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Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike

Review of the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike

Have you seen the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike? Until recently, I hadn’t either.  Over the past two weeks, my family has been suffering from mountain bike frenzy.  My mother and father in law decided that after Christmas, they were going to treat all of us to a weeklong vacation at one of their favorite camping spots. Knowing that we didn’t have mountain bikes for the kids, they purchased two mountain bikes for the kids as early Christmas gifts. Since my husband wanted me to be able to go as well, he even purchased a Schwinn mountain bike for me as well. Now that we all have new bikes, I noticed we had one problem – my husband had new bike envy.

Now, my husband hasn’t said anything, but every wife knows the look that their husband gives when they really want something.  While we were looking for bikes for me, I noticed he kept looking at the Diamond 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to purchase it without him knowing, I asked his parents if they would purchase the bike for me on my behalf. Everything seemed to be going well with it being the perfect Christmas gift…until it was delivered to the house – oops! Once my husband saw the box for this bike, there was no way I was getting it out of his hands. After a week of riding this bike, here is what my family thinks of the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike.

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike: Assembly

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain BikeFrom the moment that this bike arrived I knew there was no way my husband would let anyone else put his bike together. My husband is one of those people who loves bringing his mountain bike to trails on weekends and doing races. The last thing he was going to do was allow anyone to touch his new baby. Like most high quality bikes, the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike isn’t a bike that should be put together by people who have never built a bike. It comes in quite a few pieces and needs a good set of Allen wrenches. It took my husband a little over two hours to put his bike together, spending quite a bit of time dealing with the derailler. If you are wanting to have the bike ready for Christmas and you have never assembled a bike, I highly recommend bringing it to a bike shop and paying the $30 to have it assembled. Most bike shops are happy to do it for you and some will even deliver it to your house!

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike: Quality

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain BikeWhile I don’t know a great deal about bikes, my husband has been talking non-stop about the quality of this bike. He loves that the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike is made using a quality aluminum frame, has easy fire shifters, and a has Promax alloy linear pull breaks with Shimano levers. He is a big fan of Shimano and believes that they make the best biking parts. The bike not only looks beautiful but has wonderful traction, making it one of the best mountain bikes my husband has owned in a very long time.  When my husband first saw the bike, he couldn’t believe that Amazon was selling this quality bike at such a low price for the holiday season.

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike: Usability

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain BikeFrom what I have seen my husband absolutely loves his Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike. He has been very happy to show off his brand new black bike and loves bragging to his friends about how easily it goes over obstacles and still keeps its speed.  It even does a great job on mud since it doesn’t sink in like most bikes (my husband says this is due to the 29″ wheels). What I think my husband loves the most about this bike is that it is just so comfortable.  When I asked him about the bike, he said it has an ideal center of gravity, keeping it stable and safer for riders going at high speeds.  What I wasn’t expecting was for my husband to love the bike so much that he is now using it to ride to work.  All he did was buy commuter tires for the bike which he uses during the week. On weekends when he rides with friends, he just switches back to tires that are perfect for offloading and trails. In all honest, I think the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike was the best gift I have purchased in years for my husband!

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike: What Others Think

So far, my husband absolutely loves the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike. In all honesty, this Christmas gift couldn’t have gone better! My husband won’t stop talking about his new mountain bike and is out riding even more than ever.  On, where I purchased this mountain bike, it has a 4 star rating, making it one of the more popular men’s bikes on the site. Here is what others are saying about the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike!

” Got my 26″ Schwinn mountain bike stolen and decided to go bigger. Well, bigger is better! My friends can’t even keep up with me on the road with me using barely any effort at all. I can get to top speed and change the gears very quickly! It is absolutely amazing. I would buy this one over and over again. After my friends tried this Diamandback with the 29″ wheels, they are all convinced about upgrading there bikes. The components are great and the look is great. The only negative thing about the bike so far is the front forks are a little springy no matter how much i attempt to tighten them. I am 5’11, and I purchased the 20″ version.”

” Being that this is my first mountain bike, I didn’t know what to expect. Starting off with assembly, it was very easy. Only had to assemble front tire, handlebars, brake cables and seat. It only took about 20 minutes. You should probably buy some lube to use before you ride it for the first time. The first day I cruised around the street it was amazing! The brakes were instantaneous and the pedaling felt great, and the shifting was extremely smooth. I didn’t want to review it until I took it out on the trails for the first time. It handles very well and the suspension is solid and rolls over terrain quite easily. The only drawback I have is that the narrow paths is difficult because the tires are large but that’s only a small problem that I found compared to the unbelievable riding that I have enjoyed so far on this bike. For the price, I strongly suggest buying this bike before the winter comes so you can thoroughly enjoy it as I have.”

” I cannot tell you how awesome this bike is. I was never really a Diamondback fan because I had Diamondbacks growing up and they were all pretty dinky. But this, this is something to behold. My friends dad has a Specialist brand bike that he put $4,300 into and he told me that he wasted $4,000 when he tried my bike (well after he tried my bike…..I wasn’t home and apparently he took it out for a spin after my brother showed it off to him…..I don’t let people ride my bike when I’m not around). This bike is big and really mean looking! Most badass bike out there! I can’t put everything into words, just go find one and try it out.”

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike: Where to Purchase

When I first saw the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike, I immediately went to my local bike store to see if they could order it. Not only was it more expensive, but they said it would take six weeks for the bike to arrive.  That seemed silly when Amazon had it in stock and could have it shipped to me in less than a week. By purchase this mountain bike on Amazon I got the best price online, free shipping, and had it delivered in less than three days to my home. If you are looking to get this mountain bike for someone special for Christmas, I highly recommend purchasing it on!

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike: Other Reviews

Want to learn more about the Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V29 Mountain Bike? Click the link to read more reviews written by others who have purchased this awesome mountain bike!


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