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Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Lucky Fortune Bracelets
Lucky Fortune Bracelets are on the list of the most sought after items for Christmas 2019.. I think these cute bracelets are going to be the next fad with young girls. This is a very different way to deliver cute jewelry to girls. A fortune cookie shaped bracelet holder contains a surprise Lucky Fortune charm bracelet and a matching paper fortune.

The bracelets have 4 different levels of rarity – Lucky, Very Lucky, Very, Very, Lucky, and Ultra Lucky. A real gold-dipped four-leaf clover is the Ultra Lucky one. There are a total of 100 different bracelets to collect. Also to add to the bracelets are 5 categories of fortune – happiness, friendship, love, success, and adventure.
The fortune cookie can be used as a key chain.
Lucky Fortune Bracelets
There are different ways to purchase these bracelets but Series 1 contains 4 cookies and 4 bracelets.

What Others Are Saying About The Lucky Fortune Bracelets

It seems the Lucky Fortune Bracelets are already very popular. Here are some of the comments of those who have them:

These are so cute! I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. It comes with 4 individually wrapped fortune cookies. In each cookie comes a fortune and a bracelet. The bracelets are able to tighten to make smaller. This has been our second case now and they all have been different. They are so fun to collect! Will be buying more!!
Lucky Fortune Bracelets
Daughter loved the bracelets and I personally think they’re one of the best blind box items I’ve ever seen. So much is just plastic junk but this is well-designed and may actually be worn and used for a long time!

Daughter was so excited for these!! They’re cute and easy to put on/take off. She wore them the first day and some beads fell off the strings, so not durable. I’m sure we’ll be buying more.

My daughter loved these! The presentation from the beginning to end makes the perfect gift! My daughter got the Ultra Rare on opening her first one! She was so excited she couldn’t even take it! The price is right, the cookie part you can close back up and reuse. I thought you had to throw that part away and I’m happy I was wrong about that. If your not sure on buying these just do it! My daughter was SO happy and thanked me all day long! Thank you!
Lucky Fortune Bracelets
Guys…I’m honestly in love with these. I’m a big kid at heart and really enjoy blind bag collectibles and toys. With these I feel like it’s a win win because not only are they blind BUT you can actually wear them and show them off rather than leaving them on a shelf somewhere to collect dust! For the price I think they’re pretty good quality too. One issue I do have is that if you’re not careful the string will get dirty…but I’ve kept the bracelets I wouldn’t wear and plan to switch the strings out when needed. If you’re thinking about picking a box up of these I’d say go for it! They’re just so cute and they bring me joy every time I look down at them!

Adorable blind bag style gift. The price is right, the bracelets are adorable, the fortune cookie holder is re closable and can be repurposed. I like that it isn’t just a piece of plastic, after the surprise the child can enjoy wearing the bracelet. My daughter and I each wore one for her first day of school and she said she kissed it when she missed us! My only con is that the bracelet clasp broke the last time I put mine on. It might not be made for adult wear. I’m going to find a better way to fasten it since it makes her happy when I wear it. She liked the little foldable fortune teller that came with it but they were all the same.

Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Where to Purchase the Lucky Fortune Bracelets

The Lucky Fortune Bracelets can be found at Master Mind Toys, Amazon, Walmart, Chapters/Indigo, Target, and most retail toy stores.

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The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Ultimate Walking Buzz LightyearThe Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is very hot for Christmas 2019.
. Toy Story has captured the imagination of children for years and shows no sign of slowing down. This walking, talking Buzz is a seven-inch figure from Toy Story 4. He is suitable for children three plus.

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear walks forward, backward and swivels his hips with animated expressions on his face. These moves combined with the sounds delight small children. Press a button and out pop his wings. Press another button and there is light up laser. Blasters and special steps recreate the Toy Story 4 to the joy of the owner.
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

What Others Are Saying About The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Owners of this Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear seem to be delighted with him. Here are some of their remarks:

These both are perfect n my son couldn’t be more happier. This buzz is the best walks talks laser and wings pop up. I’m going to buy a couple more to stock up. For his bday thank you so much. I just keep on ordering toy story toys

While it is smaller than implied, my daughter loves her buzz. It walks and talks. It deploys its wings shortly after you close them. He has a laser he uses. She was upset it was smaller than she thought but now its grown on her.
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear
I looked and looked and looked for a really cool Buzz to get my 3.5 year old daughter. Half of them didn’t even have a laser that would light up, I mean really!?! That’s ridiculous! This one not only has a laser that lights up with the same exact sound effect from the movie, but he walks, talks, raises his arm to “shoot” the laser, his wings “deploy” on their own (they spring into an open position) and he pivots at the waist and “surveys the area”. His voice recordings are really cool and all of the buttons on his Space Ranger jacket function or trigger a sound effect. For $22- this is an absolute steal compared to the ones in store that barely said anything, let alone all of the other cool features! He also looks dead on the character and I appreciate the authentic voice- an absolute win and a MUST for any Buzz Lightyear fan!
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear
This is a great Buzz lightyear toy! The price is amazing considering it talks, lights up and moves! My son has been a little rough with him and over a month later he’s still in great shape. Highly recommended over the more expensive Buzz lightyears that only talk, but it should be noted this one is smaller.

My Grandson has been calling Woody, “Buzz” for a long time. As his Woody character was a perfect height in relation to the movie characters it was a perfect fit. It had most of the functions that Buzz has as well.

I added to it by writing my grandsons name on the bottom of the foot on both characters. It seems to be a solid product. But who can tell for certain in the hands of a 3-year-old?
The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear
I was a little skeptical reading some of the reviews, but I’m happy I got it anyway!! This is the coolest Buzz every!!! It’s the perfect size, talks, walks, twists, and ejects wings… my son LOVES it!

Fun toy for a two-year-old!My son was a fan of the original toy story movie many years ago. Now, my grandson is playing with more advanced toys such as buzz light year. The toy is thoroughly enjoyed and is mesmerizing to both children and adults. Definitely a good purchase!

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Where to Purchase The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is widely available at many retailers such as, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Chapters-Indigo, and Argos U.K. However this Buzz is very much in demand for Christmas 2019.
so don’t delay.

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Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie 3000 The Coding RobotArtie 3000 The Coding Robot is on the must have Christmas 2019.
list. Artie is a very cute robot designed to teach children age 7 plus coding skills. It combines coding and creativity to engage the user. STEM has become a large part of the education system and Artie 3000 The Coding Robot provides a valuable tool for the classroom.

Artie features easy setup where kids can code using drag & drop, remote control, point & Click, Blockly, snap!, Python and JavaScript.
Artie 3000 The Coding Robot
Because Artie has a built-in Wi-Fi no Internet connection is needed. A tablet, computer, or phone allows control. As each Artie has a unique Wi-Fi multiple units can be used at the same time. Perfect for classrooms.

American Mensa named Artie 3000 an Honorary Mensa member and partnered with Educational Insights to create coding activities and programs that spark curiosity in coding for kids of all learning levels.

What is in the Artie 3000 The Coding Robot Box

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot


  • Artie 3000 robot
  • 4 washable markers
  • Quick start guide
  • Activity cards
  • Pre-coded designs
  • Advanced coding apps for kids to grow with


Requires 4 AA batteries, not included

What Others Are Saying About Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Current users of Artie 3000 The Coding Robot are quite enthusiastic about this very cute robot. Here are a few of their comments:

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

I tinkered with this before I unveiled it to my kids. Its got a lot of capabilities. The simulator is very helpful deciding how to adjust your drawing. Connecting is not difficult, sometimes you have to refresh but its really simple and reliable once you are connected.
The kids like to make the pre-coded shapes or just let him run for fun. Not a lot of direction. I would say the age should be at least 10+ not 7. Kids can make it work. If you don;t watch them they will drive it right off the paper and all over the table/floor.
I work at a software company and some of our products are written in Java scripting. I haven’t gone deep into the coding part but from what I saw is it is legitimate coding. My kids are not ready for that (oldest is 9).
My hang ups is its kinda cumbersome to switch the markers and the instructions say if you have problems replace the batteries. That is true but you must have very new STRONG batteries. I hope rechargeable work.
**Update** Rechargeable batteries do help and holding or taping the corners of the paper help keep the lines straight.

My father became a computer programmer in the early 80s, so I’ve been around computers since I could remember – when I told him about this little robot he was skeptical but intrigued. I had him help my children (ages 10, 8, 5 and 4) set it up and go, and we were ALL impressed.

First, Artie is adorable; not necessary for function, but definitely worth a mention. Setup is a breeze, and although we didn’t need it I later saw the quick setup video tutorial which easily shows the steps so much that my 8 year old could have gotten it up and running. Truly the most difficult part was unscrewing the battery compartment, which wasn’t too bad. I also really appreciate that although he comes with a few felt tip markers we can use almost any without worrying about stocking up on specialized markers or hoping that they don’t discontinue the product and subsequently the accessories. This has happened more times than I can count and I truly appreciate the flexibility.

The user interface is simple but backed by powerful commands when you see what Artie is capable of executing. All 4 of my children have loved having this as an addition to our educational toys, and I’m an artist so I love having the combination of coding with creativity. It was amazing to see how much my older daughters already new from their schools STEM and Maker Space activities, and how quickly my younger children adapted to the coding principles.

We absolutely LOVE this little guy, he’s a welcomed addition to our family computer and homework area, ready to go whenever we are ready to experiment.
Artie 3000 The Coding Robot
I got this for my 10 yr old daughter who has never attempted coding before. This is a great toy for beginners. For starters it’s extremely easy to set up and once connected to the computer the Artie UI is extremely easy to use.
I love how simple the drop down menus are making it easy for her to try and navigate it on her own. She can either use the preset options or put in her own.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to help give their kids a head start in the programming department.

This thing is so cool!! I think my nephew are going to have a lot of fun with this robot. I love that it combines art with code to use both the left side (problem solving and math) and right side (art and design) of their brains!

I just started with one of the initial projects for drawing a maze. The introduction to coding a procedure is very valuable to someone starting out. I do wish it would have the same sample projects in all the supported languages. The simulate option was useful, so I could see what would happen before I sent it to Artie. Artie is easy to setup and start, it took 10 minutes from the package to the maze in the drawing.

I think the nephews and nieces are going to have fun learning to code with this and I will enjoy showing them and watching them develop the necessary skills for STEM based careers later in life.
Artie 3000 The Coding Robot
 Kids were very excited (9 &12). Had a lot of trouble setting up to WiFi but believe it’s our desktop(old Mac)We finally got it to connect to laptop(newer Mac). Definitely need to practice with it… where to place him on page etc. Kids found the coding a little difficult (but I do not think it is too challenging… just need to play around with it more)

Where to Purchase Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot can be found at, Amazon,, and Walmart.

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Oranguetwang Kids Game

Oranguetwang Kids Game

Oranguetwang Kids Game

The Oranguetwang Kids Game is a fun silly game that adds to Christmas 2019’s enjoyment. The whole idea is how long can the Oranguetwang hang on before he is knocked off the branch. Fruit and jungle friends are attached to him until she finally goes “Twaaang”. This fun kids game is touted to be on the best seller’s list for Christmas. It is inexpensive so makes an excellent gift when attending Christmas parties.
Oranguetwang Kids Game
It is suitable for children 4 years plus. A real bonus is that it does not need any batteries.

In the Oranguetwang Kids Game Box

  • Orangutan
  • Base
  • 2 Palm Trees with Vine String
  • 14 Hanging Game Pieces (Pineapples, Bats, Banana Bunches, Geckos, Coconuts)
  • Die
  • Instructions and tips

Oranguetwang Kids Game

What Others Say About the Orangutan Kids Game

The Orangutan Kids Game is a new game and so far it is getting very good reviews. Here are some of the comments:

This is an awesome game. My two 13 year olds played with the 8year old and 3 year old for hours (without their phones). They laughed and were truly anxious waiting for it to ‘twang’ recommend this game for all ages.

Grandchildren asked for this game and it does not disappoint. They are 2 and 5 and love playing this by themselves. Hearing them laugh is fabulous. I recommend this product.

This game is awesome! My kidergarteners love it! The only reason I did not give it five stars is because it tends to be a little too easy to trigger sometimes.
Oranguetwang Kids Game
My three year old twin boys love this game. They are able to set and reset the game by themselves. It is easy for them to also set up bu themselves . They laugh everytime the monkey pops off the line.

This was a gift for my 8 year old grandson. He absolutely loves playing games. His teacher at school had it and the kids loved playing it but when school was out for summer he missed playing this game. It’s a funny little game and I would definitely recommend it. You will hear a lot of excitement and laughter coming from the children.

Our family loves this game, we’re able to play it with our 3 year old and 6 year old and we all still have a great time – simple set up, simple instructions, great for varying attention spans – highly recommend.

This game is hilarious. My 4 year old niece loved it. And surprisingly it’s a great family game and simple to play. We were all laughing soo hard. Was a great time.

Where to Purchase the Orangutan Kids Game

The Orangutan Kids Game is available at, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many other toy retailers.

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Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear Cubby the Curious Bear by FurReal is a plush bear for children age 4 and up. Like the Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth that is suitable for younger children, Cubby is in demand for Christmas 2019.

Cubby the Curious Bear is an interactive bear that loves to play. He has 100 plus sound and motion moves. With movable arms, legs, mouth, eyes, and nose he is very expressive. He likes to dance and hug. Cubby comes with an all in one comb, bottle, and treat. When it is time for bed he plays soft music, sleepy sounds, and is very cuddly. Hasbro states a combination of the quiet music and white sound help to put children to sleep.
Cubby the Curious Bear

What Others Say About Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear is new on the market but already there are beginning to be very positive reviews. Here are a few:

This bear puts the 2018 Teddy Ruxpin to shame! Cubby has to be the cutest teddy bear I have ever seen. His mechanical mechanisms have very little sound compared to past furreal friends and other interactive pets, which majorly cuts down on the creep factor. His movements and design are so realistic and I’m just blown away by this bear! This is a MUST buy for any Teddy Bear collector! Just buy him, you will not be disappointed.

When you first turn Cubby on, it’s virtually impossible not to smile at just how cute he is. Let’s face it, there have been those interactive toys that are a little too high on the creep factor. Cubby is anything but creepy, and he’ll keep you laughing and smiling with his facial expressions and sweet babbling. It’s really impossible to describe him without seeing him in action, so I made a video showing just some of things he can do. While he may ultimately be a novelty item for some children and adults alike, I certainly think he’s an absolutely adorable gift. He really seems to interact with you, and isn’t that what so many of us doll and stuffed animal lovers wanted as a child?
(Note: The baby bottle is mine and not included with Cubby. I’ve always loved dolls that appear to be drinking from a real bottle, and I’m sure many children feel the same.)
Cubby the Curious Bear
We have had many FurReal animals over the years (I have a 13 year old). My 3 year old went crazy for Cubby and she plays with him often. He is a VERY good size. I can understand why the manufacturer recommend ages 4+ for this big guy as he can be a bit to carry for my 3 year old.

This bear is SUPER soft. One of the softest FurReal animals that we own. (We have the the GoGo Walking Pup, Pom Pom Panda, Magical Unicorn, Cuddles the Monkey and Booties the Cat. Both my girls have loved all their FurReal animals and this one is just as great as the other animals we have.

The downside:
The only downside I have, is the brush that attaches to the bottom of the Honey Jar never stays on and we are going to lose or misplace that soon. The comb issue isn’t enough to dock a star, but something to keep in mind.

Features on this Bear include:
Amazingly interactive and lifelike: this delightfully curious, expressive bear Cub loves to play with you during the day. This is new! Cubby has a nighttime mode, he makes sleepy sounds and plays soft music which you can rotate through by squeezing his paw.
Responds with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations: he can move his head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, & arms.
Comes with fun 3-IN-1 accessory: it’s a treat, a bottle, and a comb.

Now these types of toys do lose their luster quickly. But they are always a hit when the kids have friends over. Everyone always wants to check out our wonderful collection of FurReal Animals.
Cubby the Curious Bear
I had Teddy Ruxpin as a child, and now my little girl has Cubby! This bear is so incredibly soft! It can be played with all day long, and then has a nighttime mode. It has quite a wide range of movement! My daughter absolutely LOVES this bear, and has been carrying him around all day. The batteries have been lasting quite awhile so far. Cubby comes with a brush, a bottle, and a honeycomb soother. He has reactions to being brushed, fed, given the soother, tickling his stomach, patting his head, hugging, etc. he plays peek-a-boo. He does so much that he won’t get boebing! I highly recommend!

In a way, this bear is kind of creepy because of all the things it can do. When you talk to it, it babbles back. You can ask it to play peek-a-boo or for a hug and it will react appropriately. The nose and mouth and ears all move in really cute ways. It’ll go to “sleep” when you lay it down or put it into sleep mode (which starts with the cutest little realistic looking wiggling to get comfortable). His fur is very soft, though he is not super cuddly because he’s pretty hard right under that fur. My youngest really enjoys playing with him so he’s totally worth it.

Cubby the Curious Bear

Where to Purchase the Cubby the Curious Bear

The Cubby the Curious Bear can be purchased at, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and at other toy retailers. The Cubby the Curious Bear is predicted to sell out for Christmas 2019.

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Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 is coming quickly. Last year I left everything to the last minute and ended up scrabbling to shop and totally unable to explore on this site the many touted toys and gifts. For Christmas 2018 I am going to try to do better.

This site started for Christmas 2008 at which time the idea of shopping online was extremely new to me. We have five grandchildren and I found the luxury of being able to seek and review suitable gifts for them from the comfort of my home a joy. I fully endorsed the convenience of shopping online and for the most part it has worked it out well.

Over the years we have followed some of the “hot” toys, the must “haves”. Our experience with this has been mixed. The most used and endearing items have been ones that the children could build, ones they could integrate with other toys they already had. So our recommendation to visitors to this site is weigh how the toys will be used against the latest golden item. As the children have aged we have found that items like Lego, games, outdoor equipment, and books are the ones that will be used over and over.

We are going to start with trampolines, swings, and various ride on toys.

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Our Favorite Christmas Desserts

What Top Ten Christmas Ideas would be complete without something for our sweet tooth lovers. For a change of pace we have included our favorite Christmas Desserts. These are recipes that we have collected over the years. We don’t make all of them every year but they are our family’s go to recipes.

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Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth
The Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth is on the listed for a most sought out gift for Christmas 2019. It is suitable for a child 9 months and older. This cute sloth is interactive with the child and entertains with lights, songs, phrases about numbers, colours, opposites, and the alphabet, and movement. The child needs to be able to sit up and have a sense of pushing buttons to activate the different lights and sounds.

The Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth has a hard body with soft arms. There are buttons on the tummy and toes. The sloth will clap to the music. If other Linkimals are around the Smooth Moves sloth will recognize them and chat, sing and light up with them.

Linkimals Smooth Moves SlothThe Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth introduces the baby to counting, the alphabet, colours, and opposites. The music and lights will encourage them to move with the beat.

What Others Have To Say About the Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

The Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth is really very new on the market and these are very recent comments:

This little toy is so cute that I find myself wanting to play with it! He sings, claps, dances, and lights up and my baby sings, claps, dances, and lights up right along with him! There is a button for abc and 123 and then another that makes just music, and either way there are a lot of bright lights and fun movement to keep my little one engaged. The toy feels well made and sturdy enough to stand up to the rough treatment from a one year old. It also has two volume settings which is great when you want to tone it down just a bit. The most fun we have with this toy however, is when it links up with the Happy Hedgehog that we have. They talk shapes, colors, light up together, and my baby’s favorite, they SING together! This is one of my one year old daughter’s favorite toys!

We received the sloth and otter from the new linkimals line. The sloth is a dancing toy he has 2 buttons to sing a dance song or to sing about the alphabet and numbers. The sloth head and arms move when dancing, the belly lights up. The sloth by itself is a fun dancing toy. If your baby or toddler likes music or dancing games this is a fun toy. The buttons are easy for my 18month to press. This line of toys interact with each other. It is probably the most fun my toddler had with the sloth. Both my kids almost 5 and 18 month old love to see the 2 linkimals interact. They sing the same song and glow the same colors when they are close to each other. They will also shout out when prompted that their names by the other linkimal. It is to be noted if they are linked they won’t play their own games you have to separate the 2 toys or turn one off and back on again. These are great toys.
Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth
So darn cute! I love that it links up to the other toys that are like it. Super cute!

My grandson adores this toy. He is two months old and his attention toward this toy is impressively long. He smiles and coos at the face and reaches out towards it to make contact while it’s talking. I love it!!! Or should I say he loves it!!!

Perfect just what I was looking for baby loves it!
Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth
We got the Linkimals Smooth Move Sloth for my one year old who loves music and dancing. This little guy is so cute! His voice is calm and relaxed but fun. He sounds like a California surfer, and I appreciate the acoustic guitar that plays with his songs. We have a different dancing robot toy that plays techno music and is incredibly annoying. My son enjoys the colors that light up on the sloth’s belly. This is a really sweet toy!

Where to Purchase the Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

The Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth can be found at, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. There seems to be quite a price difference so comparison shopping is advised.

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Blume Dolls

Blume Dolls

ForChristmas 2019 Blume Dolls are being touted to be the number one most sought after gift. There are 22 of these cute little dolls. They enhance and delight young girls when a small amount of water is added to the top and surprise a cute little doll pops up. The dolls have stylish hairdos and clothes that can all be exchanged from one doll to another. Each doll comes with 10 surprises in the way of purses, sunglasses, and mini figures.
The Blume Dolls can be purchased as single dolls or in sets of two or twelve. The single dolls are perfect for a stocking stuffer or birthday gift. The bigger sets, of course, hurry the road to collecting all 22 dolls. I suspect that girls will collect and trade the dolls with their friends.
Blume Dolls

What Others Have To Say About Blume Dolls

Although the Blume Dolls are very new they are already getting glowing reviews. Here are a few of these:

We just received our Blume! She is so cute that it was requested I buy another for an allowance reward. A nice change from the tons of LOL dolls lying around!
Blume Dolls
I bought these for my niece and they are so cool. She put a little water on the top and then the doll grew out of the top. It was awesome. She loved them, they are really cute and once she opened they mixed and matched the clothing over and over again and get this, they can even swap the hair from one doll to the next. She already wants more for Christmas.
My 3 year old loved these! Purchased them during presale and forgot. Growing the Blume is so exciting to see who you received and all of the little surprises add so much more fun! Highly recommend!

This was for my 7 year old granddaughter. But I couldn’t wait. Wanted to see if it was cheap or not. She’ll love it. I ordered 2 more to save for her. Too cute. Hope we get different ones.
Blume Dolls
My 6 year old was so excited to get 2 of these. She loved making them bloom out of the pot, and seeing what surprises they came with. They are super adorable. I’m only giving 4 stars because their clothes don’t stay on well and when they have their clothes on the dolls can’t lift or move their arms. The clothes also don’t fully cover their backsides, which is probably why they don’t stay on well. Hopefully they will change that if another series comes out.

My 6 year old loves these though and wants to collect them.
Bought two for my niece during presale for her 6th birthday. She opened them tonight. She was so excited. She is already wanting to collect them all. Not going to lie, it was super cool even as an adult to watch them bloom. My sister is already dreading going near the toy isle in any store
Blume Dolls
Loved the Blume doll I bought! Really fun to watch it grow out of the pot. Lots of surprises to keep my little one busy. The hair and clothes come off and trade with another doll in the series. Going to collect these!
Bought 3 of these for my 3 daughters. All 3 loved them!! Each one “bloomed” perfectly. Out of ordering 3, we got one “rare” which didnt matter to me but the 8 year old seemed pretty stoked about it lol.

Where to Purchase the Blume Dolls

The Blume Dolls are currently available at Amazon, Walmart, Mastermind Toys, and Target. As we get closer to Christmas it will become difficult to find the Blume Dolls.

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Baby Alive Potty Dance

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance

Looking for a doll to give for Christmas 2018? Baby Alive dolls have been very popular for many past Christmases. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll with Blonde Hair, or Brown Hair, or Black Curly Hair are all great choices. These dolls have 50 phrases, talk in English and Spanish, have a bottle, potty, pretend soap dispenser, comb, rewards chart, and stickers. They are suitable for girls and boys age 3 and up. After giving her a bottle she will let you know she has to tinkle and put her on the potty and she pees. She will sing a song in English or Spanish.

Baby Alive Potty Dance

For Christmas 2008 Baby Alive Learns to Potty was a much sought after doll. At the time our Granddaughter was three and was delighted to receive a Baby Alive doll. Her Daddy’s response was worth the investment in the doll. He was astonished that a doll could talk, pee, and poop. Four years later her twin sisters sat spell bound when she had the doll speak to them. If the doll had not had any play at all these two reactions were worth every penny.

However Baby Alive was played with many hours and is still going strong with the younger girls. She was designed to be fed and to be changed but we have found that there is not a huge demand for this. The girls like to dress and undress her. They like to put her in their cradles and strollers where they rock and walk her.

Baby Alive Potty Dance


Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll is a hard body interactive doll not a soft cuddly baby doll. Therefore it is not recommended for children under age 3.


Benefits of Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

  1. 50 plus phrases
  2. Flip a switch from Mommy to Daddy
  3. Talks in English or Spanish
  4. Sings
  5. Dances
  6. After bottle goes potty
  7. Helps with potty training

What Others Say About Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

For our family Baby alive was a success. Here is what others think about Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance

This Baby Alive is very cute and a lot of fun. My toddler loves her. She’s interactive and says things that are kind of funny but very context appropriate. After giving her water, she will tell you she has to use the potty and will do a potty dance if you wait too long. Her left hand has a sensor to know if you are holding it and if so, she will dance. She sometimes asks you to hold her hands. I love that she doesn’t do/say the same things every time. Sometimes she has to pee right after drinking water, sometimes she waits a little bit and wants to play first. Sometimes she pees very quickly after sitting on the potty, sometimes it takes a little longer.

OK, I’d never heard of a “potty dance” as an adult found the doll a little creepy. But the little one loves it and takes it to the bathroom with her. As long as she’s happy, we’re happy. Looks cute, lots of different phrases (with sound effects) and limited motion (rocks back and forth on her feet.) Plenty loud to be heard several feet away. The “award chart” makes it even more interactive, especially since that’s part of real-world potty training.

The area on the stomach that needs to be pressed is easy to find and takes almost no effort, so even the youngest child can make her speak.
Baby Alive Potty Dance
This is a great doll for potty training. My daughter pretended to have her dolly going potty while she was going.

This is a very adorable doll. My daughters really enjoy dolls, and they liked her a lot. I like that she comes with different accessories. It makes her more fun to play with. This is a good sized doll. It isn’t too big or too small so she can carry it along and it doesn’t seem overwhelming.

I am pleased with the quality of the doll. My kids had no problems with her. She held up well to their handling.

Everybody has a few Baby Alive dolls. We’ve had three or 4 over the years with our girls. It was time to get our youngest one, and we got this one not really knowing what the Dance part was. More than a dance, it’s this adorable baby-like ‘I’ve got to go potty’ movement. Then it also dances on the toilet.

It’s great for a young one who is starting potty training since it teaches going potty on the toilet. And everybody thinks it’s pretty cute. I also like that it doesn’t use diapers since my kids always wanted more Baby Alive diapers. (We usually just dried out the old ones, but it’s nice that this doll has moved on from diapers).

It’s a nice change/upgrade to the Baby Alive dolls. It’s really cute. My 4 year old loves it! So I certainly suggest it.
Baby Alive Potty Dance
This doll is a one doll teaching and entertainment center! She has a large repertoire of phrases including her warning on impending tinkle time “uh oh! Got to go!” She comes equipped with a training toilet; underwear; a brush; a wash rag and a sippy cup.

This doll can also dance. Like the Beatles before her who closed 1963 and heralded 1964 with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” this doll asks to hold hands and dance. (“I’m Happy Just to Dance With You,” anyone)? She can ask for a specific toilet escort. I like the way she can request one “parent” to the other. Dads are important.

Once the doll fills up on water, just sit her on her potty; push her belly button and she’ll use it. Be sure to wash her hands after she uses it. That’s what the little cloth is for.

This was more interactive than I had expected. She knows when she is laying down, asks you to hold hands (hold one hand and she will dance), he legs move on their own to imitate dancing. I found it awesome that you can switch to mommy mode or DADDY mode! My boys love dolls too, and they enjoyed that feature. Once she drinks water, you expel it by putting her legs in a seated position and holding the button down on her belly. I had initially expected a sensor in the potty, as it claims to only go in the potty, but in fact, if full of water, she can go anywhere as long as her legs are in the seated position and her tummy is pushed. Having this for my potty training 2 year old means the doll might mess just as often as my daughter does 😝… luckily the dolls is just water. The accessories are cute, drink cup is soft and easy to squeeze, though I bet my kids will distort it pretty quickly. It has a hair brush and a “soap” dispenser, as well as underwear, potty… a one use sticker chart, which we are using for our daughter and not the doll. I’m hoping having the doll go will make training easier for her, as she is so used to 3 brothers and can’t use the bathroom quite the same way as them. Nice to have someone on her side. She loves this doll and all it’s cute little sayings and dancing.

Where to Purchase Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll is available at many places – Amazon,, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

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LEGO for Christmas 2018

LEGOFor Christmas 2018 we have been highlighting enduring toys. What could be more long lasting than LEGO? Starting way back in 1932 in a Danish carpenter’s workshop it continues to be one of the most sought after toys for play. It was 1958 when the plastic bricks with the stud and coupling system really changed LEGO into the building system of today.
Today it is possible to buy LEGO for small children with the large DUPLO bricks all the way to adults who still love to build the many LEGO sets. LEGO is now sold in 140 countries.

LEGOFor Christmas 2018 we have been sharing some of our experiences with the toys we have been recommending. LEGO is no exception. Over the years our grandchildren have had many LEGO sets. These have varied from theme sets that the boys loved to LEGO Friends for girls. They have always been used for many hours.

Benefits of LEGO

  1. Variety of sets
  2. Durability of sets
  3. Promotes creativity
  4. Develops fine motor skills
  5. Helps with mathematical and problem solving skills


What Others Say About LEGO

We are not the only family that loves LEGO. There are many more:

Lego in general are educational, the kits have taught my 5 and 3 year old to follow directions without having to read and the larger kits have provided us with fun family time. This collection will inspire them to use their imagination to build whatever they please in whatever color they wish.

Love this set!There are so many places to act out scenes from the movie and attach your favorite characters all around Dr. Strange’s place. Our 10 year old hasn’t out this away since receiving it in June for his birthday. Lots of imaginitive play going on here!
Perfect for a Lego crazy person, kept my kid off electronics and busy for several hours.. has some features he enjoyed
This is one of the most fun 3-in-1 kits that I have found at such a great price. You have the ability to build not only the advertised 3 dinosaurs but also a fourth bonus build set of instructions are available at Lego We bought two kits so we could have dinosaur battles with our grandson. He is really getting into dinosaurs at the moment, so this kit came at a perfect time

Great details, lots of fun. My boys love playing with this set. So many great things to this set. Wouldn’t recommend for younger kids, the amount of steps and details are pretty extensive. However if you’re like me and you like building the sets for your youngins, then this one is still a lot of fun for younger kids to play with once it’s assembled.
My 5-year-old is obsessed with legos and police. This was a dream-come-true gift for him. It took a long time to build (seeing as how he is 5) but it has been worth it. He has spent hours playing with this and incorporating the other police legos he has. Well worth the investment for our family!

LEGOThis is a great lego set with nice internal gears for movement that any Star Wars fan will love. It took my 10 year old son about 8 hours to assemble it and he only needed my help for 2 pages and that was minor stuff. It’s a collector’s item set so it includes a nice display stand and a minifig of BB8.

I take care of my elderly father and I asked his pain management doctor if she could think of anything for him to keep his hands and mind busy, she suggested Lego’s and I thought that’s a wicked cool idea because I have tried everything I could think of, small wood work things, word find books, coloring books, puzzles and now Lego’s. So to encourage him to work on his very simple Lego set I bought myself this BB-8 set. I was completely ignorant as to how much Lego’s had advanced. When I opened the BB-8 box I was stunned and in shock. I am 47 and I have not ‘played’ with Lego’s in a very, very long time so I got him a very simple set and I bought this ‘hell monster’ that I love & am still working on, so I give it 5 Stars because it is awesome and it is not Lego’s of old, when I opened it “It’s a trap!” were the first words that popped into my head! If you are an older person do not buy Lego’s blindly. REALLY read the description and prepare yourself for the shock! LOL. It truly is an amazing project and it is looking beautiful so far. If you enjoy a challenge I highly recommend. BTW my dad hasn’t even touched his little truck Lego. SMH

LEGO Recommendations for Christmas 2018

On this holiday list the following LEGO sets are suggested:

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

– 484 pieces classic collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors. Includes windows, eyes, 18 tires and wheel rims, green baseplate

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 Building Kit (1004 Piece)

– Build a 3-level New York City building including the Sanctum Sanctorum with an Infinity Stone, pizzeria with fire extinguisher, Peter Parker’s apartment, window exploder functions and water tower This fun toy includes includes 5 Infinity War figures: an Iron Spider-Man figure, Iron Man figure, Doctor Strange figure and Ebony Maw figure, plus a big Cull Obsidian figure

LEGO 6212644 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy (878 Piece)

– LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall castle building toy recreates scenes and locations from the iconic Harry Potter film series. The perfect toy for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14 who enjoy advanced building. Accessories like magic wands, the Sorting Hat, and magical creatures like Basilisk, Fawkes, Scabbers, and Hedwig.

LEGO City Police Station 60141 Building Kit with Cop Car, Jail Cell, and Helicopter, Top Toy and Play Set for Boys and Girls (894 Pieces)

– Includes 894 LEGO pieces for kids to build the best toy jailbreak story they can imagine. Includes 4 police officer minifigures, 3 crooks, a police cruiser, plus a police dog and a 3-level police station, minifigures, cop car, jail cell, helicopter, watch tower, toy motorcycles 

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy, Adult Collectible Sports Car with Scale Model Engine (3599 Piece)

– This 1:8 scale Bugatti Chiron race car model features an active rear wing, 8-speed gearbox with paddle gear shift, W16 engine, steering wheel, suspension and spoked rims and comes in luxurious box packaging with a collector’s booklet.

LEGO Star Wars VIII BB-8 75187 Building Kit (1106 Piece)

– LEGO Star Wars BB-8 droid from Star Wars: Episode VIII, The Last Jedi makes the perfect gift for any Star Wars or LEGO fan authentic detailing, and wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with non-functioning welding torch includes a display stand, decorative fact plaque and a small BB-8 figure

LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train 10875 Battery-Operated Building Blocks Set, Best Engineering and STEM Toy for Toddlers (105 Pieces)

– includes 105 pieces, 2 cool cargo wagons, harbor, boat, café, 2 cranes, action bricks, 24 track pieces and a remote-control app.

LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House 41335 Creative Building Toy Set for Kids, Best Learning and Roleplay Gift for Girls and Boys (351 Pieces)

Includes 351 pieces to build a creative tree house building playset. Mia’s Tree House features Mia and Daniel mini-doll figures, plus Mimi the bunny and Cinnamon the bird pet figures. Features a folding ladder, a cool skateboard for the mini-dolls to ride and wild animal figures

Where To Purchase LEGO

LEGO can be purchased almost everywhere. As part of the top ten toys on the market LEGO has an enormous distribution base. It can be found at, Amazon, Walmart, Mastermind Toys, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, and Indigo-chapters.

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