Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Toys
Little boys the worldwide have long been fascinated with Pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean is a multi-billion dollar Walt Disney franchise encompassing a theme park ride, a series of films and spinoff novels, as well as numerous video games and other publications. Disney’s theme park has long treaded on that with their Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Who has not been thrilled by it and wanted more.

Sparking on this Disney developed a series of fantasy-adventure films. The last was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and was released in 2007. Now with the fourth in the series to come out in the spring of 2011 there is renewed interest just as there was for Toy Story 3.

As a result of this anticipation the Pirates of the Caribbean Toys are flying off the shelves for this Christmas. From the action figures such as Capt. Jack Sparrow, to the intricate ships such as the Flying Dutchman, to play sets such as Danger from the Depths, to the many dress up choices there is something for every pirate loving child. They all allow children to role play, to use their imaginations, and enter into worlds of fantasy.

For little boys there are never enough action figures and when they are Pirates this brings a whole new dimension to their imaginary play. Victors on the high sea or raging sword fights with one’s enemies you must have enough Pirates of the Caribbean action figures to stage your fantasy.

To add to the hero Jack Sparrow a must have is Sao Feng, Prisoner Will Turner, the Cursed Pirate, Disguised Elizabeth, Capt. Barbossa, Palifico, Pick Axe Slashing Maccus, and Clanker. Add all these figures to the Empress with her magnificent red sails and the Flying Dutchman Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Deluxe Ships and the battle begins.

The figures are very detailed and realistic replicas of the movie figures. They come with swords, pick axes, ball and chains, and guns a blazing. For collectors and children alike these are awesome figures.

It is hard to believe that you could go wrong in giving a child something from the Pirates of the Caribbean Toys collection for Christmas. Don’t delay order early.

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