Christmas Baskets

Christmas Baskets – Great for Family, Friends, and Business Customers

Christmas Baskets
Gift baskets can be tailored to make a personal gift for family and friends. Christmas gift baskets can be interesting for you to select and for the recipient to receive. They can be adjusted to fit any budget.

Before starting consider is who is Christmas gift basket for, what are their interests, what they like to eat, drink or do they have hobbies? You then need to decide on a budget. Then decide are you going to assemble the basket yourself or purchase a stock one. Select a theme. Then look for a container that reflects your theme. The material, shape and function of the basket will set the tone for the items to fill it. One that serves both the theme and is functional too will give lasting memories.

Here are some suggeations to make your gift baskets stand out.

Movie Gift BasketDoes your recipient love flicks? Maybe a popcorn container or bucket filled with all those movie going snacks such as packets of popcorn, sweets and nuts, DVDs and movie theatre tickets. A container that has movie stars on it will work if you can not find an appropriate popcorn container. If all else fails, make your own by covering a box with movie star pictures and scenes from films. The containers will be handy for storing DVDs in after the goodies are consumed.

GARDENING GIFT BASKET For gardening enthusiast a gardening gift basket will be a Christmas gift that will be enjoyed the whole year. Gardening gloves, hand tools, vegetable and flower seeds or bulbs can fill a hanging basket, watering can or flower pot. Add to these a kneeling pad, gardening manual or a subscription to a gardening magazine. For the female gardeners on your list, some hand cream, sun screen, and items in shades of pink or pastel will personalize your basket. For a gift that will last long past Christmas pick a container that can be used as a planter.

Food and Wine Gift BasketTo add to the Christmas feast, food and wine are a favorite choice. There are so many products to choose from and they can be acquired from stores, on line or you could even make your own homemade Christmas treats such as cakes, candies and cookies. A great container for this is the traditional picnic hamper. Savory treats such as pate, caviar, cheeses and meats are always welcomed. Add to these everyone’s favorite sweet foods and chocolates. For a large basket you could include wine, an ice bucket and cork screw. For a special touch Champagne and glasses add luxury to your basket. .The picnic basket, ice bucket and glasses will certainly be used much more than just at Christmas.

Gingerbread House Gift BasketA unique Christmas gift is a Gingerbread house basket. There are plenty of kits on the market now that are very simple to construct or you could make one yourself. The basket can be filled with sweet treats such as Gingerbread men, candy canes, marshmallows and chocolates. Cookie cutters and recipe books can complete the basket. Children will love the basket itself because it can be eaten when empty.

A special basket for kids only will delight them young children love packaging. Sometimes this over shadows the special Christmas gift. Make a children’s Christmas gift basket out of a doll’s pram, a rubber storage box, or toy truck and the packaging becomes part of the gift. Fill these with all their favorite toys, games, puzzles, coloring books and pencils or sweets to give a lasting Christmas present.

Your own imagination is the only limited to finding or creating a very special Christmas basket.

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