any environment, and are a striking way for history lovers to decorate.

Although prints enjoy a unique position in home décor popular world maps are increasingly available as luxury wall tapestries. The woven nature of tapestry art adds depth and texture to these already impressive works and makes a distinct alternative to framed art. 

Because wall tapestries are textile based the weave often helps lift the original work making for a quite dramatic piece of décor. The best quality tapestries do an impressive job of not only reproducing the original detail, but add considerably to their charm and people can be quite taken aback at their distinctive nature.

These Antique World Map tapestries make great Christmas gifts for Dad.

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