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Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A Review

This Christmas 2013 season, you may want to think about getting that special someone in your life an iPad Mini. For Christmas, wouldn’t it be nice to see your loved one open up their gift and see that there is an Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A inside?
Of course it would.!

It is safe to say that the iPad has changed the computing world forever. Prior to the release of the iPad in 2009, the laptop and desktop were the most common types of computers people used. There had been tablets in the past but they were not successful and no one felt the iPad would be successful either. That changed with the iPad.

Suddenly, millions of iPad were sold and everyone was clamoring for the amazing tablet. Since 2009, several variations of the iPad have been released, and one of the most successful is the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A, which is smaller than the regular iPad but comes with all the same features. One thing people love about it is that it is able to be carried easily and is light enough to hold as a book anywhere.

Features of the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A The Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A features a 7.9 inch LED-backlit Multi-Touch Display screen that has a crisp 1024 by 768 resolution. Powered by the robust Apple iOS 6, Dual-Core A5 Chip, it is fast enough to handle anything that your loved one can throw at it. With a 5 mega-pixel camera and 1080p HD video recording, it can capture the moments from your life with perfect clarity. The internal memory of the device is one gigabyte, allowing it to be as fast as you need it to be.

Wi-Fi capable, the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A has up to 10 hours of battery life and weighs just over a half-pound.

The Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A is available both black and white cases. There are three different varieties you can get. The first is a 16 gigabyte version, followed by the 32 gigabyte version and finally the 64 gigabyte version. Any one of these will work well since apples often don’t take up too much space.

In addition, you can choose a model that has wi-fi capabilities, or you can choose a model that has wi-fi and cellular abilities. With the second version, your loved one will be able to access the Internet anywhere that they have cell phone coverage.

Why Gift A Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A This Christmas 2013 season, when you are choosing what gift to get your loved one, you can go high-tech and buy them something that people all over the world want to have. You can get them a gift that has helped to change the computing world. You can get them a gift that gives them instant access to movies and television shows, every book ever written, games and more knowledge than they can access in 10 lifetimes. The Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A is a revolutionary device and it costs less than a desktop in most cases. Everything they need, right at their fingertips.

If you buy one gift this Christmas 2013 season, make it an Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A.

What Others Say About the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A
With over a thousand reviews the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A has 4.6 out of 5 star rating at Current owners of the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A have this to say about it:

“works well and has a quite a long battery life once fully charged. My laptop decides to take the day off every once in a while and this little device keeps me from pulling my hair out. Most websites operate the same way that they would on a normal computer and for someone that does not remember to charge her rechargeable electronics, this is great for me because it performs well even when the battery is low”
“I really like the size, and the screen is big enough for the kind of use I’ll give it. And although I bought a keyboard to go with it, I found myself using the on-screen keyboard to take notes at a day long meeting.”
“The iPad Mini is a great little device. Very versatile and allows me to do multiple things that I would normally do on a laptop on a convenient portable device.”
“Love this, came quickly, holds a long charge and syncs with all my other Apple products. I love that it fits in my everyday purses for easy carry and use not he go.”

More Reviews of the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

With over one thousand reviews by people like you or me who have bought and used the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A, there are many opinions of it, mostly very positive. Before purchasing this iPad mini click the link and review them.

Where to Purchase the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A

Exploring both retail and online sites we recommend purchasing the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A from They will deliver it right to your door with Free Shipping. All the reviewers report great delivery times and we know that has great customer service.

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