Razor Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy Cart Review

Are you looking for something exciting, different, and that something special that your child will rave about for Christmas 2014? The Razor Crazy Cart is that special, fun, and exciting gift! The Razor Crazy Cart will get your child away from sitting in front of the television playing video games to the fresh air of the outdoors.
The Razor Crazy Cart can reach a safe speed of twelve miles per hour. A drift bar allows the driver to control drifts, exhilarating spins, and crazy corners. The foot pedal is installed, so variable speeds can be reached. The Razor Crazy Cart is fun, exciting, durable, and will provide hours of fun, exciting adventures each and every day!

The Razor Crazy Cart Features

The Razor Crazy Cart is known as “The Ultimate Drifting Machine”. The cart can drive forward, spin, go backwards, sideways, diagonally, and then drift. A child can use their adventurous imagination and do different spins, drifts and driving each and every time. The features of the Razor Crazy Cart include:

  • Drift Bar included
    Up to twelve miles per hour in speed
    Foot pedal acceleration
    Front tire is pneumatic
    Rechargeable battery
    Battery charger included
    Battery life up to an hour
    Drive forward
    And so much more…

The Razor Crazy Cart is recommended for children nine years and older, and up to 140 pounds. The cart is durable, and safe. It comes with a lap and shoulder strap for added safety, and a helmet should always be worn for added protection.

Why choose the Razor Crazy Cart?

Razor Crazy Cart The Razor Crazy Cart offers hours of enjoyment! A child can use their imagination and create different spins, drifts, turns, with different speeds. The pneumatic front tire allows for great tricks and turns, and there are caster wheels on the front of the cart to prevent tipping. If you have a child that loves racing, then this is the perfect Christmas gift.
Children love adventure, and why not give your child something that can be adventurous, but yet safe? Everything is included with the cart. It is important before using to review all the safety tips with your child. Parents will just need to charge the battery, and their kids will be ready to go.

What others are saying about the Razor Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy Cart Parents love the Razor Crazy Cart. Kids outgrow their small motorized jeeps and Barbie cars quickly, but the Razor Crazy Cart is perfect for up to 140 pounds. Kids who have received the cart are creating fun spins and drifts, and are staying away from the video games, and playing more outdoors. The Razor Crazy Cart is durable, and can handle all surfaces.
Currently at Amazon.com the Razor Crazy Cart it has a 3.6 out of 5 star rating. Some of the comments are:

“It was packages well, it charged quickly, and our son absolutely loves it! The seatbelt is essential so please don’t allow your child even on this cart without seatbelt, helmet, AND gloves at the very least because this thing is powerful and if the step on the gas with the handle pulled up then it will spin 360s very fast! Take the time to go over the safety with your kid and you will be in store for an awesome time :)”
“We bought a couple of these for our nephews and they absolutely LOVE them. We have had no problems and the boys have the COOLEST toy on the block! I would definitely recommend the Razor Crazy Cart for the kids!”
“Love it! The Crazy Cart is one of the most innovative toys out today. I’ve had mine well over a year and I’m 35 years old. While it may seem like only a kids toy, it’s much more than that. The product is super durable, fun to drive and never boring. If you are looking to bring fun for everyone, look no further. I saving up to get another one!”

More Reviews of the Razor Crazy Cart

With a 3.6 star rating it is important that you review the comments for the Razor Crazy Cart. Click on the link to access them all.

Final Thoughts About the Razor Crazy Cart

The Razor Crazy Cart is the perfect gift for any child nine years and older. The cart is a little higher than most Christmas gifts, but wouldn’t you want to give your child a gift that they will actually use and enjoy? A gift that gets them away from video games is what the cart can do. Now is the time to purchase the Razor Crazy Cart for Christmas 2014, because the crazy cart sells out quickly. Bring fun, excitement, and adventure to your child this Christmas with the Razor Crazy Cart!

Where to Purchase the Razor Crazy Cart

With a 13% saving on Amazon the Razor Crazy Cart will deliver it right to your front door with Free Shipping.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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