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Hang Your Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Tips for Hanging Your Christmas Lights

Christmas LightsThe time to deck your halls is fast approaching. Decorating your home or business for Christmas includes adorning and lighting the outside. The hanging of Christmas lights often presents a huge challenge. To help with this here are a few tricks of the trade.
To make sure that hanging your outdoor lights plan ahead. It is much better and safer to do this before it gets too cold and wet outside. Because this can be tricky some people leave their lights up all year. This is not recommended. Having you Christmas lights outdoors all year not only is unsightly but it causes the strings to quickly deteriorate.
Depending on where you live the American Thanksgiving celebrated on fourth Thursday in November is often a guideline. Many people like to get their Christmas lights up early in November before the snow starts to fly. They may not turn them on at this time but they will be ready to go. Others like to wait to hang their lights until the American Thanksgiving weekend. In this case when they are all up they can be immediately used, as Christmas is then just a month away. Regardless of your preference be sure to pick a dry day when conditions are safe.
Christmas LightsPart of your early planning should be checking your strings of lights. After removing them from storage, inspect the strings for broken lights, and frayed cords. Throw away any strings that are not in good condition. It is a good idea to do this early because you may find you need to replace some of the strings. If you wish to continue with your previous theme you will need to shop for new ones while the stores still have a plentiful supply. As well as checking the strings of Christmas lights you should examine your extension cords and timers.
Draw up a plan of where you want the lights to go, then test the distances with the lengths of the strings and the extension cords. Set up your timers in easy to reach convenient places. You may find it easier if you use a tape measure to determine the width and height of the area you wish to light.
Christmas LightsBefore you start to hang check your strings of lights against your measurements. It is much easier to have an extra string on hand than to run short at a crucial point. If you need fasteners to hold the lights invest in several packages. Many new varieties are available that can be installed and left up all year. The clips should be about 12” apart in order to keep the strings hanging taut. Avoid the use of nails or staples as they wear away at the wire coverings and cause an electrical fire hazard.
Your plan should complement the style of your home and the look of the neighborhood. It is sometimes a good idea to get all the neighbors together to do a street look.
When you are all set to hang the lights, see if you can find a buddy to help. A second person to hand the lights to you and to steady the ladder will make the work safer and much easier.
Christmas LightsStart from the closest electrical outlet and work around the perimeter of your home. Anchor the lights in the clips and add strings as necessary. Be sure to keep the strings taut bearing in mind that the strings are not very strong. If you pull too hard the wires will break and the string will be useless. Be aware of how many strings that can be put together to conform to the electrical load limit. It may be necessary to use more than one outlet to accomplish your plan.
When you are finished test the lights and adjust as necessary. Remember there is no right or wrong idea for Christmas lights. Big to small displays all bring joy to the season.

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Christmas Trees Galore

Christmas Trees Galore

Christmas Trees Galore For Best Artificial Christmas Trees

With Christmas less than four months away it is not too soon to explore the site. They are known to have some of the most beautiful artificial trees and their customers are delighted with their delivery record.

It has become increasingly popular to buy artificial trees that are pre-lit. It is a delight to avoid messing with strings of lights that just don’t want to sit on the tree in an orderly fashion. No more tangled cords, broken bulbs, and frustrated decorators when purchasing a beautiful pre-lit tree.

Christmas Trees GaloreFor a sophisticated look the trees come with all white bulbs. You can choose the look of winter wonderland with a white or silver tree decked out in white bulbs. For the more traditional look the pre-lit trees come with colored bulbs. If you are really trying to create a very special look you will find red trees, gold trees, flocked trees, and of course green trees. ChristmasTreesGalore offers a choice of 175 different pre-lit trees.

Christmas Trees GaloreFor the traditionalist who wants to do his or her own light displays there are 27 different trees from which to choose. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Christmas Trees GaloreThere are many advantages to purchasing and artificial tree. One of the biggest advantages is that they don’t shed their needles and there is no need to constantly check on the water supply. The trees retain their shape and beautiful appearance not only for this Christmas but also for many more Christmases to come. The investment in a Christmas Tree Galore will gradually pay off as you don’t have to keep buying one every year.

What Others Have to Say About Christmas Trees Galore

We are not the only ones who love the products and service at ChristmasTreesGalore, here are what other people like you and me have to say:

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to shop at Not only was my order received in two days (at no shipping cost!) but it was in GREAT condition – not one light was broken on the pre-lit Christmas tree. Very simple, and I also appreciate getting contact from the site making sure I was satisfied. Thank you – definitely the easiest part of my Christmas shopping!


Hello … just wanted to thank you for the excellent service! The tree is beautiful and the lady who helped me choose was absolutely awesome. Thanks again, Ms. B.C.

My wife and I recently purchased an 7.5 foot Sierra Fir artificial Christmas tree from your company and I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with it. Also, dealing with your company was great. Not only did we get an great value, but your customer service was excellent and we received the tree within 4 days of placing the order. I don’t normally write letters of this nature unless I am very impressed with the service I receive. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

David J.

I just wanted to let you know that the tree I ordered…6.5 foot Chesapeake pre lit Christmas tree…came in one day as promised…ALL lights working upon flipping the switch, in perfect condition and easy to set up all by myself. It’s a beautiful artificial Christmas tree with lots of tips, lots of Christmas lights, strong metal hinges, sturdy base, realistic branches…I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of product and service. It is our first “fake” tree…thought I’d never see the day I’d do it…but I’m glad I did. Buying an artificial Christmas tree sight unseen was a bit scary, because I’m very picky, but I couldn’t be happier!



I ordered an artificial Fir Christmas tree online, sight unseen. I haven’t had an artificial Christmas tree in at least 30 years and I wasn’t so sure this was the way to go since I couldn’t visually see or touch it. I have to tell you your tree far exceed my expectations. I absolutely love it. I would also like to thank your staff who answered my concerns and your prompt shipping.

The hardest part now is to find an evergreen fragrance so I can tell my friends I cut this great tree in sunny South Carolina. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your trees and company to my friends.

Christmas Trees GaloreYou will find a selection of wreaths, garlands, swags, ornaments, stockings, tree skirts, and tree toppers. Christmas Trees GaloreThey also have beautiful Christmas lights And displays To compliment holiday decor!It is basically a one stop online shopping experience. To make sure you have a stress free Christmas season order early. Let The Christmas Tree Experts Help You This Holiday Season…Shop Today!
Christmas Trees Galore

Up to 50% Off All Christmas Trees and decor at All Trees Ship Free!

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