Top 5 Tablets in 2014 for Kids

Top 5 Tablets in 2014 for Kids

Top 5 Kids Tablets for Christmas 2014

Children are asking for tablets this year for Christmas 2014. They are probably the hottest selling item for this Christmas. There are kid’s tablets that are very kid friendly. In choosing the tablet should be durable, easy for your child to use, have parental settings, and should come with preloaded games that are kid friendly along with educational apps. Here are the top 5 tablets for 2014 for children:
LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

1.LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra tablet is designed for children 4-9 years old. There is a one year kid-proof warranty that comes with the tablet, and is a major reason to purchase this tablet. The screen in 7 inches, and has a front and rear camera. Gaming is available with thee tablet along with a secure Zui browser that is dedicated for kids content. Parents can control the tablet, because parental controls are added. The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra is affordable. Parents can purchase the tablet for around a hundred dollars.
From a pleased grandmother:

My granddaughter (41/2 yr old) is rarely without it! Best learning toy ever! Can’t wait til next year-what will they come up with next. Will be tough to follow this!

Vtech Inno Tab 3s

2.Vtech Inno Tab 3s

The Vtech Inno Tab 3s has a 5-inch color touch screen that kids can create drawings, text, and so much more. The D-pad controller allows for interactive game playing. A 2MP camera with a 180-degree rotating allows kids to take pictures, videotape and edit on their tablet. The Vtech Inno Tab 3s has a 4GB of memory that can be expandable. The browser is kid-safe, and is great for reading, math, science, history, and fun. The Vtech Inno Tab 3s is affordable. Parents can purchase this tablet for fewer than one hundred dollars.
From a New Age Mama:

The InnoTab 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet is perfect for home and travel. You can take with you in the car, to the doctor’s office, or just about anywhere. The best part is that while your kids are having fun they are also learning. Every single game from Vtech is educational.

Kurio 7S

3.Kurio 7S

The Kurio 7S tablet is perfect for kids and the whole family. The Kurio 7S tablet can host up to eight different user profiles. Each user profile will have their very own apps, history, games, and parental settings. Parents can determine what apps and websites can be visited on the tablet. The screen is 7 inches and has 1024 x 600 resolution. A camera comes with the tablet with front and rear camera access. This is an excellent tablet for kids and adults. The price of the Kurio 7S tablet is $125.00.
A customer who bought two says:

These are great tablet for kids! I expected cheapo tablet in a bulky case. It is a fully functional Wi-Fi tablet. I can download stuff from Google store. It is a full functional android tablet. Lots of other tablets in the market aren’t full functional android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

4.Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet comes with 7-inch screen. The tablet is preloaded with games, apps, YouTube, and Creative Corner. The tablet has 3MP camera with a resolution of 1024 x 600. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is kid friendly, and only allows children to view pre-approved websites and content. The tablet has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 8GB of memory. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet allows children to learn, play games, take pictures, video record, and read. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet cost around $200.
They love it:

This is the best thing invented…Samsung does it again with this great idea. My kids love it and I give them access to whatever apps i believe are age appropriate and can even have it lock after so much usage.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Addition

5.Amazon Fire HD Kids Addition

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Addition tablet comes in 6 inches or 7 inches. The 6-inch tablet cost $149, and the 7-inch cost $189. The tablet comes with Amazon Free Time Unlimited, which includes more than 5000 games and books that is kid friendly. The Amazon Fire Kids Addition has no ads. The tablet has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and a MP3 player, and front and back cameras, which is excellent for video recordings or taking pictures. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Addition is perfect for kids and is affordable.
Recovering iPad consumers like it:

We are still getting used to it as this is the first Kindle of the house (we are recovering iPeople). But overall, we all really are happy with the purchase. We have a 4.5 year old and are on iPad screen #4 so the 2-yr warranty tablet sealed the deal for us.

These are the top 5 kids’ tablets for 2014. There is a tablet that everyone can afford. For all of these tablets there are mixed reviews. We advise that you read all the various comments before making your decision for your family. Once you decide don’t hesitate order before they sell out.

Where to Purchase Kids’ Tablets

There is no doubt that Christmas 2014 will see a rush to purchase tablets for children. Many retailers will run out of them long before Christmas. has a reputation of having one of the best supplies of all hot selling items. Our experience has been one of excellent service from Amazon. Not only will the items be delivered right to your door but also often shipping is Free.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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